Created: Thu Mar 13 12:56:08 2003

Who were you in your previous life?

chanz <>
Thu Mar 13 13:24:47 2003

some surfer dude

Patrick Goins (Aeon) <>
Thu Mar 13 15:59:34 2003

Someone who always wanted greatness but only achieved mediocrity

mara <>
Fri Mar 14 02:19:36 2003

I know it's harsh but I ahve been told by many people that I was a spastic. Because in drama I have to preform a stutter and a spastic person. I have been told I am quite realistic...harsh but hey, that's what I've been told.

momo <>
Fri Mar 14 02:29:42 2003

librarian cum ice-cream seller

Shayla <>
Fri Mar 14 20:21:14 2003

I was a nothing. Why? You may ask,well simply because there was no "afterlife" as you call it. :)

Christophe <>
Sat Mar 15 12:08:38 2003


Then he died and I was born.

Sat Mar 15 12:59:19 2003

Probably one of the poets from the Romantic Period. Either that or a dog.....

covester <>
Sat Mar 15 23:44:29 2003

one of those fish that puff up if you put a mirror in front of them

khentoog <>
Thu May 1 16:23:35 2003

I have reasons to believe I was an avocado tree :)

Kochanski <>
Sun May 11 10:57:29 2003

Weather girl or the prophet that warned Julius Caeser of the ides of March...Tee hee...the shit really hit the fan after i had put my oar in he he

ken_g <>
Sat Jun 7 07:53:06 2003

a japanese samurai named yagyu jubei...

Sat Nov 1 14:54:22 2003

all i can remember is the bostan tea party...dunno my name...

Kira <>
Sun Jul 11 00:58:17 2004

A naive young lad like those from old adventure novels, that run away to join a ship or some such fool thing. Then of course I lived on to be old and wise and all that good grandfatherly stuff.

Or a sea turtle.

Sun Mar 26 17:19:35 2006

I believe that I was either a dog or a cat. That's weird but over time I have come across many reasons to believe it's true

Tue May 16 11:56:37 2006

Genghis Khan OBVIOUSLY

Mon Nov 27 23:10:58 2006

i was f. scott fitzgerald

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