Created: Sun Dec 9 23:36:58 2001

What is the most important lesson you have learnt about life?

Ashes <>
Mon Dec 10 07:04:25 2001

that it is alright to trust someone with your entire being, but you must be prepared to crumble. because nothing lasts forever, and when they are jerked from your life, you'll be left without support. and thus, will crumble.

Christophe <>
Mon Dec 10 15:19:03 2001

Love is like a cliff, once you fall into it, you're broken for the rest of your life...

paul <>
Mon Dec 10 15:31:52 2001

that if you'll have absolute freedom, and only do what you feel like instead of doing your damn homework, you'll get nowhere and will never experience this feeling of something done. And will have to do your homework in the bus.

gaspi <>
Mon Dec 10 15:38:13 2001

That the only importatnt think in life are friends... TRUE friends

Shazzer <>
Mon Dec 10 17:20:16 2001

The only thing that matters is what you make matter. Everything else just is and has no importance.

Mon Dec 10 19:55:14 2001

That in order to be truly happy, you must do all things with passion. Be angry with the fires of hell, laugh like a toddler in the mud, and love like there is no tomorrow.

Zander <>
Mon Dec 10 22:14:52 2001

That maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be.

K <>
Mon Dec 10 22:56:40 2001

And I quote, "You never lose by loving, you always lose by holding back." When people say they love you, believe them, and return it with all your heart.

Finnerty <>
Tue Dec 11 12:09:39 2001

Inner peace is the greatest accomplishment. For the one who achieves inner peace, the entire world is at peace.So do not wish for world peace but for personal peace for eveyone.

Grendel <>
Tue Dec 11 22:43:18 2001

Two things: 1. That people don't like cynics. 2. That cynics are always right.

Lee <>
Wed Dec 12 11:10:43 2001

Point of view can transform experience.

Stefan Abfalter <>
Wed Dec 12 11:26:21 2001

Don't let the bastard voice in your head get you.

A, <>
Wed Dec 12 12:18:53 2001

There is nothing constant. There is no sense in IT all. For me life is a journey, which starts from point A and ends at point A. During the whole trip you gotta find something about you and about the world. At the point when you begin to despise the whole thing, you will learn the first impostant lession...then others will follow.

Drew <>
Wed Dec 12 19:20:17 2001

Live your life whatever way makes you happy, and keeps you going on

Chris <>
Wed Dec 12 22:05:07 2001

Fried Chicken is fried chicken, no matter where its fried.

Jago <>
Thu Dec 13 11:59:55 2001

Everything you'll ever love will die or reject you. The first time you meet that someoene special you can count on them being dead in the ground one day

Dan <>
Thu Dec 13 15:16:55 2001

Never shoot pool with someone you can beat. You can not learn from winning. Losing is the real teacher.

Thu Dec 13 17:12:25 2001

The most important lesson I've learned about life is that you'll never be entirely happy with your own.

Agent <>
Thu Dec 13 20:31:25 2001

The only thing you have to do with your life is live it. The rest is up to you.

Adam Cole <>
Thu Dec 13 21:59:13 2001

Seek wisdom, Accept people for what they are 'cuz you can't change the world, If someone hurts you... move on cuz it'll only hurt more if you dwell on it, Love hurts, Humanity sucks, Serve your God with all your heart (be it whom ever, mine is "The Messiah"), Do everything with all your heart, Don't give up on life. Succeed.

Jackie <>
Sat Dec 15 01:02:06 2001

that life is like going jumping in puddles, u should always do it if it makes u happy (even if u r wearing nice clothes) b/c the puddles aren't gunna be there 2morro so u might as well have u fun now. regrets suck

Karen <>
Sat Dec 15 23:36:22 2001

I cant really put my finger on just one thing, and I can only say the most important things I have learned thus far, because every day I wake up is a new possibility to live and learn. But I learned that no one loves you like your parents do. The love that attaches you to them is so overwhelming and really takes my breath away. I've learned that no matter how much my mom says she hates my piercing and other things she still loves me unconditionally. And I also learned the meaning of true friends, and how utterly important they are to very being. I learned that when you find those true friends and loves you will find that you have been there all along. Because in them there is an essence of you. And vice versa. I learned that I can have the most fun sitting with Laura reading and sharing quotes and smoking stoges, more fun than I would ever have doing anything else. I learned love is worth it all. I guess what's important is that I learned....yea I learned.

