Created: Mon Apr 15 14:37:26 2002

If you could re-live your life, knowing exactly where you are right now, what, if anything, would you change?

Mon Apr 15 18:32:20 2002

Not a damn thing.

Mon Apr 15 18:47:23 2002

I wouldn't change a thing. The person I am right now, is because of the life I have lived, the people I have met and come in contact with. I have no regrets. Things happen, good and bad, you just roll the die and hope the dice land in your favor.

Mikey P <>
Mon Apr 15 20:01:18 2002

I would have tried more in school. I would have worked SOOOO HARD to get into USNA but I didn't.

Agent <>
Mon Apr 15 20:21:13 2002

Not a thing. :)

Ashes <>
Mon Apr 15 20:43:13 2002

i wouldn't change a thing. i figure destiny has something to do with it, and despite a nasty divorce between parents and hard things...i have few regrets and am pretty content where i am in life at this time.

Mon Apr 15 21:43:14 2002

oh my god, if it's only one thing, I'd make myself use my emotions all the times in the past when I've used my mind, as this has amounted for most of my problems, if it's not just one thing, my whole life would be different, and then I'd answer this question and change my answer because new problems would have been created by my new life

Rob <>
Mon Apr 15 22:46:41 2002

Absolutely nothing.

Mon Apr 15 22:56:31 2002

Highschool...wrong choices wasted, right choices wanted...also realize that lust is blind, not love, it would have saved me alot of pain.

Ozmo <>
Mon Apr 15 23:06:16 2002

What would I change? Nothing. Everything that has ever happened in life has helped shape the person I am now. No matter how messed up that person is and no matter how cynical I may or may not be, it is still me. I like me.

Karthik <>
Mon Apr 15 23:31:20 2002

3 of my 4 ex-girlfriends would have never been asked out. But I don't think our lives are meant to be changed, just wish I could make myself more useful, work harder, and be more than I am right now.

chanz <>
Tue Apr 16 03:13:13 2002

i spent 26 yrs screwing up to get to where i am now.
i don't wanna change a thing

HiroKerupe <>
Tue Apr 16 07:56:57 2002

You know that fabled "one that got away" ? I wouldn't have let her.

Laura <>
Tue Apr 16 09:26:49 2002

I wouln't change a damn thing. I love an amazing girl right now, I can go from day to day knowing I have put myself here, and dispite feeling lost within my own mind, i know you get one chance, so why spend your one chance trying to think of things to do in a non-existant second chance?

Ian Cornelius Lai <>
Tue Apr 16 12:37:00 2002

I have screwed up my secondary education, but still managed to get into poly. i screwed up my poly, but still managed to get into private U, i screwed that up as well. i am now happily working as an offshore engineer. traval around the world and get paid to do so!
Nah! i won't change a single thing even if you paid me for it. i've spent 25 and a half years getting where i am and with all the life experiences i've gained (good N bad) i 'd be a fool to screw that up. i'm happy as i am.

Kath <>
Tue Apr 16 14:34:48 2002

I would have worked harder at school and thought more about what i was doing

Brennan <>
Tue Apr 16 15:22:54 2002

I have screwed up 16 years of my life so far and that has taugth me to change so i can start changing things now rather than change one thing about my life so far.

Tue Apr 16 15:58:52 2002

seems cornelius and i have lots in common. I screwed up high school, managed to get a ride into private college, screwed up in private college, managed to get someone to pay for me to "try again" at community college (talk about humility) Then I pissed those people off, so now I'm paying for it by myself!! But guess what? If I do survive it all, it will be SO much sweeter, having done it on my own. So what would I change?

My reported income on the FAFSA

Josh <>
Tue Apr 16 18:43:03 2002

So many choices...but I guess I would have to say....telling 'this girl' my true feelings to her...before she went away.

Jack Hyden
Tue Apr 16 19:39:40 2002

I'd make damn sure I killed all the people who crossed me before they had a chance to do it, and that I got away with every last murder...

dark <>
Wed Apr 17 00:08:11 2002

I wouldnt have kicked her out after I found she was cheating on me, I love her and we both regretted it from that moment on, I guess I would have changed my ego at that moment and let go of my anger

Nicole :)
Wed Apr 17 00:15:19 2002

Omg, someone said "My reported income on the FAFSA"...ahhah...damn, I know how ya feel...currently debating whether or not to sell my soul to pay for

If I could change my life, I don't think I would. I mean, there are times when I wish I was richer or that I didn't have to go into the hospital that one time...but I realize now that everything happens for a reason...

I would not trade the lessons I've learned thusfar for any amount of happiness or comfort.

