Created: Wed Jun 16 02:16:17 2004

If I could be invisible to one hour, I would...

Christophe C. <>
Tue Jun 15 14:55:46 2004

Scare the shit out of people.

And visit some bathrooms.

I'm so evil.

Tue Jun 15 15:57:12 2004

Go driving.

marsteller <>
Tue Jun 15 18:09:03 2004

steal a shitload of money and run with it.

cajnpalt <>
Tue Jun 15 19:09:00 2004

kiss people on the cheek, pull little pranks like move objects around.

Tiffany <>
Tue Jun 15 19:14:45 2004

Hmm. Thought about finding out what people really thought of me and if anythings going on behind my back, ut i dont really wanna know. I will probably just study myself. and go for a walk.

phoenix <>
Tue Jun 15 23:29:28 2004

rob the federal treasury and never have to work another day in my life. =D

novemberrain <>
Wed Jun 16 00:33:59 2004

walk around in public naked

Wed Jun 16 09:28:20 2004

walk in to the front of a theatre and dance in front of the audience

addi <>
Wed Jun 16 09:32:23 2004

I'd go looking for Novrain

Mouse <>
Wed Jun 16 16:30:11 2004

For the first few minutes I'd probably run around pulling little pranks, poking people and throwing things at them and whatnot. Then I'd think up something to do, like doing something I always wanted to do but never had the courage. I love to watch people so it would be the perfect chance to do so up close.

Thu Jun 17 04:47:16 2004

Stand in the middle of a sqaure and be the little centre of the world.

meshuggah <>
Fri Jun 18 06:34:40 2004

Go to the zoo and walk up to the lion and slap it on the face. For Esses and Gees. Do the same thing to bear and tiger..........and kangaroo too.

Fri Jun 18 16:23:02 2004

Hear what people think about me when I'm not around or run around naked. I might even try to act normal.

J.J. <>
Fri Jun 18 18:24:42 2004

I'd sit around all my friends and see how they acted when I wasn't there.

kevin <>
Fri Jun 18 22:07:20 2004

i would steal a very fast car. then i would go on a very fast chase police chase. and when it was almost an hour i would pull over get out and run. and hide.-never get caught.

Bucky Katt <>
Mon Jun 21 06:02:14 2004

sleep... and not worry about anything and let everyone else be frantic about being "here"...

Funky Cold Candita
Sat Jul 3 20:36:43 2004

I'd go rob a bank. Go to my guy friend's house for awhile, spy on him because I'm a horrible person, and then come home and freak my brother out.

Tue Nov 28 10:45:14 2006

i'll stalk leslie low and see what he gets up to, observe silently...

celeste <>
Tue Feb 6 20:16:40 2007

I love this one. I've always wished this.
But I have bad motives.
I say that I'd go to my boyfriend's house and hang out with him (obviously, he wouldn't know I was hanging out with him, just a euphemism I guess). If I /actually/ could, though, I'd probably try to change the course of human history. For the better, hopefully.

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