Created: Sun Dec 16 23:28:21 2001

Just what the hell is true love?

Noel <>
Sun Dec 16 23:28:21 2001

A secret.

Karen <>
Mon Dec 17 00:14:57 2001

After my love tribulations I guess to me true love is the unattainable. True love is walking somewhere and in the midst around you smell that person you loved so much.It's hugging him over and over just because you know his smell will be with and on you the whole day. Its doing stupid things just to make him laugh cuz you know you couldn't go a day without that smile. It's watching someone just being themselves because when you aren't with them anymore you want to be able to close your eyes and remember them just that way. It's having your heart broken and played and still feeling for that person, because what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. Its the high we get when we're in their presence. It's the way you know he used you over and over but you let him because you just wanted him to be close to you. It's waking up and thinking about him, eating and thinking about him, showering and thinking about him, just thinking about him period. It's toleration, and understanding, compassion, innocence, passion, lust, hurt, pain, it's every emotion you could ever imagine. It's becoming a completely different person than you thought you could ever be because you can't fathom the thought of him ever falling out of love with you are, you want to be, who you aren't you just can't fathom with him falling out of love you. It's still loving him when he DOES fall out of love with you. True love, there is no definition for it relly because it never ends.

Laura <>
Mon Dec 17 02:24:38 2001

True love can't ever be truely defined, or else it would cease to exsist. I think that at any one point in our lives, no matter how much we love someone, we will never be able to fully understand the depth of our own feelings. To truely understand these depths would destroy us. My best advice in my rather limited experience is to admit you love someone, and just give in to everything that happens after that. Whether it be pain, exstacy, jealously, recpricated love, whatever, just give in and enjoy the ride. Ture love is an emotion so strong, so pure, and so beautiful, that human beings will never have the capacity to actually experience it in our concious lives. True love lives in the unconcious, and guides the love we know in our reality on its a hopeless effort to understand our unconcious.

Ashes <>
Mon Dec 17 07:02:33 2001

Through past experiences, I have come to the realization that true love...true love is loving someone so deeply, and so thoroughly that you are both healed miraculously to the depths of your soul. I've come to realize that true love is wanting nothing more then the person you love's happiness. Even if this happiness is found with someone else. I've come to realize that true love doesn't mean that the other person has to love you back, it simply means you love them, and would die for a simple word, embrace, or moment to remember. True love, when not returned, kills you a little at a time, so you get that sinking feeling in your heart. It slowly forces you to crumble. It ever so slowly brings you to that point of no definition, where you can nolonger define sanity from insanity, love from hate, life from death.

slipknot <>
Mon Dec 17 22:59:55 2001

Ever woke up 3 am and just watched the person next you sleep? Remember that swell of pure feelings? That's true love. It doesn't have to be complicated. Once you find it it's a simple thing. It's not healing your souls or anything else, that is so much patter. Do you want to spend forever with them? That's true love. Do you do the dishes and make them supper even tho you're tired from work just so they'll be able to sit down and relax when they get home? That is true love. To say we will never comprehend true love is ridiculous and a bit sad. That means you'll never know what it is.

A. <>
Tue Dec 18 02:55:38 2001

I think the only true love is the love of the mother to her child. All other types...pure, platonic, erotic, and so on are just substitutes.

Loss Loved <>
Tue Dec 18 16:56:54 2001

Love. Funny i have love as part of my email and my screenname but never thought to define it. What is it. Its those last 5 minutes before you wake up, that crazy dream. That glance where your heart stops and you freeze. That touch that feels like home. That dance that will last forever, that you can go back in time and relive. That hug where you felt you were spinning. That sigh when you knew it was all over but you never let your selfbeleive that. You can live on trust. on love. on hope. on loss. on the fact that some things in life are irreplacable and will forever be free. Please have a great christmas everyone, take a chance for love. Take a chance like me i would love email replys to this

jennifer <>
Wed Dec 19 05:54:02 2001

I think its a load of crap

jess <>
Wed Dec 19 12:23:09 2001

Love is the infinite ecstasy between the beginning and the end of life. Love is the abstract, it doesn't mean anything at all. It is what paradoxically can never be defined.

hayley <>
Wed Dec 19 12:55:41 2001

True love...the one thing everyone wishes to attain, but only few ever encounter. True love is looking at someone and seeing yourself in them. It's the constant yerning to be with that someone. True love is an emotional euphoria, it's a sanctuary, it's a disease. Once you catch it, it gets inside you and makes you crazy. True love is when the defense you build up is broken down by that special someone. True love is realizing that when you die, you are not dying alone.

