Created: Thu Jan 8 11:00:00 2004

If you could change one part of your body, what would you change, and why?

marisa <>
Sun Jan 11 12:22:41 2004

my brain. The one i-ve got does not work in a proper fashion.

Christophe <>
Sun Jan 11 16:02:44 2004

Happy with mine. Don't know why you should change your body anyway. Btw everybody this site has a forum as well.

Danielle <>
Mon Jan 12 16:10:57 2004

my love handles - simply remove them! Why? Because I'd feel better in a bikini.

mara <>
Tue Jan 13 09:13:57 2004

Nothing...why? Because how can you enjoy life, if you cant enjoy the ship thats sailing you thru?

Wed Jan 14 20:04:16 2004

my recently broken nose, shoulder, knee, neck, thumb, and nuckle. if they would only work right again, I am only 19 damn it!

Thu Jan 15 06:58:19 2004

change? hmm... i hate changes, even though i've got a crooked back, both kneed are buggered. sprained wrists (once you sprain ya wrists, you never really recover), a fucked mind (brain), eyes screwed with too many "fucka-wif-mah-eyes" threads, nah... i'll take it as it as... all of them as reminders of who i am and what i've ben through to be me today... =)

vanessa <>
Fri Jan 16 01:27:46 2004

my hair. i wish it were more manageable.

Kthulu <>
Sun Jan 18 05:43:38 2004

I don't think I would change anything. I like me and that's just fine!

Sun Jan 18 17:44:42 2004

Absolutely nothing. I couldnt imagine myself any other way.

Mon Jan 19 00:25:12 2004

Everything and nothing. Moreso than my body there are certain aspects of my personality that I wish I could change, I can't put a ponytail holder around my self-consciousness to hold it back, or go to the gym to make my shyness go away.

Barbara <>
Mon Jan 19 17:14:00 2004

I think the one thing that I would change when It comes to my body ,would be my height.

Dave Hill <>
Sun Jan 25 13:02:02 2004

My wrists, so that i no longer suffer from the side-effects of too much guitar playing and a fracture

Sun Feb 8 03:38:26 2004

My mind. For wonderful, indeed, it is to subdue the mind, so difficult to subdue, ever swift, and seizing watever it desires. A tamed mind brings happiness.

Waylander <>
Mon Feb 9 16:51:28 2004

my lack of height and my crappy crappy back...the rest of my injuries are reminders of fun stuff ive done to others...

Sun Feb 15 15:31:52 2004

i doubt i would ever change anything, but if i had to chose, it'd be probably be my legs.....accyually...i'd like to get rid of my acne.....or not have so many freckles, they get annoying after a while...

raffy <>
Mon Nov 29 22:53:50 2004

i guess i wouldnt change much, its a funny question i jus with every1 thought i was good looking or hot or w.e n change accordingly...

firefall <>
Tue Jan 3 16:25:47 2006

I would change that tiny (though it looms large) part of my brain that stops me from doing the crazy stuff. It translates to some sort of social anxiety. I hate it. Take it away please!

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