Goody2Shoes <>
Wed Apr 17 03:30:38 2002

I don't want to re-live.

Sick Boy <>
Wed Apr 17 13:05:39 2002

i think i would go back and try a little harder in high school. i think most people would like to re-live high school just so you could fix a few things. but frankly the way things have turned out, given the opportunity i would not go back and change a damn thing, what's the point? why should we be a slave to things that we regret? fuck regrets, they are only regrets because we make them so.

Kere <>
Thu Apr 18 11:02:47 2002

First, I wouldn't to re-live my life at all, I haven't even gotten that far into it. But, if I did happen to do the re-living, I wouldn't change a damn thing. I want to see where the present decisions take me.

Travis <>
Thu Apr 18 15:38:17 2002

Nothing at all.

Sagal <>
Thu Apr 18 16:38:49 2002

Some wish to better their education, to take things more "seriously". As a current student graduating high school, i wish to have lightened up. To not have wasted my friday nights re-typing that essay or passing up that party on sat to read freakin' Hamlet. The truth is, we dont get to re-live our lives. One chance is all you get. So the lesson i walk away with from this is that regret and hope arent worthit. I promise to make my college years worth every penny. I promise, here before you, to smell the air and touch the colors...and not see a letter grade as my life.

Richard Cross <>
Thu Apr 18 16:52:13 2002

There is only one thing i would love to change in my life and thats how I've wanted to end it all. apart from that theres nothing i want to change

Laila <>
Thu Apr 18 23:33:31 2002

I would remain loyal to the right people and tell the wrong people to screw off. I've betrayed the true friends in order to make myself seem better to the wrong people. I regret that.

Jago <>
Fri Apr 19 17:37:01 2002

I would've payed just a LITTLE bit more attention at school, or leave it all together and find something else, how hard that might be.
And tell certain people how I feel more, for good and bad.

Zander <>
Fri Apr 19 17:41:20 2002

Realized earlier that the difference between a 70-80 and 90 means absolutely nothing in the long run... that not gone out with some girls... :)

a <>
Sat Apr 20 03:37:07 2002

i won't change a thing. good or bad, sad or miserable i am what i am only due to myself. i don't own anything to anybody, except to my parents. i try to have fewer regrets, and live my life.
there are these moments when i know life sux but there are those other moments when i am totally infatuated/absorbed by the bastard...I worship!

Maxine <>
Sat Apr 20 11:51:17 2002

I used to have a lot of regrets but the more I think about it...Things happen for a reason and I wouldn't be here enjoying everything right now if it wasn't for my pas experiences.

Maxine <>
Sat Apr 20 11:56:26 2002

Actually what I do regret and would like to change are all the stupid things I've said in my quest to impress people...I ended up looking like an idiot...And always going for the wrong guys...But in a way that's a blessing because I'll be free and ready for when the right one comes along.

SilentBob <>
Sat Apr 20 23:05:09 2002

I wouldn't have gotten involved with some people and saved me a lot of bitterness and pain. Alas no pain no gain as they say. But life has a way of rewarding you when the time comes.

Neverborn <>
Sun Apr 21 01:20:50 2002

We all have regrets, no matter how hard we try not to. The point isn't to not have them, but to realize that without out past mistakes, we wouldn't be the people who we are today. I suppose that this is the lesson that lets all of us make it through the next day.

However, if purely for speculation's sake, I could relive my life retaining the knowledge that I have now? I know exactly what I would change. I would've let go of love lost, and clung to new love, instead of poisoning the latter by holding on to the former. In other words... I would have never questioned my love for the wonderful girl I'm with now, and thus never have thought about having a future with a girl that I now know I despise.

Sci <>
Sun Apr 21 08:31:09 2002

Ivan Osokin- by trying to change the past we cause the events we were trying to avoid or change. i may not like the person i am now but can't change it.

romeoof2ks <>
Sun Apr 21 19:35:14 2002

No. One more life full of stuff I have no control over? Nope.

Chisco <>
Mon Apr 22 14:52:47 2002

i would have studied less and played more in childhood

Grunt5 <>
Mon Apr 22 23:07:48 2002

I would have studied more/less in high school, spent more/less time parting and goofing around, been more/less honest with people, cared more/less about what other people thought, and i definetly would have taken more/less drugs.

Tue Apr 23 00:14:44 2002

I should've never said the things I said. I should have never done the things I did. But I screwed up. And no matter how sorry I am... All I'm left with is memories.

