Created: Fri May 17 14:57:56 2002

Which three people, dead or alive, would you like to have lunch with? And why?

Gina Romero <>
Fri May 17 18:34:10 2002

I think that there would be some great converations with Emily Dickenson, Marie Antoniette, and Janis Joplin. Emily because she is this increadible writer. She was an inspiration to me in my writings and I would just love to talk with her. Marie, because she was amazing all around, plus I would like to know what it is like to be beheaded, and Janis because she had an amazing voice, and lead a tragic but full life.

Kathy <>
Fri May 17 21:27:55 2002

sigmund freud ... cuz hed probably know more about me than i do, and i need to understand myself!
albert einstein... so he can daze me with his amazing theories on time and space
Jesus... cuz i need soemthing to make me believe

Orion <>
Sat May 18 00:01:54 2002

Adof Hitler, JFK, and Maurice 'The Rocket' Richard. Hitler and JFK because I'd like to hear them debate the merits of brinkmanship versus dictatorship. Maurice Richard because he was a kick ass hockey player.

eleanor <>
Sat May 18 11:12:11 2002

Karl Marx, Billie Holiday or Bessie Smith, and da Vinci.

Sat May 18 12:34:32 2002

Kurt Cobain, Che Guevera & Alan Moore. An unlikely group to be with.

Indira <>
Sat May 18 16:55:58 2002

They would have to be Genghis Khan, Adam (the first man) and King Solomon.

Nik Nichols <>
Sat May 18 19:58:01 2002

Easy, Friedrich Nietzsche, Immanuel Kant, and Jan Spreeman, my philosophy teacher.

Sat May 18 20:49:22 2002

hrmm, that's a tough one. I'd want to talk with einstein, that's for sure, as he's one of the smartest men to ever live. maybe miyamoto musashi, author of the book of five rings, as he is probably the most enlightened person to ever live. who else. I think it'd have to be kurt kobain, as I'd really like to talk with him, and find out if he really killed himself, or if it was courtney love, as some have speculated

Len Wilderson <>
Sat May 18 22:15:59 2002

Three people to have lunch with: Phil Hartman, just cause he was a funny man, Adolf Hitler, I wanna know exactly what his beef is, and my Grandfather, whom I hadn't visited for some time before he died...

andrew <>
Sun May 19 10:23:48 2002

John Lennon, Jim Morrison, and Jesus. I don't think they need reasons.

Ashes <>
Sun May 19 13:53:32 2002

Bin Laden, My friend Terrence, and Princess Diana.

Nicole :)
Sun May 19 14:33:47 2002

This is a very difficult question...hmm *thinks*

I would have to choose Alexander Hamilton, Winston Churchill (the men were both amazing historical figures and geniuses), and Jesus.

Sun May 19 17:21:36 2002

Friedrich Nietzsche, Jesus and Cliff Burton

Jesus and Friedrich can argue while Burton can teach me bass.

chanz <>
Sun May 19 23:51:40 2002

buddha, jesus, and God.
why? i dunno, maybe a round of chess or monopoly.
just wanted to chill out with them dudes

Goody2Shoes <>
Mon May 20 00:04:09 2002

Good question.
1. My Grandfather.
2. The Woman with whom i would have been so complete.
3. Einstein and talking to him in sanskrit.

Mon May 20 08:49:43 2002

1. Edgar Alen Poe
2. Da Vinci
3. Robert Hooke
They each hold an aspect taht I love, Literature, Art, and Science. I would feel so empowered to be around some of the greatest minds in these areas.

Maxine <>
Mon May 20 14:03:21 2002

Probably Don Cherry...Ben Stiller and Jennifer Lopez

asen <>
Mon May 20 15:06:09 2002

1. my family---i like them best
2. Jesus--- I think he meant something more
3. Nietzsche ...maybe...his philosophy impressed me, i need to know more

cajnpalt <>
Mon May 20 15:33:08 2002

1. Richard Feynman: physicist. he was fastastic! never let science
get in the way of his humanity
2. Langston Hughes: poet/writer. just to talk about living during the harlem
renaissance would be fascinating.
3. my grandmother...