Agent <>
Wed Dec 19 19:10:01 2001

True love. Could it be much more than an oxymoron? I suppose it depends on your definition. In my eyes, I have felt true love -- but not true romance. There are bonds of friendship and family where I have felt true love. True romance and true love are often confused and interchanged wrongly.

Stacey <>
Wed Dec 19 20:18:54 2001

when u love seriously love someone...its forever....i don't believe in falling out of love..i think that if u find urself falling...then it was never really love to begin with....if you truly love someone...a part of them stays with you for ever...<3<3

Amy <>
Wed Dec 19 21:36:50 2001

True love is what happens to a person when they're not looking for it.

Neelia <>
Thu Dec 20 00:27:33 2001

Painful and lonely. A severe test of my resiliency. Glorious.

donny <>
Thu Dec 20 13:41:57 2001

porkchops and applesauce

s. <>
Thu Dec 20 16:56:49 2001

An intense and sometimes unhealthy illusion.

Kevin <>
Mon Dec 24 21:21:59 2001

True Love?? I think many of us are looking in the wrong place....ever see those "Bears Fans" in SNL sketches.....they loves Da Bears no matter that's True Love...

Rabin Crabmink <>
Tue Dec 25 16:20:03 2001

Something that can't be described in words. A feeling, a knowing.

Mae <>
Sun Jan 20 08:40:56 2002

i have no idea but i guess i'll just have to try and find out. it's not the worst life purpose i can think of

zeroisnine <>
Mon Jan 28 02:57:14 2002

its a lie.

its a lie you tell someone else.

its a lie that tells them that everything will always be ok.

that you'll always be there for them.

that you'll hand them their dreams on a silver platter.

that you'll never shout.

that you'll always smile when you see her.

that you will stay still and quiet while she is in your arms so she can sleep.

that you'll when she awakens you'll be looking right into her eyes.

its a lie you tell with every word.

its a lie you tell with every kiss.

its a lie you tell with every touch.

its a lie.

and most importantly its a lie you spend the rest of you're life trying to make true for her, even though you promised her the everything and the impossible.

Karthik <>
Mon Feb 4 05:08:59 2002

Love is inside of you... and only you. Either you know how it feels, or you don't, but love is truly willing to do anything for someone, whether it is a lover, a child, a parent, a relative, or a complete stranger. Love is particular to the person, and it is the most peculiar feeling in the world. And that's assuming it exists...

Kere(aka bread-n-butter) <>
Tue Feb 5 01:59:57 2002

Only the flying monkey's know the true meaning, and lord knows they're not telling.

Larry E. <>
Sun Feb 10 04:44:12 2002

I know what it's like to feel alone. And, that's why I stay alone, because I never want to feel alone again.
They can't hurt you unless you let them. ~Everclear

Jason <>
Wed Feb 13 07:23:09 2002

I have found out that true love can be summed up in just three words.

No. Matter. What.

Min <>
Wed Feb 13 13:56:23 2002

There is no such thing as 'true love'. It doesn't just happen. Two people can form a bond, a relationship, that no one in the entire word can match, and they make an effort to work together, to become stronger individually as well as a couple. That bond is sometimes called 'true love'. It is true when they manage to overcome love's greatest barriers.

nina <>
Sat Feb 16 22:32:03 2002

it's an illusion. a dream. the ultimate human obsession. it isn't attainable because it isn't there. and yet we all search... without dreams, what is left?

Dave <>
Tue Feb 19 17:30:38 2002

True love is looking in the eyes of a beautiful woman and knowing that they will still be beautiful when her cheeks wrinkle and her hair greys.

mat_j <>
Thu Feb 21 04:58:26 2002

True love is when you look in the mirror, wink and say hey cowboy!

Thu Feb 21 05:29:31 2002

Well.....True Love is all about finding a person who can bring the better person in you rather than becoming someone else's better person....

kalpana <>
Sat Mar 2 04:56:04 2002

True Love is something which comes from bothside with complete understanding,caring,admiring.

chanz <>
Mon Mar 4 03:58:25 2002

it's as real as santa.
no such thing as a perfect person/partner, perfect relationship because noone is perfect... and noone is really true to themselves.

Ash <>
Sun Apr 7 10:42:29 2002

True Love is asking him if he wants an sandwich and going straight to get it. You know exactly which one he wants, brown bread or white, mayo or none, which one he's in the mood for now.

kam <>
Wed Apr 10 19:38:07 2002

romeo&juliets shit. loves when you suddenly think out of nowhere that youre incredibly lucky to be with who you are.

sassy susan
Thu May 2 12:34:38 2002

love is when you look at him and realise what it's all been about.