Tue Apr 23 19:02:18 2002

I would have never ignored all the voices that were only trying to guide me and i would have never taken so much for granted, i didnt know it would all go away so fast!

zeroisnine <>
Wed Apr 24 00:40:31 2002

i would change myself. i would the person who i always wanted to be. i would be the person i always need to be and the person who others needed me to be. but that can't be. you know why? cause even knowing everything i know now, i'm still me. and i'm not who i need to be for me or anyone. and i can't be that. or else if i could i would have already.

Wed Apr 24 13:30:02 2002

I would have put the damn cupcakes down. I would have valued my body, my virginity enough to NOT give it to the wrong person.

Izzy <>
Wed Apr 24 17:28:37 2002

The good book tells me that it is given to men to live once die ance and then the Judgement. I can think of millions of things I want to do better, but I am who I am and what would I do better? I was a rat when I was seventeen and now I am a rat in a suit and get paid for it, what is the difference? I live life without the warantee cards, I go where the Maker leads me, let the people decide after me what I did wrong or right. I am in the middle off the rollercaoster and even if I could I don't want to go back.

Thu Apr 25 00:56:36 2002

I'm not sure I would change anything. I like not knowing what the 'morrow will bring and it adds that extra bit of excitement that I crave out of life.

Cas Hart
Thu Apr 25 03:57:13 2002

Alot of people have posted, saying they would not change anything. I think there is a difference between saying: I accept where I am in life now, and saying: I would not change anything if I had the chance, the latter seems hard to believe. That said, if I had the chance to change anything, I would do everything differently, and given the thrid chance, differently again. But I would never leave love behind thinking there was plenty up the road.

Fri Apr 26 01:43:24 2002

i would have loved her more...

Goody2Shoes <>
Fri Apr 26 03:01:56 2002

On second thought, I would have given way to the other spermatozoa. :)

its me
Mon Apr 29 08:14:23 2002

i'd have chosen the opposite answer to all of lifes questions

Mon Apr 29 14:31:40 2002

I wouldn't change a thing in my life. Even though my parents are divorced and I am kind of stuck in between I have friends who love me and I know that they will always be there for me when I need them. Though I might hav many regrets, I get over them eventually.

Sassy Susan <>
Tue Apr 30 10:14:33 2002

It took a lot of therapy and even more prozac to get me where I am today, but I'm much better for it. Look at me.....I'm living, healthy and happy. i've got friends, respect, value and love. what more do you need exactly?
What would I change?
Not a damn thing darling, not a damn thing.

Tue Apr 30 19:06:27 2002

I would've taken more chances....

Tue Apr 30 23:56:15 2002

I think Mike (first entry) said it best:
Not a damn thing.

Wed May 1 20:29:04 2002

I like life now. If I would go back and re-live and change things, then I'd alter something that made my life what it is today. I'd change nothing, but judgeing from some entries I think it's good we reflect on the past, but not dwell. There is a lot more future ahead.

louis peloquin <>
Fri May 3 09:47:05 2002

the main thing to change is the way we let all country leaders laugh openly at us all,they lie,steal and kill on the name of progress and evolution,and here we are looking at all this without reacting waiting quietly to die in pollution and destruction while a handfull of power nuts fill their pockets stealing our childrens heritage.

Rhapsody <>
Fri May 3 19:48:08 2002

wow all these people say try harder in school. I guess im really going to have to try harder while i have the chance.

I would go to the doctor when i first thought i had the flu, so i wouldn't have had to be in the hospital without the assurance that i was going to get out.

Sat May 4 12:18:46 2002

I would have been a little more careful when choosing my friends...

cathleen <>
Sat May 4 16:25:11 2002

you know the worst thing, when you look back and say " if i had just done ____ then maybe ____ ", id have done the right one.

Mat <>
Sat May 4 20:18:20 2002

I wouldn't change anything. Sure I had my heart broken but it showed me who my real friends are. Everything bad in my life has always balanced out with something good. Guess its like yin and yang.

Tue May 7 10:30:19 2002

i know i am where i am today because of what i have done. there really is no second chance so why bother even thinking about it? i like life, and even if i didn't, it wouldnt matter because i put myself here

Karmacoma <>
Tue May 7 15:38:10 2002

I would've picked a skill and worked on it since I was fresh out of the womb. Like breakdancing. If I did that I would be like the master freaking breakdancer. Or maybe sewing or something. Point is I'd specialize.

Tue May 7 16:41:04 2002

I would never have stopped taking my medication that year. A lot of stupid mistakes were made because I wasn't thinking clearly.

