Created: Mon Jun 3 13:16:05 2002

What do you believe is going to destroy the world?

Robert <>
Mon Jun 3 13:55:59 2002

Nothing. The Earth has survived billions of years and more destructive events than we can begin to imagine.
Humans will be long dead, and the Earth will continue to spin and evolve.

WakingUp <>
Mon Jun 3 14:08:57 2002


andrew <>
Mon Jun 3 17:39:58 2002

The world is in the process of destruction by the hands of mankind. Money and greed together were the catalysts. Naturally and thankfully, an asteroid one day will destroy mankind and send us all ot hell.

Matt <>
Mon Jun 3 17:47:34 2002

George W. Bush

Sarunas <>
Mon Jun 3 18:57:31 2002

I think eventually, through nukes and terrorism, man will destroy itself. But the world will not end, oh no! You see, from the ashes of nuclear destruction will rise a new breed of apes! NOT MONKEYS BUT APES! The will take over the planet!!!!!
"We did it.... we really did it.... youse bastards!!!!"

kim <>
Mon Jun 3 19:53:54 2002

Everyone. We all have the power within ourselves to be destructive, it will be those collective forces that will lead to the worlds demise.

Agent <>
Mon Jun 3 20:47:23 2002

The sun exploding.

Mon Jun 3 20:51:06 2002

we will. we've already fucked it up enough as it is, just a little longer and it will be inhospitable

Ennui <>
Tue Jun 4 01:49:33 2002


Incant85 <>
Tue Jun 4 08:06:02 2002

Man's Minds....

Christophe <>
Tue Jun 4 13:19:51 2002


BTW Agent, your theory isn't something to be sure of. I heard the space agencies are working together to move the planet to a safer place. (it involves planting rockets on an asteroid or something, then shooting it towards earth by which earth will be attracted to it's orbit and float away, that's where it comes down to anyway)

Tue Jun 4 21:27:30 2002


chanz <>
Tue Jun 4 22:58:48 2002

the inabilty to forgive.

khentoog <>
Thu May 1 16:26:35 2003

Gloria Estefan's music :)

Tue Oct 28 16:10:40 2003

I agree with Matt, G.W.B will distroy us, either him or some other fat cat. The cost of 1 Fighter Jet could wipe out dept...1!!

Wed Dec 17 12:54:16 2003

war n human stupidity is a good mix

Barbara <>
Mon Jan 19 17:28:21 2004

Population I believe will destroy the earth.

Allright <>
Thu Mar 11 04:00:47 2004

Coke, Pepsi, MTV, Levis, and the consumerist culture

Vanessa <>
Thu Sep 2 06:58:48 2004

Government officials

MM <>
Mon May 16 11:46:37 2005

Man will distroy himself and his world.As this is only worldly things we are living.We will live in the heaven's for eternity.

Mon Nov 27 23:16:07 2006

our nitpicking at every little difference

Thu Feb 1 20:55:37 2007

Word to what Matt said. George W.Bush it is..

Leroy <>
Wed Feb 7 11:11:44 2007

The only thing that will destroy the earth is an exploding sun but we'll all be dead by then so its all good.

Celeste <>
Tue Dec 25 02:31:09 2007

Haha, no-one suggested God!
I think it will be us. I think we'll beat God to the punch, or try our best, anyhow.

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