Created: Sun May 30 22:56:00 2004

Write your own eulogy.

Christophe C. <>
Mon May 31 14:30:08 2004

Here lies the man you always wanted to be (with).

Greg Soto <>
Mon May 31 16:55:25 2004

We gather here today to say good bye to a dearly departed. He was a good man, a gental man, a loving man. . . what the hell do you mean this isn't Brad Pitts funeral?

Puck <>
Mon May 31 17:23:09 2004

Good Riddance.

stinky foot <>
Tue Jun 1 01:07:46 2004

once upon a time there was a fool...

Gaijin <>
Tue Jun 1 04:05:10 2004

He lived, but now he is dead. Go home, people. Nothing more to see here. It's not as if he's going to wake up any time soon.

tiff <>
Tue Jun 1 04:07:01 2004

:) dont cry, i wouldnt have

meshuggah <>
Tue Jun 1 11:53:22 2004

Its about consarn time.....

Kevin <>
Tue Jun 1 11:54:42 2004

Here we weep in sorrow for the one who has fallen, tomarrow we ride into the greatest revenge that will ever be written among men. Our pain will no longer be our pain, everyone will feel it and when they remmeber his name there will be tremors among those who remmeber and those who believe.

mat_j <>
Tue Jun 1 18:16:24 2004

He came, he saw, he brought booze

marsteller <>
Tue Jun 1 21:41:21 2004

You say Poor Rob, I say Poor Us.

Mouse <>
Tue Jun 1 22:34:41 2004

Smile if you have heart to, laugh at fond memories of her. For though her love for you remains her cares have gone. Her family, both blood and chosen kin, will hold her in memory, and that is enough.

alex <>
Tue Jun 1 23:15:19 2004

I died in the same i lived. A pointless, useless death. Aren't all deaths pointless though. We can all weep, sleep, and then when the time is right, the die are rolled, we can all go where no one has gone before, to do things we only dreamed about but never dared too.

Wed Jun 2 06:36:43 2004

viva le resistance

cajnpalt <>
Wed Jun 2 12:33:12 2004

Eat, drink and be merry...cuz that's what she did.

Zacq <>
Wed Jun 2 15:14:09 2004

Zacq taught us many great things during his lifetime, such as never underestimate a swarm of rabid pipecleaners. May God bless what's left of his soul.

Thu Jun 3 04:35:05 2004

i believed all of u will agree that if chanz was here right now... he'd tell all y'all to go fuck yourselves

Thu Jun 3 05:28:33 2004

here lies a man who was a good for nothing, and nothing but goodness. some may know him as ian, i.c.l. or antartica, or ant for short.

here lies an asshole, a friend, an alcoholic, a brother... a fellow man.

so we speak no more and leave his ashes for the worms and whatever's left of his soul for the collectors...

please adjourn to the rear for the party, he would like it that way. and if you all could, please leave your sad faces in here and put on a smile going out...

Thu Jun 3 16:54:45 2004

Ask about our cut price coffins

Fri Jun 4 02:02:26 2004

ashes to ashes
dust to dust
she always belong to the wind
she always long for the infinity
and freedom finally
we'll meet again sometime

Fri Jun 4 23:11:35 2004

His only wish was to be remembered.

Sat Jun 5 03:12:04 2004

remember him not as the pessimist and cynic that you saw, but as the idealist and optimist that was overlooked...

Vanessa <>
Thu Sep 2 07:22:19 2004

She enjoyed complaining and bitching. She reread too much. And she very seldom lied.

Tue Jul 5 23:33:16 2005

I came i saw I conquered

Thu Aug 25 15:02:19 2005

why are you all here?

betzy <>
Sat Sep 23 15:44:06 2006

dont cry, if she was here shed tell you she only made people that she hated cry! if youre here then she must have loved you and wouldnt want you to cry!

Leah <>
Tue Nov 7 08:35:00 2006

dont be sad im out of this pain and this hell which is earth which is life cos nothing can hurt me anymore only life did that !!

celeste <>
Tue Feb 6 20:23:41 2007

I spent my time thinking
About what to say while I was living,
That I didn't have time to think
Of what to say when I was dead.

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