Created: Tue Oct 7 23:57:52 2003

What would you do if you had 1 day to live?

libra <>
Wed Oct 8 01:26:47 2003

I hate this question. It always makes me sad, like I'm actually going to die tomorrow. I would see all the people who I have loved over the years, all the people who have changed my life for better or worse. I'd tell that boy that I loved him once, and be truthful with everyone, and try to leave something for people to remember me by, and then I'd just sit with my friends and talk and laugh like at our coffee shop.

Tim <>
Wed Oct 8 22:18:17 2003

I'd tell people "I'm sorry if I ever hurt them." I'd tell that girl that I was truly in love with her. and finally, I would sit and wait.

Thu Oct 9 16:23:05 2003

i'd let THAT girl know how i really feel about her... the outcome is no matter, i know i've done my best, Quantum In Me Fuit.

Then head down to my fave stretch of quiet beach, hang up me hammock... hopefully get to see one last sunset and smoke on...

craig <>
Sat Oct 11 04:26:32 2003

I would get on my motorcycle, kickit to the max, then find out what its like to ride into the front of an oncoming semi.

Sun Oct 12 01:16:30 2003

Make a lot of phone calls, tell this girl at college I love her, and wait with my family.

Rehan <>
Sun Oct 12 06:59:01 2003

I would get up early and go for my daily run, but this time I would choose a different route, perhaps the forest (I run on the beach most often). I would then come home and make the best breakfast for me and my partner, stay with him in bed all morning, hope that life thereafter for him would be just as pleasurable.Remind him of the little times that made all the sense and the macros that touched and dictated our decisions, the paths of choice and individual glories. Would make a lovely cup of coffee for myself and sit by the balcony and pen down things I want to pass on to this world. Call my parents. Put on my best dress and go for a lovely meal at some returant and spend the rest of the evening sipping wine and looking out into the horizon, reminding myself that my epitaph will read - NO REGRETS.

Amber <>
Sun Oct 12 07:03:12 2003

I'd actually just like to be with my best friend, stretched out under the sky from morning until sunset, just talking and being together. I'd hope for a huge thunderstorm, 'cause there's really nothing better, and that he'd have no idea that it was my last day.

zander83 <>
Sun Oct 12 19:59:26 2003

I'd meet up with all the people I've known and liked, hang out, make sure everyone knows how i felt about them... and go to sleep with a smile on my face.

Mon Oct 13 02:52:13 2003

i'll not call anyone, coz that'll make me cry. i will write my last thoughts down mail it out to everyone that is in my heart. then probably, bungee jump.

Lost_Soul <>
Mon Oct 13 22:39:48 2003

i probably wouldnt tell anyone. i would try to hang out with some people that are special to me but not try to get favored attention just because im dying...

Evan <>
Tue Oct 14 00:41:54 2003

I guess I wouldn't tell anyone. I would tell my family that I love them. Then spend the entire day with Her, doing everything and nothing all at once.

Elle <>
Tue Oct 14 00:44:18 2003

Nothing, I wouldn't really do anything and see if anyone that day noticed I wasn't around. Then I would know what it would be like tomorrow.

Tue Oct 14 01:10:34 2003

I would to tell this girl i love her, tell me freinds and family one last time i love them, hang out with mi sister. try to eat a little of all me favourite foods.

Wed Oct 15 00:10:20 2003

I would do everything that makes me feel as though time has slowed down. Watch the cats doze, walk in the woods, stand in the middle of the road at the top of the hill and listen to the wind, sit in front of an empty page. I would tell my family how much I love each of them. I would write something for an estranged friend and hope that someone in my family can get it to him. I would spend a lot of the time with my best friend, just walking and talking.

addison <>
Wed Oct 15 07:04:10 2003

Hold my sons hand and never let go, and cry.

Tanner <>
Wed Oct 15 10:04:43 2003

I would dance, sing, act, tell people how i feel, give, listen, care, believe....basically all the things I never think to do anyway.

Razor Wire <>
Thu Oct 16 17:13:29 2003

I'd somehow Find a way to get to Chicago, Meet up with the one that I know is my Soul mate, Kiss him once Deeply and Passonately feel his arms around me, Watch my Last Sunset with him, and Let him know How much I really do love him, and how much it really pained me that we could never make our Life together like I so desperately Wished

Shana <>
Fri Oct 17 16:21:50 2003

After thinking about it, I would spend all of my money and travel. Go to the top of a mountian, go scuba diving, see a desert, and a rainforest. By God, I've lived on this earth for 18 years, and I hardly know it. I wouldnt have much to say to those who I love, I dont know any secrets of life, or the answer to eternal happiness...I suppose I would tell them how much I love them and care about them, and believe in them. Then I would probably go to church...becuase hopefully, I'll end up with JC...

