Created: Tue Jun 8 03:48:47 2004

What was the very last song you sang?

Christophe <>
Tue Jun 8 16:44:12 2004

Regina Belle - A Whole New World

Girlfriend of mine softly sang it to me to make me relax a while ago while we were on a bus and everybody else was sleeping.

Very relaxing.

Tue Jun 8 17:24:28 2004

can't take my eyes off you...

Erika <>
Tue Jun 8 18:54:45 2004

"I'm only happy when it rains"
by Garbage...

meshuggah <>
Tue Jun 8 19:29:47 2004

The last song that I sang was:

Nena- neunundneunzig Luftballoons. Good song. Catchy beats and rythim

dan632 <>
Tue Jun 8 20:23:30 2004

Thrice - To Awake And Avenge The Dead

Addi <>
Tue Jun 8 21:18:25 2004

Petey Pablo's FREAKALEEK
(Do you like it daddy?) Shameka
(Do you like it daddy?) Tara
(Do you like it daddy?) Sabrina
(Do you like it daddy?)Daronda
(Do you like it daddy?) Falicia

Sad and disturbing, but true : (

kevin <>
Tue Jun 8 22:42:37 2004

"The man who sold the world"

phoenix <>
Wed Jun 9 01:15:45 2004

"graduation" by vitamin c. sentimental song for someone about to graduating >.<

Wed Jun 9 04:55:37 2004

ai piah chia eh yiah
a hokkien song
(u must fight to win)

Wed Jun 9 08:11:23 2004

we've got to let love rule - lenny

cajnpalt <>
Wed Jun 9 11:21:47 2004

Invisible City by the Wallflowers

Wed Jun 9 11:41:29 2004

Let's Get Retarded by the black eyed peas while dancing at a club (i had too much to drink...)

Zacq <>
Wed Jun 9 14:34:48 2004

I am I, Don Quijote
the lord of la Mancha
my destiny calls and I go!

Aeon <>
Wed Jun 9 20:26:17 2004

Burden In My Hand - Soundgarden

I love to wail.

alex <>
Wed Jun 9 22:10:47 2004

Bottom dollar baby-nathan wiley

Sweet P
Thu Jun 10 01:37:27 2004

All I'm saying pretty baby
LA LA LOVE YOU don't mean maybe

mara <>
Thu Jun 10 03:43:23 2004

Somthing Corparate- Konstantine.

Thu Jun 10 07:34:05 2004

you make me love again.. after a long long while...
i love again and i'm glad that it's you...
beautiful girl.

Thu Jun 10 08:15:12 2004

billy holliday - strange fruit

Thu Jun 10 08:30:33 2004

"Understanding In A Car Crash" - Thursday

Thu Jun 10 11:03:21 2004

Piano Man by Billy Joel in the car on the way to work this morning.

Mouse <>
Thu Jun 10 12:45:48 2004

Mirror, mirror,
On the wall.
Do you see me at all?
Drifting back like a ghost,
Far behind your smiling host.
I made it up a while ago and sing it randomly. I might have sung along to something on the radio after that but I don't recall.

novrain <>
Thu Jun 10 14:57:09 2004

'Broken' by Seether w/ Amy Lee

Thu Jun 10 22:37:59 2004

Melt with you, by Jason Mraz

Fri Jun 11 02:30:31 2004

my name is cuban pete
i am da king of the rrrrrrumba beat
and when i play, my maraccas go CHIK CHIKI BOOM CHIK CHIKi BOom

Tiffany <>
Sat Jun 12 23:52:11 2004

Freak on a Leash.


purplesnow <>
Sun Jun 13 20:38:27 2004

Dig if U will the picture of U & I engaged in a kiss.
The sweat of Ur body covers me, Can U my darling, Can U picture this.
When doves cry

Sun Jun 13 20:42:50 2004

'Freshman' by Verve Pipe

tim <>
Tue Jun 15 12:11:21 2004

I've Got The World on A String
-Ella Fitzgerald

Thu Nov 25 22:00:46 2004

Blow up the pokies- the Whitlams. 2nd best band in the world after powderfinger!

rachel <>
Wed Jun 8 12:34:21 2005

you've gotta face reality
real life can come and go.
if u wanna get through you just gotta believe in

Tue Jul 5 23:35:12 2005

Berres Hammond-Putting up Resistance BlOOD fIREEEE

DP <>
Thu Sep 15 20:13:54 2005

No Rain.

Blind Melon.

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