Created: Mon Feb 16 11:12:34 2004

What is the most beautiful/unforgettable place you have ever been to?

addi <>
Mon Feb 16 14:42:24 2004

Canadian Rockies, Belize, Australia's gold coast,SW Colorado, too many to name just one

libra <>
Mon Feb 16 17:01:50 2004


Mon Feb 16 18:53:09 2004

A few blocks from here, a row of trees were in blossom and the blossom was falling down. I was walking through it and it looked like it was snowing on a hot summer day.

marsteller <>
Mon Feb 16 19:00:17 2004

letchworth state park, in western new york state. saw niagara falls, but that wasn't really too cool - looks how it looks in the pictures and movies.

woohoo <>
Mon Feb 16 23:00:18 2004

The most unforgetable place I have ever seen is when i took a flight to Chicago- and when i looked out the window and saw all of the clouds- they looked so beautiful just like a forest covered in snow-

novrain <>
Tue Feb 17 06:25:23 2004

New England in the fall. Absolutely gorgeous

cajnpalt <>
Tue Feb 17 13:39:22 2004

Looking over a rice paddy at dusk in Comilla, was so beautiful, the sun filtering through the trees and people doing what they do everyday. There's so much beauty and life in all that chaos and poverty.

Greg Soto <>
Wed Feb 18 00:55:24 2004

Just off the shores of Washington, theres this small island, with rlling hills of grass, and trees and beautiful purple flowers.

Wed Feb 18 03:17:41 2004

last memory of anything like that i recall was sometime last year on holiday with The Chanz & Momo... driving up a hill in Phuket on the way to Kata Beach and just as we came round the top... we saw the endless azure sky dotted with wisps of clouds like angel's wings and the brilliant sapphire sea... wish i was there again...... soon... soon

Alex <>
Wed Feb 18 11:39:02 2004

Back in the day, victoria falls... simply breath-taking

Wed Feb 18 12:11:08 2004

The last time I went on holiday, I went to Kashmir. It was summer, but nice and cool up there.

Thu Feb 19 00:43:38 2004

a lighthouse down south of perth... a little town called albany. the right and left of the lighthouse are 2 different oceans.

it's so surreal. the feeling of just being there.

Thu Feb 19 20:23:16 2004

Wilmington, North Carolina. It's such a spectacular, homey town with lots of neat shops and such a laid-back attitude. That, and Memphis, Tennessee. Great city.

Fri Feb 20 12:27:19 2004

Michigan's Upper penninsula, Rain Forests of Costa Rica, Home

Sheoul <>
Mon Feb 23 11:30:36 2004

The backwaters of Kerala, India. Also Cape Town in summer... UCT campus and Table Mountain.

Tue Feb 24 02:11:03 2004

Ruidoso, New Mexico. Very nice little mountain town.

Wed Feb 25 11:41:46 2004

The catskill mtns in ny... anytime of the year (and the addirondacks) and kansas in the summer with a thunderstorm looming over the horizon. the wind whipping around you, feelling the power of natue.

Malik <>
Wed Feb 25 19:28:55 2004

A view off the edge of one of the highest mountains in the hill country of texas. After an exausting all-day hike up the damn thing with some of the guys. The sunset was amazing.

mat_j <>
Fri Feb 27 03:31:22 2004

I woke up yesterday morning and it had snowed for the first time living in my new house, i looked out of the window at the field and the wood covered in snow and it looked so wonderful it made me happier than i've felt in a long time

Rhae <>
Sat Feb 28 16:09:16 2004

Mountains of North Georgia

Wed Mar 3 05:41:43 2004

i had a beautiful place moment today at university. we were sitting outside drawng rocks (yeah, fascinating) and the sun shone through the clouds and made us warm, and the voices sounded nice drifting through the campus. I grinned. I like school.

Miriam <>
Wed Mar 3 06:22:54 2004

The pembrokeshire coast in Wales, UK is pretty sensational.

marsteller <>
Wed Mar 3 12:14:32 2004

scratch my other idea....geneseo, NY is the promised land.

Maya <>
Sat Mar 6 19:50:27 2004

Granada, Spain, just under the Alhambra as the sun sets so much history, so much beauty!

Zacq <>
Sun Mar 7 01:18:13 2004

An empty gymnasium with the lights turned off so the only light comes from the doors.

Tue Mar 16 16:57:51 2004

My place doesn't exist, its a place its a place i've only seen in my dreams....
but if it has to be real....the moment of sunrise over the 12pens in the west of ireland :)

Kira <>
Sun Aug 28 02:21:47 2005

The dirt road in the woods across from the Daffodil House.

Chelly <>
Wed Mar 1 02:17:25 2006

Singapore,so peaceful, clean,and everyone seems to get along with one another they will help the one in need even if its a stranger. NO RACISM everyone respects one another race, culture, religion, beliefs, and values.

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