DMA <>
Tue Oct 21 14:03:21 2003

Let my thoughts become like clouds and center on nothing but the beauty, seek out happiness and choclate with reckless abdone, begin to believe in the hope of eternity.

Wed Oct 22 10:06:11 2003

if I had one day to live i'd find the most shocking way to kill myself

Philosopher_Ted <>
Fri Oct 24 20:20:06 2003

Make my peace with God, Apologize to the people I have hurt, Make love to my soulmate, Stand in the rain, Dance for no reason, Cry, Write my last words, And finally, Save someone elses life...

Sun Oct 26 23:03:46 2003

A day is so little time... but I guess I could never have enough to do everything I'd really like to do. I honestly don't know what I'd do in one day, but I'm sure I'd cry a lot. I think I'd go with what felt right at the moment... no plans. I'd talk to everyone important to me that day, though, just so they'd feel a bit of happiness with the given pain when I'm gone.

hypocrite <>
Tue Oct 28 01:02:39 2003

Hmmm...This question always leaves me kinda stumped.
What I would do, I would call my father and make up with him. I would go around and tell people how beautiful they are. I would ask people what they are thinking. I would ask people what makes their life worth living. I would realize what has made my life worth living. I would realize everthing that has happened to me, both good and bad has been a worthwhile experience. I would tell everyone I came across to live their own lives to the fullest, not to waste a moment, and to be who they are despite what society may say.
We only have one life, one shot at greatness. And you know what, I would take advantage of everything in the moments that I had left.

And I would play in the fountain in front of city hall.

Tue Oct 28 15:12:55 2003

I wouldn't tell anyone.
maybe give a few hugs. Say "I love you" to my family members. then spend the day as normal. But I'd never tell anyone...Ever, cos i'd be dead in 24 hours (or less as the mood may suit you) anyway.

Chaos <>
Tue Oct 28 22:26:10 2003

i would drive to this isolated spot i know of in the mountains (only about a half hour away, so id still have plenty of time) then i would meditate on life and death. if anything i felt was important came to mind i would write it down.
then when i was content, i would unfold my death poem and recite it the forest, then commit seppuku.

Zacq <>
Wed Oct 29 20:18:20 2003

The problem with this question is does it mean how would you want to spend your last day alive, or what would you do if you had one day where there were no consequences for your actions. For the first, I would most likely be so sad and afraid that I would go to church, as if I die, anything else would be pointless. For the second, I would gorge on chocolate.

josh <>
Sat Nov 1 13:04:30 2003

I would get more baked than I've been in my life.

joe560 <>
Sun Nov 2 20:09:04 2003

probably tell my dad that i'm sorry for treating him like shit, and get drunk and stoned and of course, kill somebody. so basically, a regular day for me other than the father part.

sarvar <>
Wed Dec 10 04:59:03 2003

make love the whole day...

Wed Dec 17 12:47:18 2003

make peace wif myself n to those i have wronged and then find a quiet bed to die in

vanessa <>
Mon Jan 5 02:13:18 2004

I would apologize to myself for leading a mediocre life then go to a rock concert. I hope there would be a good one on that day.

Barbara <>
Mon Jan 19 17:45:42 2004

I know what I would do,I would pay all my bills,and clear myself out of debt.And rent a movie with the honey and sit back and get in some extra curricular *activities*,eat a delicious italian dinner while learning to play the drums.Burn something and save something.

Sheoul <>
Mon Feb 23 11:59:38 2004

Tell the girl I love that I love her. Spend the time with the people I love.

Thu Aug 25 15:09:05 2005

i would slit my wrists

super dude
Tue Feb 13 22:30:19 2007

i would go crazy and rob banks

Nimbus <>
Tue May 15 12:56:23 2007

It depends, if I was going to die and no one else its different, I would kiss my "true" love and if she'd believe I was about to die probably have sex with, then I would smoke a pound of marijuana and sleep till I died.

Claudia <>
Tue May 22 10:50:49 2007

That is a tough question, because I just learned that my best freind of roughly 36 died of a massive heart attack, and I'm so sure she was given the choice or the time to do what she needed, or wanted to do before she took her last breath. I would love to say something spectacular at her Memorial but how?

pdb <>
Wed Jul 25 20:16:41 2007

have lots of sex. run naked in the streets. lie down under the stars.

Wed Dec 26 15:55:44 2007

I would write to the people i love and i would spend the mney i have, id be extra loving and i would hang out with my friends. -id also say im sorry to the people that i regret getting in "fights" with.

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