Created: Tue Jul 22 02:25:55 2003

If you were a celebrity, who would you be? And why?

dan632 <>
Tue Jul 22 07:04:22 2003

Matt Skiba, coz i m depressed:'(
or Leo DiCaprio coz i m a Pretty Boy :P

Jasdev <>
Wed Jul 23 09:54:30 2003

Tom Hanks cos his movies are always good no matter how old. Besides if i was him, Id look at my face on the movie posters and think I could look better

covester <>
Wed Jul 23 19:46:00 2003

johnny depp so i could be captain jack sparrow.... yeah definitely johnny depp
and edward scissor hands wouldn't be too bad either

Thu Jul 24 06:07:30 2003

cameron diaz. she's perfect in every sense to me. nice body, radiant smile, highest paid actress second only to julia roberts but has a much nicer name than roberts

Thu Jul 24 15:29:07 2003

jackie chan so i can do all my own stunts or sean connery becuae he is a badass, no doubt

lost tear
Sat Jul 26 16:00:11 2003

janis joplin...not because of her heroin and alcohol abuse but for her musical achievments. her life seemed like an everyday-celebration to prevent from the great dilemma.nothing compares to her voice and this unique expressivness.she`s a damn good girl...i wish i could own her qualities (fictional i mean)

Dawn <>
Wed Aug 6 16:19:19 2003

Edward Gorey, because he has a lovely twisted sense of humor, a cool house with lots of cats, no children, and no spouse. Oh yeah, and because he's dead, there wouldn't be any annoying people hanging around to bother me.

Tue Aug 12 20:59:31 2003

I would be Stephen Hawking. Hes not really a ccelebity, but he is a well know scientists, and soem might even say one of, or THE most brilliant person. I would want to be him, because even though he is severely crippled, i want to be able to be as super-intelligent as he is, and understand the things he does about quantum physics, time travel, worm holes and that sort of thing.

zander83 <>
Sun Aug 17 00:33:10 2003

Jelly-roll morton.. because he was a great pianist... played and created extraodinary jazz... something i'd love to do something

Sun Aug 24 15:02:00 2003

Angelina Jolie. She's self-confident and doesn't worry about her image. She's true to herself and expects nothing less of those around her. Her motto: Be brave. Be bold. Be free. She's everything I wish I could be.

danny <>
Tue Aug 26 20:01:59 2003

i'd be tom welling (clark kent actor from smallville). I get paid to kiss the oh so lovely kristin kreuk.

Disruptive <>
Sun Aug 31 04:11:30 2003

Gwen Stefani's talent in Catherine Zeta Jones' body....Z-woman is the epitome of perfection in my mind, and Gwen just has an awesome voice and incredible fashion sense...and a hot husband =)

LM Brigid <>
Sun Sep 14 11:23:15 2003

hmm....morrisey? richey edwards? lennon? hendrix? maybe brigitte bardot or marianne faithful....probably marianne...they seem lik the same person in many ways but faithful has more rock n roll boyfriends.....ooooh jane birkin?!

TRS <>
Sun Sep 14 23:47:52 2003

Harrison Ford b/c he's the American Sean Connery, also i'd be Han Solo and Indiana Jones

Thu Sep 18 23:25:40 2003

Angelina Jolie. She is so comfortable with herself. She can be honest without being cruel. No matter what anyone thinks about her, she'll just live her life and that sure doesn't suck...

David Kraft
Tue Sep 23 13:11:12 2003

A celebrity ay? Well, how about Wynton Marsalis. I have met him twice, and not only is he an amazing musician, but also a very cool guy. Sounds good to me!

Sat Nov 1 15:00:30 2003

Johnny Depp, rather down to earth guy.

Mon Nov 27 23:12:59 2006

audrey hepburn

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