Tue May 7 23:17:49 2002

Regret is a bitter, unrelenting emotion. What i am now, who i am now is the reality i must suffer through. if i could go back and do it all again, relive my life again, i would make sure never to make the mistakes i made; never let him get away, never let my life, my potential, my dreams slip from me.
sadly, i am just trapped in my own making.
please don't smirk at my futile attempts at being happy again.

Christophe <>
Sat May 11 17:23:59 2002

Knowing what I know now, I would spent the entire next life on revenge. Trust is an illusion. Life itself is an illusion. If you think you have somebody you can trust, you're wrong. Everybody betrays you, if not today, then tomorrow,next week,...

Second of all, I would spend my life trying to eradicate all religions. Religion does only one thing: it starts wars. I pity you if you are stupid enough to believe in anything but yourself.

Hmm, actually, when I come to think about it, I'd prefer comitting suicide as soon as I could.

Sun May 12 04:40:42 2002

So I guess Christophe is dead by now... :-)

I think I would take some of those girls that I passed up, just to see what they felt like.

I would also tell the ones that mattered how I really felt... not that I didn't, but maybe what I mean is tell them more frequently than I did.

I would also go to that one Smashing Pumpkins show I missed at the Warfield in San Francisco in October '93. I heard it was a kick ass show.

I'm happy with what I've done, though. I don't think I could ask for a better family or set of circumstances than what I have had or what I do I have now.

Christophe <>
Mon May 13 11:45:54 2002

I'm not dead yet, I'm still working on the revenge... I won't comment on the suicide thing...

Anyway, I think the girl thing is true, I guess everybody knows what it's like when you're wondering how it would and could have been, including me. Actually I'm in a situation like that right now. Maybe that's good for a next question: If you got a lot of girls who want you and that have told you already that it's up to you to start dating, but you're even more in love with another girl who has little intrest in you, should you date one of those other girls or not? Personally I've ended some relations for that 1 girl and told 3 others I wouldn't date them for that reason (and I really liked those ones too) but I'm still not sure if I'll did the right thing... Maybe I should stop being nice to girls and just start with the ones I don't love as much too... Anybody got a comment on that?

Gina <>
Tue May 14 20:14:13 2002

I think that if I could go back i would change somethings but nothing that counted. I would be a better listener instead of the talker. I'm like eight days away from graduating high school and I think back and I find that given the opportunity to do it again I would change so much of myself. I would have stopped trying to kill myself long before I did, I would have listen to my parents more and I would have listen to my parents less. (if some of you got confused on that one sorry). Mostly, I would have studied more, partied less and Loved greater.

Skittle <>
Fri May 17 14:03:59 2002

If I were to change something in my life it wouldn't be my life anymore. So, I wouldn't change anything; although I don't like somethings I've done in the past. It's my life and there are always other ways to correct it.

Mike <>
Sun May 26 18:05:17 2002

I would put every stinkin spare dime in Microsoft! Heck, I'd be as rich as Bill himself!

jaffy <>
Thu May 30 04:54:09 2002

i'll be by her side and take good care of her...

Geraldine <>
Mon Jun 3 01:10:14 2002

I would have begged harder when I was little to take gymnastics and ballet. I wanted to be a ballerina so bad...

Hope <>
Sat Jun 14 23:41:12 2003

1. Tried to exercise
2. Realized in 5th grade I wasn't fat and didn't gain more weight (its complicated)
3. realized I don't have to be perfect
4. talked to my brother more
5. stood up for myself more

and a bunch more.... it's pathetic really...

Sat Nov 1 14:50:58 2003

Told myself to grow up.

mike <>
Fri Nov 5 21:23:29 2004

not a damm thing .!

raffy <>
Mon Nov 29 22:50:28 2004

i guess i havnt lived enough to realize what i would change, and i guess if you believe in fate no matter wat change in your life ti would b the same, but for me i would care less and pay less attention to sum details ive been hurt cuz i took certain things to seriously, i would have been happy one way or another even if ti was just superficial

vinay <>
Tue Feb 28 01:54:57 2006

u kno life has this tendency to stick u up when u r feelin like evrythins goin rite.nd precisely for this reason i wud just not hav taken life as seriously as i hav taken it to wud have been much more njoyable.STILL NO REGRETS

celeste <>
Tue Feb 6 20:10:23 2007

I would have learned how to think earlier in life.

Nimbus <>
Tue May 15 12:53:46 2007

I would kiss her.

Naya <>
Tue Aug 14 23:31:07 2007

I wouldn't have fallen in love with that guy in college that screwed my planes for the future. and certainly wouldn't have had sex with that wrong guy...

Mon Dec 15 17:58:33 2008

i would have stayed home and called 911 and had a life with a dad

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