Emily <>
Sun Dec 23 04:41:21 2001

To quote Robert Frost: "Everything I've learnt about life I can sum up in three words: it goes on."

Mon Dec 24 18:37:07 2001

There's a couple: Live & learn Live & let live Love like you've never loved and lost, dance like no one's watching....(there's more, but I can't remember) Love is like a cigarette....the smoke are the kisses, and the ashes are what's left after. I also like the quote Emily (above) put.... "Everything I've learned about life I can sum up in three words: it goes on."

Brendan <>
Wed Dec 26 14:31:30 2001

You can never stop trying in life and just say that enuf is enuf, for when would life reached a plateau. Nothing is impertinent. Live with what you have and try to make the most out of it. The rest is beyond what we can comprehend.

zeroisnine <>
Tue Jan 15 10:24:37 2002

that happy ending are true sometimes

Mat J <>
Thu Jan 31 07:55:22 2002

1. Time heals
2. People who think they have a profound statement to make more often than not are depressing bores who are convinced their life is so much worse than everyone else's because they were bullied at school or can't get the girl. Have we become so comfortable as asociety that we need a reality check to show how good we have life.

Karthik <>
Mon Feb 4 05:10:48 2002

Girls are fleeting, true friends are forever. But, the only true friends are the ones who accept your apology for having ignored them for the girl.

John <>
Wed Feb 6 00:43:57 2002

That life is shit and then you die

Kere <>
Wed Feb 6 13:31:10 2002

Life is like a box of chocolates, in my case, all the good shit has already been bitten into, and the chocolate almonds are stale.

Terry <>
Sun Feb 10 02:28:56 2002

"Life is a garden, Dig it!" - Joe Dirt

Larry E. <>
Sun Feb 10 04:29:23 2002

WORK like you dont need the money. LOVE like youve never been hurt. DANCE like no one is watching. And never ever take a sleeping pill and a laxitive at the same time!

McDeus <>
Mon Feb 18 05:29:33 2002

Happiness is entirely relative. The best feeling in the world is a hot shower after a long day of hard work. Happiness lies in always having something to be happy in contrast to.

Dave <>
Tue Feb 19 17:24:29 2002

You'll never find out the Great Why. Love and you will achieve happiness. Happiness has no cares for Why.

VaiL <>
Tue Feb 26 13:23:06 2002

Take responsibility for your actions and don't make excuses for your mistakes. Acknowlege them, accept them, learn from them, and get on with it.

brittany <>
Tue Mar 5 17:41:49 2002

ive learned that no matter where you are, who u are with or where u are from just be yourself and do everything while its possible... dont waste your time on nothing .. live life to its fullest

@cedude <>
Sun Mar 24 16:27:58 2002

1.)Life is a bitch...
2.)Life never turns out the way you plan...
3.)If you live life the way someone else expects you to or tells you too, then it is'nt your life anymore...

Zeedo <>
Mon Apr 8 20:19:14 2002

That bastard Murphy was right.

Sat May 4 22:52:42 2002

Life doesn't fucking suck. I can't stay close to the wall and keep away from the edge. Sometimes I gotta look over the edge, sometimes even is only with failure that you can truley succeed. Gotta open your eyes sometimes...sure it's gonna burn like hell the first time you see light, but it's worth it...kinda hard crawling through life...
and you don't get anywhere through silence...
(p.s. Does anyone else have trouble typing?? it's taken me a good 15 min to just write this)

Sat May 31 08:53:08 2003

It doesn't work if you are afraid to feel. You have to risk losing something. Sometimes that thing is a little bit of happiness.

