Created: Sun May 9 16:46:07 2004

If money was no object, your dream car would be...

Christophe C. <>
Sun May 9 06:03:45 2004

Mercedes E Class.

No need for a sportscar for me, I like the classy stuff.

marsteller <>
Sun May 9 14:53:07 2004

give me my maybach benz and i'll be set

Sun May 9 19:34:57 2004

solar powered...or a hybrid civic...maybe a specially made hybrid porsche or mercedes or something...

Sun May 9 22:49:00 2004

vintage jaguar sportster.

the car that ryan phillipe drives in 'cruel intentions'

or the GTO that win diesel drove in xXx. :)

i love convertibles and 4x4s... and fast cars

Braden <>
Mon May 10 00:07:26 2004

I would have to say a Maclaren F1.

Mon May 10 01:24:33 2004

a 1957 cadillac el dorado convertible, convertyed to be friendly to the environment. awwwwwww.

dan632 <>
Mon May 10 01:52:57 2004

Ferarri F50 GT2, one of only 7 ever made.
oorrr...the JATO Cadillac, modified so it WON'T fly into a cliff

Phil T. <>
Mon May 10 02:31:30 2004

Buggatti Veyron 18/4, riced out... *drool*

Mon May 10 03:05:03 2004

a black Corvette C3, tuned to 1300 hp or more with the reinforcements to handle it.

Mon May 10 05:54:53 2004

the bat mobile

Mon May 10 06:00:19 2004

Any car I can convert into a helicopter. Plain and simple- I want my dream car to fly. Looks are for those who don't really know what they want.

Mon May 10 11:23:50 2004

a new VW Bug convertible. Really light blue. A nice sound system, but nothing with like, fifty speakers and bass so high that the car practically bounces. And on the dash, a hula boy.

Greg Soto <>
Mon May 10 16:20:36 2004

I would either fix my 66 mustang or I would buy a 66 shelby cobra indie 500.

alex <>
Mon May 10 18:45:46 2004

66 mustang or pontiac GTO

kevin <>
Mon May 10 22:21:16 2004

a scalatti 612 Ferrari. I big ass ferrari with enought power to out run anything. It would be a shiny red that would reflect the smallest detail.

Zacq <>
Wed May 12 18:40:29 2004

The car from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

stinky foot <>
Fri May 14 01:49:55 2004

Saleen S7 (the silver race car jim carrey drives in Bruce Almighty) or the Benz Maybach

Fri May 14 03:27:01 2004

got several that i'd like to have... heh... greedy i know. right now i'm hoping to target a VW Kombi (the real thing, and not the new re-done model), if i can ever get it into Dingapore a Hummer would be great!...but even if i could get one in, i think i'd have trouble fitting in a MG to spray the passers by... =(... and my dream machine would be a 911 Turbo with all the trimmings...

Sat May 15 11:12:14 2004

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish--gorgeous.

Gemini <>
Fri May 21 17:01:48 2004

I'd get a flying car a la "the Jetsons"
I'd also get a '69 Pontiac GTO convertable for weekends

Jolaina Nasseri <>
Sun May 23 23:08:52 2004

Ford Shelby 66

Wed May 26 01:34:25 2004

a vintage Jag. and it has to be silver. OR Jag X-type and it has to be silver too. EITHER THOSE or a pink cadillac, and it has to be that shade of pink associated with Barbie dolls

Remington Spade <>
Thu May 27 18:35:54 2004

Harley Davidson
what more need be said?

Sat Feb 5 16:56:44 2005

DeLorean (anyone seen Back to the Future?)

sights <>
Sat Jun 18 19:10:07 2005

Ferrari 355 spyder with lether seating and crome gevoney rims

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