Created: Mon Aug 2 03:01:28 2004

How's life?

Mouse <>
Fri Jul 2 15:20:22 2004

Whoa, it's a time warp!
Right now life sucks, but there's always tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. I have to get out of this house.

erikagm <>
Sat Jul 3 16:16:20 2004

you're right... It *is* a time warp!!!
But life is good right now...

Puck <>
Fri Jul 30 08:21:27 2004

"It's just a jump to the left."
Life has halted thus reminding me what boredom is. I need to visit the real world.

Kira <>
Sun Aug 1 21:59:59 2004

Life sucks! But then it also blows.

Too bad both of those terms are negative.

No, life is all right. One can depend on change. Last week the air smelled like September, and this week the sky looks like it. I am buying books and going on meandering drives in the countryside, wasting my money. I am not talking to anyone about anything and sooner or later I will lose it, spill it, cover my head and await oblivion, and oblivion will never come. Or I'll get a job at the dairy bar.

Christophe <>
Mon Aug 2 08:13:49 2004

My life isn't good or bad at the moment.

Spend a lot of my time clubbing/going out right now, and other than that I drive my parents everywhere to practice my driving skills lol.

Have a lot of things on my mind and a lot of stuff to look after; which is good because it all keeps me busy, but it's lonely lying in your bed alone. I want more than an easy pickup now and then. Oh well.

cajnpalt <>
Mon Aug 2 11:48:49 2004

Life is damn nice right now. got a guy, moving in together and now waiting for the heartbreaking turmoil that will eventually befall this relationship...>>be positive, be positive<<

Mon Aug 2 14:59:46 2004

can't complain about it, though my social life might be a bit better I finally have found some time again to read.

Only the love section of life is where complaints can be made... If I only knew how to get to her...

breeze <>
Mon Aug 2 15:51:30 2004

Life is great! I still have my last year of college to enjoy myself and have fun, going to travel around Europe after graduation, visit couple of conferences and move to the place I really like… Love life wishes to be better, especially after couple og big disappointments.. sometimes it's sad to be alone, but hey it's better be alone than with somebody I don't really feel great around. I'm sure the right time will come with the right person.

Tiffany <>
Mon Aug 2 18:56:54 2004

Well it's there, for a start. I'm quite sick, but ignoring that, (as i so often do lol)life is pretty good. Doesn't seem to be doing a hell of a lot at the moment, but it's good all the same. Am starting to feel the old detachment-meter rising again, and it couldn't have come at a better time :D Everyone moaning about relationships.. And I'm back to not wanting one :D

Tue Aug 3 19:56:15 2004

Life is life, I supppose. Take the good with the bad. Working a lot lately, and weird hours, so sometimes I go to bed at five in the evening to wake up at one in the morning or other weird times. But hey, the more I work, the more money I make. Got a phone call the other day, was informed my mother has cancer. But its caught ealry and treatable, so thats good, could be worse. Feel like me and my sister are starting to drift apart. Despite living in the same house, I havent seen her for more than a brief moment here and there for about three weeks. But shes doing what she wants to do, pursuing life and taking every oppurtunity she can, so thats good. Yeah, life is life.

Zacq <>
Tue Aug 3 21:29:56 2004

I hate when adults claim that this is the best time of my life and I just don't realize it yet. Like hell I don't. I spent the last two days biking from house to pool to beach to DQ to wherever the hell I want, with nowhere in particular I have to be, and no curfew.

phoenix <>
Thu Aug 5 22:29:09 2004

life is good. feeling like i'm one step closer to achieving goal of finding contentment

Tue Aug 10 22:37:42 2004

Life is what we make painfully cliche was that...

Things are going well in my world. Hetic, confusing, busy, and at times overwhelming, yet nothing I don't think I can overcome and nothing which I feel will overwhelm me. My kids are getting ready to start school, the oldest in kindergarden and it reminds me of how quickly time moves and how whether you are ready for it or not, it will continue to move. If you don't pay attention, you'll miss a lot.

