Created: Sun Nov 23 13:34:37 2003

What is your meaning of life?

richard <>
Sun Nov 23 18:53:46 2003

To worship God

hypocrite <>
Sun Nov 23 18:56:25 2003

My meaning of life is to be happy. To walk around and be able to appreciate all that exists.

Sun Nov 23 19:54:58 2003

To raise a kid that's better than you or help others to make a better world

Sun Nov 23 22:58:36 2003

to see how deep the rabbit hole goes

Mon Nov 24 00:07:49 2003

To help others, try to make the world better for our kids than it is for us.

Mon Nov 24 01:15:38 2003

close friends, hot coffee, endless smokes, cold beer, unlimited Scotch Whiskey...

Chaos <>
Mon Nov 24 09:49:12 2003

the meaning of life...
what is the meaning of a car ride? is it where it takes you?
what if the ride goes nowhere?
then the meaning would be the composition of the ride, the essence.
the meaning of life is the essence of life. what what is this?
what is the essence of 2?
is it 1 + 1? it could be 1.5 + .5
it all depends on how you do the math, what you start with, what you choose to add...
the essence of life is in living life. however you do that.
to live. that is the meaning of life.

Mon Nov 24 11:24:24 2003

To try to be happy as often as possible, to laugh and smile at the little things, and to always try to make the things around you just a little better.

sarvar <>
Mon Nov 24 14:20:23 2003

women. if there were no women all world's money wouldn't make sense.

tom <>
Mon Nov 24 23:16:13 2003

to do what can't be done

addi <>
Tue Nov 25 15:39:48 2003

Lots of ingredients make up a meaningful life stew. You throw in things like health, friends, children, parents, happiness, fullfilling work, nature,sex,etc... When it simmers in the inevitable trials and tribulations that come your way over the years there's only one ingredient left in the pot that really matters:

Tue Nov 25 23:38:21 2003

Love, Idle, Fun, Exploration

Mouse <>
Wed Nov 26 00:12:18 2003

There is no right answer, no wrong one. Life is what you think it is, what you form it into. For me life is courage and joy, my sisters make me what I am and make me smile, my father teaches me what I must know. What is left is for me to take my own footing.

Sweet P <>
Wed Nov 26 18:44:43 2003

I understand that in everything there is beauty. To FEEL that beauty. To NOT become a lump with no visions and no feelings other than what's "cold and hot" and "happy and sad" [where there is no beauty in those feelings, just feelings]. To protect and defend the young and innocent. To make it easier for them to grow and remember the beauty that so many people forget and lose.

Alex <>
Thu Nov 27 22:45:41 2003

To determine who you are and attempt to become who you want to be

Tyler <>
Sat Nov 29 02:25:24 2003

The only purpose for anyone in life is one simple die...Every person on this earth has no special purpose, they aren't made to change the world, we are all made to die, and that is all there is too it.

Megs <>
Sun Nov 30 00:29:54 2003

My meaning of life is to make music. Music is such a beautiful and creative way of expressing ones self, and I really enjoy it.

Mike <>
Mon Dec 1 12:38:34 2003

To help myself and people.

Vanessa <>
Tue Dec 2 04:36:32 2003

to write living

Wed Dec 3 22:49:22 2003

The moments when you're completely in love with your life, and even though you can't smile, you know you're happy. Life was meant for moments like those.

Danielle <>
Thu Dec 4 12:43:42 2003

to give

Aeon <>
Thu Dec 4 17:45:04 2003

Live. Grow. Learn. Create.

euphoria42 <>
Fri Dec 5 13:13:52 2003 question,to wonder to never be satisfied with the answer of evolution or of a higher more powerful being creating wonder if theres some thing els that created us...2nd to search for all the answers that cant be given to us by religoin, faith, family, or search for who we really are and to search for the reason why we are here...yes to search for that whould be to search for the meaning of life,but if you knew the meaning of life...what would you do with it?...would you fulfill it? maybe, or maybe you would just be content of knowing what it was. like when you know the mening and message to a book or movie...would you go see it or read it or just be content in knowing what its about?...see even now your questioning and wondering...and if not now sooner or later youll be searching for the answers, but remember that only you can anwer your own questions, and that only you can find them on your own...dont let someone els anwer them for you.

truth <>
Sat Dec 6 13:30:20 2003

there IS no Meaning.
we MEAN to make sense of something that doesn't exsist.(ie. the meaning of life.)

