Created: Fri Jun 25 03:49:04 2004

If you had to live in another country, which country would you choose? And why?

Christophe <>
Fri Jun 25 05:49:04 2004

France or the Netherlands.

Fri Jun 25 12:02:19 2004

probably canada... I like the cold... And its on the same continent...

Fri Jun 25 14:45:28 2004

Japan, the Japanese culture has always facinated me.

Mouse <>
Fri Jun 25 15:36:42 2004

If they activate the draft I'm moving to Canada. But if I could choose anywhere I'd go to New Zealand. It's pretty there and they have the best government around, or so I'm told. I'd also be interested in going to the Czech Republic, France, and Japan. Even though I would be completely helpless unless I learned the language first. I would miss my home terribly, at least for a while.

cajnpalt <>
Fri Jun 25 17:19:25 2004

England. It's sooo close to Europe and I have this anglophile thing going on.

Zacq <>
Fri Jun 25 21:42:44 2004

India, in the area where many Tibetan exiles live.

Greg Soto
Fri Jun 25 22:26:22 2004

Ireland, its were my familys from, I love the cold, long nights. And red haired women are very attractive.

Kira <>
Sat Jun 26 00:33:29 2004

New Zealand, because it's close to Antarctica. Antarctica itself is just a bit too inhospitable. Plus NZ must have ten different kinds of wilderness to play in.

Sat Jun 26 05:29:59 2004

Scotland, nice mountains and a great accent.

kevin <>
Sat Jun 26 23:42:32 2004

australia, no one will attack the auzies and plus it is warm and has nice beaches.

Sun Jun 27 07:00:37 2004

thailand... by the sea and my beach hut =)

Sun Jun 27 21:24:03 2004

ireland.. i love the irish accent

Wed Jun 30 21:47:11 2004

Hmm, probably St.John in the Virgin Islands. Because it's beautiful. I visited St. John when I was 12 and loved it.

male <>
Mon Nov 8 14:31:52 2004

I would wanna move from Scotland, I love it too much.

Thu Aug 25 15:14:10 2005

greenland. alone in the snow with my girl where we could be together forever with no fear, no pain, just her and me

Sun Sep 9 08:59:06 2007

CROATIA,because my all family is from CROATIA

taylor <>
Sun Sep 16 12:50:56 2007

Switzerland or Austira, because i love that they, of the german speaking countires, have still their native trsditions alive. I also would want to live their because of the Alps. I LOVE THA ALPS!!!. i am currently learning german so maybe one day my dream will come true!!

fahdi <>
Fri Jun 13 13:22:03 2008

Australia.....Australia. I love it

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