P. Miller <>
Mon May 20 18:32:32 2002

hemingway...morrison...judas isacarot...

Sook <>
Mon May 20 22:27:52 2002

Matthew Good - no one's opinion is more blunt and cynical than his
Salvidor Dali- just look at one of his paintings and attempt to tell me that you wouldn't want to talk to him too
Britt (my best friend)- I have a certain comfort level with her that could never be present with anyone but her

Mon May 20 22:32:46 2002

John the Revelator,
e.e. cummings
Dorthy Parker

SINdri <>
Tue May 21 10:44:22 2002

André Franquin (he was a belgian comic author), because he was my role-model when I was younger.

Björk, because she is currently my role-model.

And finally, my girlfriend Cyrielle. Because I love her.

Nathan <>
Tue May 21 11:25:12 2002

well. it would probably be richey edwards because he has the most beautiful mind i only want to say hello and then discuss makeup. karl marx just to hug and thank. buddah (the orignal):)

Tizz <>
Tue May 21 19:01:55 2002

It would have to be with more than 3 people... the more the merrier.... EE Cummings we would definitly talk about society, Bradley Nowell from Sublime, I would have to ask him if he could take it all back, not chose to get high that day... would he? My Grandpa Rocky, that man had the biggest heart and soul ever seen in a human... I would like to tell him face to face one last time that I love him with all my heart!

Tyler Woodbury <>
Tue May 21 20:59:02 2002

Jimi Hendrix because he was one of the greatest men of recent time.
Robert E. Lee a great general.
I cant spell this but i'll give it a try.

Sam <>
Tue May 21 21:36:14 2002

Louis Armstrong-to dicuss his amazing life and jazz theories
Adolf Hitlers father-to sterilize him
Mozart-he is the most brilliant man to ever live, his life has changed the musical world more than anyone person evre has or ever will

john <>
Tue May 21 22:59:17 2002

this is a tuff one, Jon Davis, I admire his sickness, George Washington, would love to hear his views on how the country turned out and Ive always wondered if he would have started a revolution if he lived in todays times and finaly Tim Mcveigh, just have to know what he was really thinking.

Izzy <mindfire@generationterrrorists>
Wed May 22 03:30:43 2002

Jesus, because we lost so much of his profound simplicity in the process of interpreting Him I would really like to Know Him better, Machiavelli to talk marketing and management strategies through and Patrick Tilley his book "Mission" is one of the definers of my reality space.

Mat_j <>
Wed May 22 11:08:23 2002

This is a good one. I think i'd probabaly go with the religious figures. Mohammed, Jesus and Lao Tzu, we could play doubles in badminton then discuss universal theories whilst ifghting with Kendo sticks

Wed May 22 13:05:39 2002

Shakespeare, JD Salinger, Jonathan Larson (Creater of RENT)

Kelly <>
Wed May 22 22:58:46 2002

Lets see... i'm not as profound as the rest here. I'm gonna start with my father, cause I miss him and I want to know if he looks after me and if I make him proud.

Then I'd like to meet with any one of the NY firefighters who died at the WTC. Why? I don't know. I'd probably like to know how they came to have such a pure soul that they'd risk everything for people they don't know.

Finally, i'd want to meet the guy who plays Barney the Purple Dinosaur. I want to know if he feels like an idiot and if they pay well. Well, either him or Kevin Smith, cause I love his movies.

chanz <>
Thu May 23 02:11:46 2002

anna from "mr god, this is anna."

for her wisdom, charm and different way to look at the world.

alex <>
Thu May 23 15:25:35 2002

i would visit with alexander the great, because he was a badass....and stephen hawking who is another badass and i could learn a lot from, and finally,bobby fischer

Dagul <>
Thu May 23 19:11:15 2002

Ill choose Bernie, Jason Russell and Michael Oord.
Why coz we are all heavy eaters and we like to eat at EAT ALL you CAN BUFFET or Restaurant.