Rebecca <>
Mon Dec 8 20:33:20 2003

To breathe and keep breathing. The rest is superfluous.

Thu Dec 11 08:17:32 2003

meaning is not in things, but in between them. my meaning is about connections. associations. relationships. Learning about how things relate. New experiences. A wasted life, to me, is one that has never expanded its horizons, has never left its comfort zone.

Sat Dec 13 21:30:47 2003

discovery...delight...disappointment...then death.

Tiffany <>
Sun Dec 14 20:34:18 2003

There is no meaning. Just accept that it's there and dont worry about a purpose. Just live.

Mon Dec 15 15:16:57 2003

Is there a meaning? If there is, I haven't found it out yet.

Mon Dec 15 22:25:01 2003

The meaning is to live. To ask questions that haven't and even that have been asked. Answered or unanswered. And when u get ur still never stop asking why. And to create meaning...just like we r doing now...creating a meaning to life when there just isn't one

Tue Dec 16 15:03:46 2003

Sex and food.

pam <>
Wed Dec 17 05:26:58 2003

experience as much as everything the world can offer you.

Wed Dec 17 13:30:27 2003

to understand life, to experience life to the fullest

Wed Dec 17 18:37:05 2003

the meaning of my life??? lol it is on seeing those eyes that show that interest for life

Silent Nite <>
Fri Dec 19 03:07:33 2003

To Be. To Know. To Experience. To Love. To Achieve. To Learn. To Be Known as one who did all those.

Greg Soto <>
Wed Feb 18 00:57:58 2004

To do the things no one thought you would do, if you a safety guy, jump out of a plane, if you an adventurer, get married and make a home. Do everything you wnat to do. Then ry something else.

Sheoul <>
Mon Feb 23 12:01:22 2004

To love completely and indiscriminately.

Raffy <>
Mon Nov 29 23:11:21 2004

i think life wasnt ment to be defined... since living is to love n we live to learn to work n to die to be reborn n live again, its a never ending cycle that has no answers but only questions we live to die.. but the road we take is a road which is always a step ahead of you, youll never know which way it turns and youll never know why it went that way, and wen your sure about something youll realize dat your sure about being unsure that your sure about something you cant describe youll realize ur in love and youll realzie tahts your life and youll never know wat it reali is

I_Andrew <>
Tue Jun 7 00:10:41 2005

If you want to know the meaning of life, you want a dictionary. If you want to know the purpose of life, you should have asked

jama <>
Sat Dec 3 14:19:58 2005

to figure out what u have been created for and fullfil it.

kunmun <>
Thu Feb 23 04:53:47 2006

life is all about expressions

jin <>
Wed May 24 06:57:28 2006

As who you are to be how you are.

sam <>
Wed Sep 13 12:56:56 2006

Taking it one day at a time. Learning to forgive others and self. A good chocolate bar helps.

Tue Nov 28 10:27:46 2006

life gives me little head-in-the-cloud's in the moments i realize i kick-ass effortlessly at what others have been slogging away at for months-- your natural talent,
shining when you least expect yourself to do so,
fighting for your ideas faithfully,
making clumsy decisions- being surprised at where they take you,
life gives itself meaning only if you live take in every breath like your last.

Celeste <>
Tue Feb 6 19:57:24 2007

To experience Everything, and to Try to comprehend what you've experienced.
To reach the place where answers are less important than questions.

Nimbus <>
Wed May 16 11:51:44 2007

As harsh as this sounds we were all made for one purpose, grow up, reproduce, and then die, I just want to enjoy it.

C V <>
Tue Sep 4 23:10:45 2007

The meaning of life is that there is no meaning, only purpose.
The purpose of life is only to perpetuate itself.

All we are expected to do, is conduct ourselves in that way which does not destroy our fellow human beings.

Sat Jan 19 07:50:21 2008

"..the purpose of life is to be useful,to be responsible, to be honorable, to be compassionate. It is after all to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made a difference that you lived at all.."

Mon Dec 15 18:05:00 2008

to be with God

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