Tue Jun 3 05:21:40 2003

there are no such thing as secrets

apen <>
Fri Jun 13 04:52:34 2003

nobody is quite as dey seem to be. If only ppl took de time and have de chance to understand wat makes a person do wat he did or does. And ppl shudn't just stick to their own circle of friends or ppl who think de same as dey do.

Mon Jun 23 07:34:22 2003

what you believe in DOES matter.

Amber <>
Sun Oct 12 07:12:25 2003

Silence is underappreciated; it's a wise answer, a wonderful background and a pleasant companion.

Wed Dec 17 13:28:18 2003

that it is full of changes, some good some bad and that i learn that there is no fate but wat we make for ourselves

Barbara <>
Mon Jan 19 17:35:22 2004

I think the most important thing we can learn from life would be.To make time for others,enjoy ourselves while around,and learn to forgive.You don't want to walk around with a grudge it not only sucks up your energy and aura,its just a waste of your life to do so.And not get so to wrapped up in life itself that somewhere along the way you forget who you are.Keep a balance in mind and body,spiritually.

Sat Jul 24 06:14:48 2004

That it goes on

Tyna <>
Sun Oct 17 16:13:09 2004

That it goes on, nothing, either the happiest moment or the most crushing time makes life come to a standstill. The speed of moving changes, at times excrutiatingly slow at flying by at times, but it goes on

Napoleon-Gaston DeSellier <>
Wed Mar 23 22:07:39 2005

If you don't like your life, there is someone out there who would. There is a huge difference between taking risks in the name of "carpe diem" and just plain self destruction.
If you can't tell someone close to you exactly what you are thinking, that is normal, some things are meant for only you.
The only way over is through.
There is not anything you can't do, it is only your environment and self-image that determine whether or not you follow through.
The human body is the most brilliant invention - cherish it!

Fri Apr 8 03:21:51 2005

It goes on.

Mandi <>
Thu Apr 21 22:07:00 2005

That you must allow yourself to be yourself!

ahmed <>
Wed May 18 09:46:16 2005

the most important thing in life is to know, obey and worship God Almighty

Mon Oct 31 22:42:24 2005

I change the world and the qorld changes me.

amanda <>
Thu Mar 16 08:38:48 2006

boyfriends come and go so don't let him get in the way of your friedship...with true friends..because they will leave you...once your heart is broken you have nobody to go to!!

amanda <>
Thu Mar 16 08:39:56 2006

life is like a shit filled sandwich...we all have to take a bite of it...moral: life with it!!!

Alissa <>
Wed Mar 22 20:17:19 2006

I've learned that life may suck at times, but there is always that one person who will kick your ass if you think about doing anything stupid.
Life is like trying to remember what your first words were, you cant right away but, someone will help you if you need them to.

Taz <>
Sat May 13 16:46:47 2006

life is brill, you only get one, dont waste it, dont slate it. love every moment good or bad as once the moments gone youll never get it back. life is what you make it, make sure you make it good!!!

Kira <>
Wed May 31 23:59:10 2006

That it is not a job. That it is not a story. That immortality lies in memory. That happiness is independent of the real world. That love is hard and loving is easy.

Florrie <>
Thu Feb 8 08:14:09 2007

That we can have everything we have ever desired using the power of the mind and subconscious and trusting in the God in our hearts to make things happen.

Anish koul <>
Sat Feb 17 10:14:58 2007

We never think about people who are suffering from incurable diseases.They know the value of life. By just looking into their eyes we realize the value of life.Life is tough but their are moments which makes life beautiful.

Nimbus <>
Tue May 15 12:48:39 2007

The lesson of love, but I'm still learning.

Naya <>
Mon May 28 17:50:22 2007

That being mean doesn't only hurt others but yourself. And what you do or say definitly affects others

vedatrayee <>
Sat Jun 23 04:25:32 2007

I've learnt tht " I can alter the altitude of my life by altering the attitude of my mind."

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