Kat <>
Sat May 25 07:46:42 2002

Kurt Cobain, Richey Edwards and erm..John Lennon (could be interesting)

zeroisnine <>
Sun May 26 01:27:56 2002

that certain someone.
why? so i can ask her why did things have to play out the way they did. so i can ask her if she was happy with the way things turned out. and if she said "yes" then i'd smile and tell her i'm happy for her, but that i wish that i had something to do with her happiness. and if she said "no" then i'd just tell her "yeah me too."

does "god" count? if so thats one.
nothing cause i'm angry with him or want to kiss his butt or anything like that. i'd just like to talk with him. about whatever.

i don't realy know who else i suppose just my friends and i suppose family.

Michael <>
Sun May 26 05:44:40 2002

Jesus (for obvious reasons); Marilyn Monroe (first, to experience personally the unique persona she had and secondly, to learn if she really killed herself or was murdered); and Neale Donald Walsh

Richard <>
Sun May 26 08:26:49 2002

1. Hitler - to see what drove him
2. Einstein - Coz hes a genius
3. Kelly Brook - lets face it she gorgeous!

Mon May 27 16:49:00 2002

Che Guevara
to find out what he would think about the world today.

Some religeous figure, Abraham or moses, or Jesus or Muhhamad or Buddah or somebody, becuase I can;t understand faith of that kind and maybe they could explain it better.
Cleopetra, to make the conversation more intresting, and to find out how close her actual life was to the stories.

aurora <>
Tue May 28 22:17:59 2002

chanz...bluerain..and christophe.....that would be an interesting

Wed May 29 15:19:32 2002

first of all i`d like to meet a certain mr. kelly j. to kick his f*... arse,then i would say heinrich heine `cause he`s my favourite poet and i love his cynic statements about germany (which it,by the way ,really deserves)`cause it`s where i come from and all 4 manics `cause i adore them for being bloody true

G-Hawk <>
Wed May 29 23:31:39 2002

Kurt Vonnegut, Martin Luther King, Jimmy Buffet

Azzacanth <>
Thu May 30 00:23:59 2002

Jason Salton, King David, and Paul the apostle... My brothers.

the freefrag <>
Fri May 31 07:27:40 2002

I'd say Mohd. Ali, William Wallace and Michael Crichton. Ali, i think everyone knows why. Wallace to understand the mind of the great man. and Crichton to understand where the fuck he gets his ideas.

Satori <>
Fri May 31 11:28:31 2002

depends on the weather... if it's a sunny lunch, I'd choose Hemingway and get him to explain what's with his suicide, Jesus and get him to lecture Ernie, then Dave Letterman, to keep the balance. Well if it's all wintery, I'd have lunch with the Neanderthals, but I'd insinuate that I would like my meat well done. Then if it's an autumn lunch, I would only like to spend it with God and this guy that I keep wishing from Him. Come to think of it, what does God eat? hm well.

Emily <>
Fri May 31 16:09:32 2002

Hmmmm.....I think I'd have to say Gandhi, Jim Henson, and Freddie Mercury. Gandhi, because I'd like to meet a man whose life caused so much change, Freddie Mercury, because he'd have some good stories to tell, and Jim Henson because hey, muppets are pretty neat.

Denise <>
Fri May 31 22:59:54 2002

Oscar Wilde, James Dean and Oskar Schindler.

marsteller <>
Sat Jun 1 01:22:21 2002 see what the deal is
Hendrix...cause he's just rediculous
Dave Chapelle...funniest man alive

Sat Jun 1 19:07:04 2002

1. Hemingway
2. DaVinci
3. Shakespeare

astrogrrl <>
Sun Jun 2 20:31:57 2002

It's really hard to narrow it down to three. For a religions debate: Jesus, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, and Mohammed. They could duke it out while I eat their cheesecake. For a philosophical debate: Che, Ghandi, and Nietzche. For a i'm-a-pathetic-excuse-for-a-human-being discussion, lets go with Hitler, a suicide bomber (pick one), and Stalin.

