Created: Thu May 29 12:58:37 2003

If you could be any where in the world right now, where would you go?

Jasdev <>
Thu May 29 13:55:46 2003

Anywhere in where the view of the sky is brimming with dots,clouds,shades and blobs of light so that i can lie down,put my arms behind neck head and pretend its a 16:9 screen movie.Dont know where the stars are clearest though, so it could be anywhere.

icl <>
Fri May 30 01:59:15 2003

where would i be? where my beach hut takes me to. where the sun's up and bright, waves rolling and breaking. and the breeze if blowing. a nice decent stretch of beach i call mine own with the clan

misszero <>
Fri May 30 09:41:27 2003

jamaica. a little tin house in jamaica.

Fri May 30 10:38:34 2003

The mountains, somewhere exotic like Patagonia or the Alps. Maybe even Utah, nice dry air and stunning scenery.

Sat May 31 08:47:39 2003

My little village back home. Rocky hills, open spaces and horses.

Sat May 31 09:09:51 2003

a home by the beach overlooking my beach hut

Sat May 31 19:29:12 2003

New Orleans, because I still really like her.

Sun Jun 1 14:40:41 2003

paris. most amazing place i have ever seen

eskimokiss <>
Sun Jun 1 22:43:49 2003

Any Virgin Island with his hand gently resting on my back as the sun tinges my skin.

Tue Jun 3 00:10:49 2003

Back to Macau.. love the serenity on the esplanade, the laid back, carefree lives of the natives..and most importantly this heavenly dessert i've tasted there..right there..on a cold evening.

Tue Jun 3 08:32:34 2003

Allways wanted to see New York. Still do.

Nathan <>
Wed Jun 4 21:24:08 2003

on a warm rock in maine, looking at the edge of the universe

april <>
Fri Jun 6 06:39:30 2003

london calling...
that little place by the marble arch thats a sun-trap on a hot day

armand <>
Fri Jun 6 08:50:56 2003


ken_g <>
Sat Jun 7 07:51:18 2003

Cagayan De Oro,Philippines... it may not be the hottest spot for tourists, but its home.

mara <>
Thu Jun 12 07:18:05 2003

In New Zealand, in 3 weeks with my best mates. I couldnt afford to go when the deposit was due, but now I can...and I am hell jealous. I have never seen snow, I wan't to be there, with them...making snow men and snow angels, like you see in the movies.

Grace <>
Thu Jun 12 11:11:32 2003

lying in a hammock with my monkey under the shade of huge tree, staring up at the blue sky, hearing the distant calls of my band of meerkats that hang about.......somewhere in Africa

apen <>
Fri Jun 13 04:42:23 2003

I once dreamt dat i was floating in space looking at distant stars and galaxies. Why look at de stars on earth if you could gaze on it from outer space?

Hope <>
Sat Jun 14 23:26:26 2003

hmmm... either sitting in a small but elegant cafe in Paris on the Rive gauche, sipping a coffee and watching people go by, or, being in a musical in London. Where I am it's 1 pm, and London time is 6 hours ahead, so we would be getting ready. Doing vocal warmups, streching, and whatnot.

lost tear
Tue Jun 17 11:36:48 2003

sitting on my beloved mountain,feeling the vivid breeze of the winter,watching the valley covered by the most gorgeous sunset ever,and just be with the lovely people i just recently found.guess that is what they call happiness then...

addison <>
Fri Jun 20 08:01:23 2003

Back to my mother's womb. I remember being happy there.

Mon Jun 23 23:15:25 2003

Dublin, Ireland having tea with The Corrs.

Savvode <>
Tue Jun 24 06:26:54 2003

On rolling mountains covered with a bed of lightly colored flowers, with brezzy wisps touched with the fragrance of lilies hitting me on my face. Headphone plugged onto my ears, a humongous screen TV and watching all the three parts of MATRIX alongwith the WaCHowSKi BRotHerS. Now isn't that SUPER COOL!!!!!

Roberta <>
Sat Jun 28 01:12:52 2003

If I could be anywhere in the world right now I would be in St. John's, Newfoundland, my hometown, standing atop Signal Hill at the foot of Cabot Tower looking out over the big, blue Atlantic Ocean and watching the icebergs float by.

vivian <>
Mon Jun 30 17:48:47 2003

Los Angeles. boring answer eh? but i really gotta hunt someone down there to ask him a very important question. if any of you guys are already there and can drop the question to him, for me, i will be grateful.

quelayla <>
Tue Jul 1 08:00:59 2003

riding in his truck with my beloved - but then even in the same country would be good

Jasdev <>
Wed Jul 2 09:16:41 2003

I got it. I would like to be back in the womb. With Smashing Pumpkins on the headphones.

John Doe <>
Sat Jul 5 22:23:36 2003

In Tokyo, with a very intelligent, very beautiful, and very,
very freak-ay (oww!) woman I've been corresponding
with for the past year.

loureed <>
Sun Jul 6 17:16:29 2003

The beach from the movie The Beach

Tue Jul 8 23:11:06 2003


or back to last summer
when everything seemed to make so much more sense

jeju <>
Mon Jul 14 08:55:06 2003

On the tallest cliff, with all mountains below me... my arms spread wide, taking the wind in my face.

Decemberist <>
Wed Jul 16 00:19:57 2003

Sitting on the top of a hill, surounded by trees, and watching the pinpricks of light that signify the people in the town below me.

Nikki <>
Wed Jul 16 23:40:13 2003

well.....theres many places id like to be right now. on eof them is NOT in my room, in Bright, IN, watchin the andy griffith show and waiting for a certain special guy to get online. Where would i like to be? hmm....Africa? thats a good answere but it seems to unoriginal. Actually id liek to be somewhere with that certain special guy, anywhere, Isle Royal, now thats a beautiful place, i think i would liek to be there with him, sitting on the shore of lake superior, on a log, just talking about everything......i wish.....

Sun May 21 20:45:37 2006

Hamiltion...think girl i adore lives in that town.

someday we will be together

celeste <>
Tue Feb 6 19:54:51 2007

On the top of the highest, most uninhabited place in the world, not worried about how I was to get down again.

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