I currently have no complaints of any major consequence, except for the fact that my drivers side window is broken and whistles when I drive down the highway, kinda annoying...

Tue Aug 10 23:45:04 2004

life sucks. i work too much and i am never gonna get laid

Vanessa <>
Mon Aug 16 06:38:57 2004

There are times that you're so ridiculously happy, you would about to burst an artery or two. Those times are what we live for. The rest is just blah. That's the thing about life. You have to live it.

Maya <>
Mon Aug 16 17:54:37 2004

You know what? Life is great. Its been so long since ive been able to say that, but it is, im chilled and relaxed. Got no love worries and a job. i thank God for all at this point cos it couldnt be better

Thu Aug 19 22:18:37 2004


Twisted Kitty <>
Fri Aug 20 21:43:44 2004

What can I say about life. It's the greatest whore you'll ever know. Asking you to jump though more hoops to get what you want..but in the end, it's still just a whore.

I'm trying to look on the bright side of things....I really really am but even the brightest things are grey...So I move on, looking for the bright spots..the brightest spot i've found, Sex, and even that i'm currently deprived of!

Wed Aug 25 06:22:46 2004

life is just one level in your existence and it`s the lowest pushes heavy on your heart,everyday...every night...

libra <>
Mon Aug 30 10:48:27 2004

So far, it's been pretty good. Right now, it's great. My life has always been quiet and understated. But it's starting to move away from that into a shining, loud, laughing kind of area. I hope it stays there.

Peter Taylor <>
Sun Sep 5 17:16:49 2004

Life's what you make it. Right now, mine is in transition, as I make the step from college to university. Currently gripped by a need for of my youth that can never be recovered.

mara <>
Mon Sep 6 06:57:58 2004

Life will be so much better when I can drive and get out of this damned school.

Vanessa <>
Mon Sep 13 07:18:57 2004

Life is beautiful.

Chaos <>
Thu Sep 16 04:52:58 2004

Life is great. How can one complain? Perhaps for some, those whom dont realize how much a privilage it is to be alive, it can be dull. For me however it is great.
That could be bc i see beauty everywhere, life everywhere and harmony even in the worst of times. Remember every moment and dont fear life. Embrace it.

Philosopher Ted <>
Thu Sep 23 20:03:43 2004

Hmmm, well what can I say... Life has been up and down but thats what happens when your manic depressive, lol... but the drugs help... losing some of my friends I would have liked to keep, but also making some that are better than the old ones.. Got a new lady and I'm sure that if (and they will *crosses fingers*) things stay the way they have been, she'll be the one... I hate cops... but maybe I should try and stay out of trouble... I cant drink or do drugs anymore... bad schtuff happens... oh well life is a little less exciting but I won't wake up in the morning and find out I hurt someone again... hmmm so on the whole I think it sums up like this...
It better than some days and worse than others... Keep your eyes on road and your foot on the pedal, baby! Live it!

alex <>
Sun Oct 3 00:06:52 2004

you don't see things coming most of the time, it justs hits you... the beauty and the sadness of life... all we have is our memories and others, the others we love... in the end we'll all waste away, memories will fade and the love will flicker and fade, but that is the future, and we don't live there, so we rather think of the small beauty that life offers us, and in spite of everything going on around us, life can only be good in this case... so to all those out there, reading this, we all hope we find what we need...

Sat Feb 5 17:05:43 2005

a tough journey

Nimbus <>
Wed May 16 11:53:51 2007

Really bad, because I moving from high school to college, kid to adult, lost my love, maybe my Dad too. I hope this passes by soon.

Edmond <>
Thu Nov 27 21:23:47 2008

I'm hanging on. I have to stay there, just there.

When there is pain we live it, we deal with it as we do when there is opposite of pain. While staying there, we move, though, because we have to and not because we want to. We open our eyes and indulge to things that interest us. They are actually just there also like we do. If we don't we then we end up in sloth, lethargy which is the doorstep to death, opposite of life.

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