Geri <>
Sun Jun 2 22:09:54 2002

1.) My special someone, he knows who he is :)

2.) Nietzsche, my special someone likes him too hehe

3.) Da Vinci, to ask him what Mona Lisa was smiling about

bluerain <>
Mon Jun 3 07:11:33 2002

wheee ... three ppl ...
1) "..."
2) zippy
3) st. augustine

or god. but he isn't a person so ..

findingApath <>
Mon Jun 3 13:08:08 2002

Ernesto "Che" Guevara: I want to meet a man with beliefs.
Jim Morison: I want to know what he knows.
Noam Chomski: I want to learn what he knows.

sarah <>
Thu May 1 09:48:10 2003

1. Jack Kerouac
2. Kurt Cobain
3. Picasso or Nietzsche

Hope <>
Sat Jun 14 23:35:02 2003

Jesus- He did exist (it's in no bibical history writings), and I want to just talk to him.
2. Hitler- pick his mind apart. See why he did the terrible things he did
3. hmmm.... either.. hmm... this is hard... probably Freud, for physcological disscusions, or maybe one of the first broadway actresses

Elle <>
Tue Oct 14 01:09:04 2003

Be original people, Jesus, Hitler, Nietzsche, Picasso, they are the universally respected answer. Its like saying that your favorite book is catcher in the rye, its a "respected" answer, but you probably were forced to read it in hs. if that is your favorite book, have you read anything else by him? no i didn't think so.
As for my 3 people, I guess three people i will never be able to talk to, so my grandfather, my father, and sara because death keeps me from them all.

Seros <>
Mon Nov 10 02:00:15 2003

1 Friedrich Neitzsche
2 Dr Mengele
3 Heinrich Heine

Wed Dec 17 12:55:37 2003

mohammed and jesus (so i can beat the crap out of these 2 dicks) and bertrand russell...i think hes fascinating

Barbara <>
Mon Jan 19 17:27:21 2004

1.Richard Dreyfuss-he's witty and just funny.
2.Elaine Boosler or Andrew Dice Clay -comedians
3.Ghandi-peacepromoter,and all around nice guy.

Mon Mar 29 23:49:10 2004

Allan Greenspan - Info/Profit
Natalie Portman - well... hmm... obviously... uhh... yea.
Jim Carrey - the guy can just sit down and not say a word and i'd still have a blast.

Vanessa <>
Thu Sep 2 06:56:20 2004

Holden Caulfield, his creator, JD Salinger and Jessica Zafra

Frank Castle
Sun Nov 7 05:45:19 2004

i would have to choose alexnader the great, knowing he would indiectly cause the rise otwo of the largest empires in history the roman and british empires, sir john a mcdonald on how he had a large land filled with people unite to form a nation, and i would ask jesus christ is there really a god or are you a liar?

diana <>
Fri Nov 19 15:36:47 2004

richey james, elliott smith and tracy chapman, id like to talk with the tree so much, especially with the lovely richey... i have to think what would i ask to him..

Carolina <>
Fri Aug 12 23:25:34 2005

1 my grandmother:to spend more time with her, to learn more from her. I NEED to tell her once more how much I loved,love and need her everyday.
2 Arthur Rimbaud: to share some thoughts... beliefs ...
3 Jim Morrison: all the above reasons

Thu Aug 25 15:26:56 2005

serj tankian cos his poems/lyrics inspire me, kurt cobain for the same reason and jesus just to liven up the conversation

Sun Sep 25 12:37:06 2005

1. Bryan Adams cuz he is my fav singer
2. Will Estes cuz he is hot
3. JFK just to see what he thinks of our stupid-a** president