Sat May 4 23:02:40 2002

It's a lie...if you lie to yourself.

It's a lie if you don't feel the sharp stab of tears everytime you hear those words slip from your lips and in your mind you wish you could run somewhere safe and hide.

It's a lie you live with it for the comfort you are provided with in the cloak of those words.

It's a lie you should face...

It's a lie you need to let go of...

...but for those of us who know love, we can honestly say, it's worth it.
THAT is what love is... it's worth it.

Amber <>
Sun Oct 12 07:24:01 2003

I'd classify it as technically possible but practically unattainable.

True Love is when someone puts another before himself - in every way. Every action he takes is intended to benefit his beloved, protecting, cherishing, nourishing...

It's in no way selfish or demanding, loving for its own sake, not to be loved in return. I don't think that depth of strength is possible in one person.

Tiffany <>
Mon Dec 15 19:24:46 2003

i dont beleive in any love because i am afraid of it. true love is just too much.

Sheoul <>
Mon Feb 23 11:46:27 2004

Perfect contentment. That look that feels like forever in a moment. Being free. Just knowing. A numbing joy.

Marge <>
Sun Nov 7 20:46:41 2004

True love to me is a soul mate.First knowing the inside of the person before the outside.

Thu May 19 06:08:02 2005

Love is a basic biological function that people have romanticizedand made into something it is not. Its is putting up with someone in order to have sex with them. It has no basis in the ridiculous notions of romance or flowers, etc.

Wed Jun 8 01:00:26 2005

Ture love is nothing,Maybe you can find ture love in your family,you can't find ture love with the boy/girl that you marry.

a 13 yr old boy <>
Thu Aug 25 14:59:02 2005

true love cannot be described by mere words. its wen u want to die when u know you cant see thm, hear them laugh, watch the way they move and see there happy warm smile for 4 days. dont say im to young to know. true love is pain, sorrow, confusion, joy and so much more. its when you wanna spend the rest of your life with them, and when people dont take you seriously because of your age you wanna die. its just too much for just words

Steve <>
Thu Nov 17 12:04:50 2005

True love is sacrafice. True love is forgiveness. True love is continuing on after your partners mistakes. True love is comprimise. True love is commitment you make to yourself, and then someone else.

abdoll <>
Tue Nov 29 14:22:04 2005

I'd classify it as technically possible but practically unattainable.

True Love is when someone puts another before himself - in every way. Every action he takes is intended to benefit his beloved, protecting, cherishing, nourishing...

It's in no way selfish or demanding, loving for its own sake, not to be loved in return. I don't think that depth of strength is possible in one person.

firefall <>
Tue Jan 3 16:20:28 2006

true love is flawed, but beautifully and addictively so

Tue Mar 21 22:32:52 2006

True love is when you can't stop thinking about someone and you always want to be with them no matter what you look like or how you feel. Its that funny feeling you get when someone you greatly admire touches your skin and makes you shiver. When you look into someones eyes and you know that you're needed.

mariana <>
Sat Jan 27 23:49:25 2007

true love is when you have a strange feeling for another person, like when you think of him/her and before you know you have a big smile on your face, like when you are about to say something and that other person says it, or when you just look him in the eyes and you know what he or she feels,and when you feel so scared if that person may leave you you would just die, because he is your life.....

jennifer faulkner
Mon Jan 29 10:00:40 2007

ture love is like your high school sweet haret. Someone you feel like you can tell him anything about you and trust that he keeps it to his self. i found my love when i was 15 and have never forgot him although we aren't together it is real and there and gonna happend one day and know we want to get married when we have time but child and school comes first.

Celeste <>
Tue Feb 6 15:53:51 2007 an ideal, and, like all (all?) ideals, impossible.
We can only get close.

Tue May 8 19:29:26 2007

Whenever you are walking and feelig there is someone walking with you...there is sweet smile on your face...some time someone is looking at you...your eyes searching where is that someone....

Nimbus <>
Tue May 15 12:49:59 2007

What is love, I don't think anyone can define that.

Shannon <>
Mon Oct 15 13:02:46 2007

Love, is when you read all of these quotes
And had that same someone in your head the entire time.

7.10.06 miss you<3

Fri Dec 7 08:44:15 2007

True love.
Love is long-suffering and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, does not get puffed up, does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interest, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of the injury. It does not rejoice over unrighteousness but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, beieves all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8a)

Sat Dec 13 23:23:39 2008

it's a poem nobody knows the words to

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