Created: Sat Mar 27 13:48:34 2004

If you were on death row, what will your last meal be like?

Sun Mar 28 02:08:30 2004

some vodka. some cheesecake. a slice of pizza. a whiskey river BBQ Burger. some fried fish, some shark with seaweed, some BBQ dog(always wanted to try some) a little milk.

PS. I was originally going to say something nasty and perverted, but I though better.

Zacq <>
Sun Mar 28 12:40:19 2004

As much macaroni and cheese as they'd give me, garlic bread with more garlic than bread, 1% stop and shop brand milk, and grasshopper pie ice cream (that's a real flavor).

addi <>
Sun Mar 28 14:43:53 2004

I would want a filet mingon smothered in a mushroom red wine sause, with a baked potato and lots of unsalted butter, and a green salad, and coffee and a cig for desert. But knowing me, just to go out with some style, I'd say "nothing, thank you, I'm trying to lose some weight".

lethal_pops <>
Sun Mar 28 23:00:45 2004

salmon sashimi, oysters, a full plate of half blanched bloody cockles, topped with organic Vodka, not sake. Plus shepards pie, foie gras, cheeesy cheese fondue, beef fondue, desserts gonna be sticky chewy ice-creams with whipped cream and caramel syrups... topped with a nice cuppa mocha.. tt way, i prolly will be stuffed and would most likely zonk out from the after meal sluggishness before I die :)

Phil T. <>
Sun Mar 28 23:23:11 2004

Hmmm, start off with a Ceasar salad and cream of crab and broccoli soup for an appetizer, then move on to Thresher Shark, medium rare, with garlic mashed potatoes and a half rack of BBQ Baby Back ribs, a six pack of Budweiser and finish it off with a pumpkin pie and a cup of coffee with a splash of Baileys, and as an finisher a nice big J...

sweet p
Sun Mar 28 23:27:56 2004

I would ask for my grandma's grandma's salty soups, her delicious cakes, her most excellent ceviche, her tasty turkey roasts, her warm arroz con leche, her creamy mashed potatoes, her fabulous spaghetti...even the coffee she makes tastes better than any other..and I don't really like coffee.
And I would want a chocolate popsicle and some oatmeal and a glass of milk.

Thinking about having that stuff for the last time makes me really sad.

libra <>
Mon Mar 29 02:02:04 2004

caesar salad, then some of my mom' spaghetti and some fries, french bread, and then a whole bunch of chocolate things...a huge chocolate cake, a milkshake, a couple of candy bars, brownies, a sundae, maybe just like, a glass of chocolate syrup...

Mon Mar 29 08:15:06 2004

cheese prata, tiramisu, salmon sashimi, teh tarik, fresh oysters, cockles, tulang, sharks fins soup, and a serving of "buddha jump over the wall".

Geek <>
Mon Mar 29 22:57:50 2004

A Hunk Of Cheddar Cheese. The Sharper the Better

Mon Mar 29 23:01:08 2004

if i was going to die, i think a last meal would have to be something mom used to cook, so even if i was eating alone, i really wouldnt be...

simonvii <>
Mon Mar 29 23:13:10 2004

TGIFridays jack daniels chicken strips, with hot mashed potatos steaming with a butter after-taste, and a supersize coke...maybe some Logan's steakhouse rolls

Tue Mar 30 00:00:37 2004

Fried chicken, mashes taters with gravy, jack daniels to drink, bacon, and for dessert, a Chocolate thunder from down under.

Tue Mar 30 09:10:46 2004

Carrot and corriander soup with garlic bread made by my cousin to start.

a glass of ice cold European coke.

Welsh lamb and beef, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, peas, cauliflour, roasties, mashed parsnip, yorkshire puddings and gravy made by my auntie for main.

Pint of Kronenburg 1664/ Carlsber extra to drink.

big slice of apple pie with custard for desert.

glass of water.

followed by coffee, cheese and crackers.

brandy and whiskey, cigars and maybea few joints.

Damn that would kill me, they wouldn't need to bring in the firing squad

Tue Mar 30 14:04:09 2004

A nice juicy steak, Dame noir, lots of Bacardi Cola and a nice joint ...i want to go in a relaxed way

maroosh <>
Wed Mar 31 03:19:56 2004

olive garden black tie moose cake... like 3 slices with some smooth merlot, followed by a bar of nestle crunch, a giant toblerone bar, a Lion bar and a twix bar with some M&Ms and a jar of Nutella with lots of chocolate milk and bailey's over ice. oh and did I say more milk chocolate?... ahhh I think i'm gonna have an orgasm!!