Tue Nov 22 15:47:57 2005

I would like to have lunch with
Hitler-he is cold heart
Ryan-my communcations teacher man is he fine.
Garth Brooks-because it seems that he has a big heart and I liked him since since I was12

Hollie <>
Thu Mar 30 15:47:59 2006

John Lennon, Jesus and Princess Di

dupodong <>
Tue May 16 02:42:38 2006

Eve,the first woman on earth, I want to know what's her real motivation to eat the forbidden fruit first?
Hitler,the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany, I want to know what's his plan to save this world from sins?
The Devil,who tempt Jesus in the wilderness, for I desire to know if he has another question, except those three that he'd asked to tempt Jesus,what it would be?

Tue Nov 28 11:15:56 2006

Firstly, Edgar Cayce - the man's a mystery! and he can evoke the ectoplasm of 2.Jack Kerouac in his very sober, and half as bitter state - i'll ask him what there really is after life- Heaven or Nirvana?, and if one can still go to the former after fucking a whore?
3. Leslie Low - coz he lives in the same country as i am and is a living indie legend. how's life these days?

karen <>
Wed Oct 24 19:49:44 2007

Wow this is an old post. Probably to late to write anything, but very interesting question. If I could have lunch with a living person it would be Tracy Chapman and the songwriter for Incubus (sorry I don't know your name)
I already talk to Jesus everyday, and yes He answers me. I have a very real and living relationship to HIM. People of the past I would like to have lunch with would be Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekial. How in the world did they do basically the impossible to stand up and Speak Hashim's Words of Love and correction for the Children of Israel during a time when they did not want to listen to HIM. (How could they choose to die for that message?)I want to know because we live in a time when basically the same unpopular message is being spoken, but now to the Gentiles. Hashim loves us, created us for good purposes but we have lost our way so terribly. We have forgotten HE is Real and Present, Not a philosophy, or thought to pick a part. He is Sovereign and acts on our behalf but for His own Purpose and glory. We don't make HIM, He made us. And so we have a choice to make. For those who will believe Jesus is REAL, ALIVE and King of the Universe their reward is Eternal Life with HIM. But to those who do not want Jesus or chose to reject HIM thier reward is eternal seperation from Him. And for many seperation is acceptable.
But for the person that wants Eternal life take heed the words of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekial. Seek the Lord Jesus while He may be found. Seek Him with all of your heart and YOU will find HIM. But the day is coming when the time for choices will be done, and your choice will stand on that day. Choose you this day whom you will serve, because we all serve someone, or something. You can choose to serve yourself, serve the pope or some other self proclaimed god or prophet, serve the government, serve materialist dreams but know that all of that is very temporal and unreliable. You change, popes change, prophets change, governments change, and even your lusts and desires change, but Jesus Never Changes. And If you chose Him you become Eternal. Serving and choosing Him brings eternal rewards, eternal hope, eternal purpose, eternal meaning. Even in this dismal Earth I have joy I have never known before I sought out Jesus to be My Helper, Healer, Leader, and King.
So Seek Jesus, and you will find Him. But don't seek HIM in churches or popular songs. Seek Him in His Story there is enough there to be reliable enough to at least take a look at and consider. Don't let others tell you the the Gospels or other books of the modern "BIBLE" are bogus. It is not THEIR story, and they don't want you to seek the Truth for yourself, they want you to believe them. But I say if you want to find Jesus you can trust the BIBLE. He is Eternal, He made a record just for YOU during all this confusion so YOU could find HIM. Look in any Bible you will find Him there. Find out who He is for yourself, not someone else's opinion. Not even my opinion. Seek Him yourself. Seek Jesus with with your words, call out to Him in your lonely room, and talk to Him about anything. Then listen. He is listening, He will answer. He will surprise you.
I hope and pray you find HIS True Eternal Love for you! I hope and pray you fall in love with Jesus and sing the Eternal Songs of the redemeed.
Happy Seeking.

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