Created: Thu Apr 3 12:15:03 2003

Which one movie would you like to watch with your parents? Why?

Jake <>
Thu Apr 3 20:58:58 2003

I would go see Anger Management because thats just one of those movies you and your parents can relate to.

covester <>
Thu Apr 3 21:49:52 2003

a clockwork orange because it is one of my favorites and neither of them has seen it before

mara <>
Sat Apr 5 22:35:34 2003

My favorite movie. American Beauty. I think I chose this one, because I think I feel like Jane. I want them to know how I feel, I'm trapped.

jennemmer <>
Sun Apr 6 13:03:10 2003

I have to agree with American Beauty. It's all about waking up to the world around you and remembering to live while you're alive which they seem to be forgetting.

Klutch <>
Wed Apr 9 09:10:57 2003

I'd have to say Fight Club, because I have the same idealogoy as Tyler Durden, and no, not because I'm a fanatic of the movie/book, I was thinking like that way before, but not to an extreme like him... So therefore, my parents would know how I feel about things, and why I'm not like them or anyone that they would hope I would be like..


jamie <>
Fri Apr 11 18:03:54 2003

klutch, lol ... i watched fight club with my dad and it was a *huge* mistake. if your parents aren't "cool" per se ... you may get comments like "this is sick." and "you understand this is wrong, don't you?" and "this is so fuckin' weird. why do you watch this shit?"

but then again, he doesn't "get" a whole lot ... lol

hapless <>
Fri Apr 11 19:01:30 2003

Hmm...probably...Requiem For A Dream. Because it's an excellent movie, with a good life lesson to be learned, and I think my parents would appreciate the message, if perhaps, not the way it is presented

darryl <>
Sat Apr 19 22:17:50 2003

Um, I would have agree that Requiem for a Dream would be a good movie to watch with my mom because she's cool with me being a pothead and would be able to watch Requiem and be in the same awe that I was in the first time I finished it.

As for my dad I would have to say Donnie Darko. It is my favorite movie and it creates good conversation about everything from astronomics (time travel/the universe) to religion (why the hell are we on this planet anyways).

kenji <>
Wed Apr 23 11:35:36 2003

jamie... you got it. had the almost exact same experience, only my dad was merciful enough to keep his mouth shut, while i tried to enjoy the movie while trying to ignore the fact that he could be thinking ANTHING by now... but hey, you're right, i guess they just dont "get it".

Karthik <>
Sun Apr 27 11:48:21 2003

I'd have to disagree with the movies that show our parents who we are. We have to accept that they won't understand us, just as their parents didn't understand them. However, we have to give them credit for the fact that they do know voluminous quantities of information that we don't. That being said, I'd watch Bad Boys with my parents because it'd be over two hours straight of laughter, instead of argument.

Nathan <>
Tue Apr 29 20:21:18 2003

I watched fight club with my dad, because it's basically my perfect view of society, and he loved it.

sarah <>
Thu May 1 09:09:52 2003

i think that the royal tenenbaums. its a nice movie.

DC <>
Mon May 5 09:52:13 2003

I would watch A River Runs Through It. My parents would love it.

Mon May 5 17:44:14 2003

Fight club, but only if the parents would understand that we kids LOVE that view of society, instead of finding faults with the "excessive" violence within the movie.

jay <>
Fri May 9 13:08:17 2003

I'm going out on a limb but I would have to say My Big Fat Greek Wedding. My view is that parents have less of a problem understanding the violence in the world than the fact that their children go through relationships in a world completely alien to theirs.

Jasdev <>
Fri May 23 18:02:09 2003

I think i would watch What Dreams May Come with my parents. But, to be frank I really cant think of anything that would be deemed 'watchable' by my parents standards and adding to that - I dont care. We're not that close anyway

Nikki <>
Thu Jul 17 12:10:58 2003

Life as a House, cuz its just.....i dont knwo it shows that you need to do what you can with the time you have, plus they both really liked it. Or Dead Poets Society, cuz my moms a teacher and my dad is well, i know they would both really appreciate it

Elle <>
Tue Oct 14 01:13:12 2003

Its a toss up between Amelie or Run Lola Run.
And as for the Fight Club, DON'T DO IT--> my dad freaked out. "You know this is wrong right? These people are fucked up!" they just don't understand.

Sat Nov 1 14:57:50 2003

Life is Beautiful. or Rainman.

vanessa <>
Mon Jan 5 02:20:43 2004

The Lion King.

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