Greg Soto <>
Wed Mar 31 10:50:11 2004

It would be haggus, I think thats how its spelled; I had it a long time ago and I thought it was good.

kevin <>
Wed Mar 31 16:30:26 2004

An extra large pepperoni pizza, with bacon and some cheese fries on the side. if your gonna die why not go out with a bang right. anyways thats all from me.

andariel <>
Wed Mar 31 19:27:06 2004

I have to wonder about the last meal thing... if you never pick one could they never kill you? Would they have to wait for you to make up your mind? In that case I'd go on hunger strike and wait till I die on my own. But, because we all know it wouldn't work like that, I think that I would ask for a round of lightly buttered garlic breadsticks, followed by a small chicken caesar salad, shortly there after a large plate of spaghetti made from my grandmother's recipe would be brought in. For the last course I'd request Italian vanilla ice-cream with a topping of B&B, Kailua, and caramel. To drink with all of this I believe I'd like Kurfurst Friedrich Kellerei Auslese Pfalz (white wine), for my own reasons.

Thu Apr 1 12:36:15 2004

I'd want my last meal to be baked macaroni and cheese, with a copious amonut of cheese, a Whopper, no onion, no tomato, Chick-Fil-A fries, New York cheesecake, and chocolate chip cookies. Nothing but comfort food for me.

Vanessa <>
Fri Apr 2 03:31:25 2004

i would probably have a big mac and a nice, green mango.

Andrea <>
Fri Apr 2 13:08:19 2004

i think fried chicken, goat curry, garlic mashed potatoes, brocolli (?) w/cheese, corn on the cob, baguette w/butter, sweet tea and grilled pineapple for dessert.

Sat Apr 3 04:53:40 2004

hmm this is a thoughie. but it would have to start with mum's chook curry, gran's chilly crabs, both extra spicy.. then some local dingaporean dishes like babi buah keluak (a pork dish), sardine murtabak, minced pork noodles, a serving of my beef stew, some of my spaghetti, shepards pie, guiness and steak pie, some cheezy naan bread with dhal gravy, for desert cookies and cream, tiamisu with lotsa kahlua,oreo cheesecake, crem caramel, chendol (local dingaporean desert), washed down with my starfucks iAndustrial strength latte... and for a post meal drink, a shot or 20 of scotch on the rocks, followed by another few dozen shots of russian standard vodka...
and if that dun kill me yet, a coupla good joints...

but most importantly, i have to have this meal in the SunShine...

stinky foot <>
Sun Apr 4 00:58:04 2004

Lava Burger (2x patty, 2x cheese, teri sauce, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion), meat loaf, 2 racks of bbq babyback ribs, steak fries, mashed potatoes, chicken strips, a whole lemon meringue pie, whole apple pie topped with cinnamon, venti starbuck's caramel frap, 2 litre bottle of pepsi, bottle of heineken, and kahlua...

if i'm goin out, i'm gonna go out happy, full, n inebriated

Aeon <>
Tue Apr 6 23:59:05 2004

I wouldn't eat.

novrain <>
Sun Apr 11 11:15:38 2004

Appetizers: mozz sticks, ceasar salad, cream of broccoli soup with garlic knots to dip in, warm soft bread with lots of butter, curly fries with an obscene amount of ketchup.

Dinner: Grandma's chicken and broccoli casserole, mom's babyback ribs, shrimp cocktail, my shrimp scampi, brother's steak done medium (and I'm not a steak fan, that's how good it is), California rolls

Drink: cranberry juice and vodka

Dessert: still warm oatmeal cookies, oreos, whole milk, whatchamacalit candy bar, mom's apple pie with vanilla ice cream

marsteller <>
Tue Apr 13 02:24:30 2004

pretzels and beer.

Sat Apr 17 19:20:13 2004

shushi, ban cha, rice.
it would take place in a garden with a small rippling stream.
at the end i would ask my form of death be seppuku.

melancholy baby
Mon Apr 19 16:11:56 2004

there would be no use for caring about any kinda food.serve me a bottle of saphyr bombay and IŽd be happy dying!in fully daze there`s no space for moving thoughts...

Kira <>
Wed Jul 14 01:25:01 2004

A large pepperoni pizza from Sam's, some waffle fries and soft garlic bread. Mountain Dew with crushed ice in a frosted glass, and a straw.

Sat Feb 5 16:50:58 2005

good Italian pizza

Tue Jul 5 23:42:13 2005

oxtail,roti,curry chicken, curry goat, girl scout cookies,pasta,crab, shrimp,vanilla ice cream, juniors cheesecake,and...pepper pot

Thu Aug 25 15:07:43 2005

human flesh......... well, what do you think i ws doing on death row anyway?

Fri Jun 23 00:50:14 2006

I would have a glass of water

celeste <>
Tue Feb 6 20:11:56 2007

Klickitat County Merlot with Iocaine powder.

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