Created: Thu Jul 1 13:02:50 2004

If walls could talk, what building's story would you want to hear?

Mouse <>
Thu Jul 1 13:51:55 2004

There is a house near my sister's that is very old and is abandoned now, I have always wanted to know about the people who lived there and what it looked like filled with furnishings since I first went there. I love broken down houses like that one.

DaveHill <>
Thu Jul 1 14:07:27 2004

So many.....i'll settle for Waverly Hills Hospital at the moment. Go figure out why. Interesting question by the way, really good....will probably keep me busy for a couple of hours, maybe even days

libra <>
Thu Jul 1 15:46:36 2004

there's a lot of places that come to mind. And old castle, there's a few houses along the highway that i'd like to know the story of, and this house down the street from me that's thought to be haunted.

Fri Jul 2 00:02:11 2004

Im thinking, probably my house for starters. Then on to union church, the oldest structure in our city. maybe even my university... the great minds of a hundred generations would be feast of thoughts.

violetpenguin <>
Fri Jul 2 05:38:28 2004

If I had to pick one, it'd be the Colosseum. An obvious choice, but undeniably intriguing.

Fri Jul 2 09:57:34 2004

either my great grand mother's house or grandpa's place... to be able to hear their stories would just be so great...

Kira <>
Fri Jul 2 16:02:01 2004

There's an old, empty house about a quarter mile through the woods behind my house. It seems to be well over a century old, and crouches beneath an ancient sycamore and a cedar tree. The area around is littered with broken bits of porcelain and old bottle-caps, and every spring the house is surrounded with daffodils. So many that it's impossible to tell where the original beds were. I'd love to know who planted those flowers. And it'd be fun to find out what the upstairs was like, since it's too rickety and dangerous to explore up there now.

Other than that, it might be interesting to chat with the White House, or an old state building in Rome, or any one of those pointy buildings in Egypt. ;)

Fri Jul 2 16:11:12 2004

Either the buildings of ellis island where all the immigrants came through during the early years of the 1900's.

Had another one but spaced on it...

phoenix <>
Sat Jul 3 03:26:30 2004

the tower of london. so many interesting people locked up in those walls.... wanna know what really happened inside

erikagm <>
Sat Jul 3 16:22:04 2004

I'd like to hear the stories from the vatican walls, all of them... What truths they could bring us and how many lies would be untold...

Sun Jul 4 13:08:00 2004

I don't think about or even notice buildings very often, but, i suppose i'd like to hear from the houses my parents grew up in just to see what their lives were like growing up. maybe this'll give me some insight into how they turned into who they are now to help me figure some things out.

Thu Jul 8 20:17:22 2004

I'd LOVE to hear the stories the Pentagon would tell. As well as Capitol Hill.

Fri Jul 9 10:09:48 2004

I think the playboy mansion would ahve some tales to tell...

Mimi <>
Thu Jul 15 04:15:12 2004

The pyramids in egypt...

Vabja <>
Thu Jul 15 22:49:52 2004

oval office. i would like to know what the current bush administration and the past one have talked about. must be a load of bull cos everything they've done is shit all over the place.

Chaos <>
Fri Jul 16 14:15:58 2004

i'd like to hear the stories of the Jardine-MAtheson building in Hong Kong. I'm sure plenty of interesting things have happend there.

Leo <>
Sat Jul 24 05:49:55 2004

Taj Mahal

ricardo vulpes <>
Sat Jul 24 08:28:38 2004

At the hospital or clinic I first saw the world. I want to know how my parents' found my arrival.

Sun Apr 24 16:51:39 2005

The pyramids in Egypt. How did they build those things??

Chelly <>
Wed Mar 1 02:20:20 2006

THE TWIN TOWERS In NYC..what actually happened that day now many were hurt.what everyone inside the buildings who were trapped who they taught about..

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