Created: Wed Mar 10 23:55:59 2004

If you could master a skill in a day, what skill would you choose, and why?

Thu Mar 11 13:46:02 2004

I would master languages. All of them. Well i guess one a day. Then i would be able to travel around the world and never feel like i didn't know what was going on. I would also be a great asset to any Global company, or be some diplomate or something.

dan632 <>
Thu Mar 11 15:48:37 2004

Art, because it is so broad. plus it's really puurrrrddy

trogdor57 <>
Thu Mar 11 16:15:31 2004

Well, I want to improve my drawing skills, or perhaps my breathing, to improve my singing ability.

Fri Mar 12 00:36:15 2004

play the piano, then compose a melody for myself.

libra <>
Fri Mar 12 01:02:14 2004

I like the language idea...I'd love to speak multiple languages, it would be so useful, and fun as well...

Fri Mar 12 05:38:01 2004

Damn i was pretty set on being a master of music but all the languages in the world, that would really be something

Greg Soto <>
Fri Mar 12 14:13:47 2004

I would love to learn every musical Instrament in the world. Then I could bring in all these great Ideas for music that I have.

Sweet P
Fri Mar 12 14:40:09 2004

Yep, Dave's got the right idea...mastering languages is key.

Fri Mar 12 20:16:29 2004

Cooking. To cook whatever I want with great ease. That would be so very good, just think of all the desserts I could make.

Fri Mar 12 22:31:40 2004

I want to learn how to have selective memory, and forget things I don't want. Or cry at a moment's notice, that would be good... Oh and maybe have the ability to act convincingly sick at any moment in time, that would be good as well

Malik <>
Sat Mar 13 00:35:25 2004

Dang, I really like the languages too. Probably the whole monk/martial arts things. You know, the guys who spend sixty years of their life and now they've got nirvana and an insane ability to kick ass? Yeah, that would be nice.

Sat Mar 13 01:43:55 2004

i dunno if this counts as a skill.

u use 20% of ur brain right?
i want to tap into 40-50% more and see what happens then

Mcteddybear <>
Sat Mar 13 05:36:45 2004

To read any book and understand everything in less than 1 minute will even be better, in that case all languages, culinary skills, martial arts could be master almost imediately (Hehehe..getting greedy here!)

Addi <>
Sat Mar 13 09:06:22 2004

a master carpenter: to build a house in the woods myself.
A skilled guitarist: to make a living playing music for others.

Sat Mar 13 09:45:33 2004

I want to fly like a bird.
Or I'd settle for learning a few languages.

vanessa <>
Mon Mar 15 01:06:57 2004

the skill of writing flawlessly. to be able to arrive at a point articulately.

Tom <>
Mon Mar 15 10:31:35 2004

I would master weaponry, not guns, but swords, axes, and all those other medevil weapons.

Kilohertz <>
Mon Mar 15 17:31:10 2004

Akido, not only the techniques of defense, but the mindset that comes along with it.

Alex <>
Mon Mar 15 22:18:51 2004

Piano... know how to play all the past pieces, know all the harmonics, techniques etc.

Mon Mar 15 22:21:48 2004

heck yeah man, id be speaking mandarin by sunrise

Tue Mar 16 16:55:17 2004

I'd love to know how o use weapons see, i'm scared of my neighbourhood, knowing how to use a wooden stick yo kick the c**p out of 10 guys at once would be helpful...
but i love the piano idea....i'd love to know how to play!!

Thu Mar 18 04:40:53 2004

know what other pepole think would be a great idea i think..

Choke <>
Thu Mar 18 16:53:32 2004

To be able to help anyne i wanted to. And for it to work.

kevin <>
Sat Mar 20 11:52:32 2004

the ability to read the minds of people with just looking through there eyes.with this ability you can pretty much dominate any person you come across

HKFoot <>
Sun Mar 21 02:27:48 2004

master the art of telepathy or master all the languages in the world... get paid mucho dinero by the UN to be an interpreter ^^

-Kthulu- <>
Mon Mar 22 02:54:39 2004

I would master the art of speaking. Speeches may be the greatest influence that one can give directly to a group of people. They can motivate soldiers, turn the hearts of many, and even give a hope of peace. Yes, speaking it would be.

Philosopher Ted <>
Thu Mar 25 01:32:14 2004

To be able to subsist on nothing but myself... I.e. to be able to step anywhere anytime anysituation and not need anyone else to be there in order to live, play, work, or create.

Thu Mar 25 01:32:41 2004

I think i would like to achieve the mind set of an 18th century Samurai. The sword skills would just be for kicks.

Sat Mar 27 17:35:25 2004

sign language. I always wanted to learn a new language.

Kira <>
Thu Sep 15 17:50:34 2005

Jeet Kune Do... although it might defeat the purpose to master it in only a day.

S**ra <>
Mon Oct 2 18:14:59 2006

I'd like to master the art of levitation or perhaps telepthy.

Tue Nov 28 11:37:10 2006

the art of sketching potraits- and to do it really well.

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