Created: Wed Oct 6 02:17:06 2004

What was the best day of your life?

Christophe C. <>
Wed Oct 6 18:29:23 2004

Best doesn't have to mean happiest in my book. I don't know if that makes any sense but to me it does.

Anyway, I hope I haven't had it yet.

Then again, hope is for the weak, so don't mind the previous sentence.

I actually can't think of one... Hmm. This worries me a little actually.

I dunnow, I'm just a very stable person, I have some emotional ups and downs but never any cliffs or peaks, so...

If I have to chose one I'd go with the day I discovered the pleasures of sex probably.

Puck <>
Wed Oct 6 22:54:00 2004

The best day of my life was the day I died.

sophie <>
Thu Oct 7 03:34:20 2004

the best day of my life was a few weeks ago, it was a thursday. i can't remember the exact date.
anyway, for no particular major reason that day was just awesome. lots of really cool little things that made me happy.
i was on a high all day, actually, for like the rest of the week too.
best day ever!

libra <>
Thu Oct 7 19:24:02 2004

I don't have a best day, or at least I can't think of just one. I have best moments. Best hours, but they span years of different experiences.
Some of the best times recently are from when I went on vacation with my boyfriend in Long Beach and feeling totally free of responsibilities.
Then there's just moments, randomly, during the day where I feel incredibly happy. A few months ago I was driving home from work and I saw a neighbor's cat (a big fat orange one) sprawled across the sidewalk, and the mailman with his little uniform and bag and everything was kneeling down petting the cat with the biggest smile on his face. It made me so happy for some reason.

Fri Oct 8 13:59:58 2004

I don't know. My best day was the day I left home to go to university.

Fri Oct 8 15:38:20 2004

it's when you are high and you think you are conscious. then you recall all those fun moments, and you have a smile on your face.

laurie <>
Sat Oct 9 16:19:40 2004

A day is too long, there are too many monotinous tasks to be done for the whole day to be counted as best time of your life. I can't place a day that would be the best of my life. I can however place a million best moments, and life is just a series of moments, not a series of days, time is an illusion.

breeze <>
Sun Oct 10 11:53:26 2004

I have a lot of them, so it's difficult to separate just one which was the best...

I think it was when I first came to Istanbul, Turkey. For some reason, even though, I have never been there before, from the moment I stepped out of the airplane this place made me so happy. I felt like I came back home from the long journey, everything was so familiar and yet different. Castles next to mosques, Bosphorus with yachts, little street cafes, the smell of doner (Turkish gyro), a boy playing saz (Turkish guitar) on the sidewalk, all these created this perfect moment when I felt I'm the happiest person on Earth.

redkinoko <>
Mon Oct 11 14:03:04 2004

The best day of my life was the worst day for the whole world. I just had to be born. Sucks to be you.

choke <>
Tue Oct 12 01:06:27 2004

When I was innocent

Chaos <>
Sat Oct 16 03:52:50 2004

my best day...?
well, it seems alot of people have best days when they are free from the things that worry them. but to tell you the truth the things that worry me are the things that drive me. i am forturnate i guess bc my passion has been intertwined in my life. I live my passion, in other words. For this reason, i cant really pick out a 'best' day but, rather, would have to say that most days are 'best' days, although none of those are better than the others.
nothing superficial, just plain, simple life. like the stuff haiku's are about. those are the best days.

mara <>
Sat Oct 16 22:47:20 2004

I don't believe it has been yet.

But perhaps, if I ahd to choose...

It was Livid 2003. A music festival that was divine, I had my best friend and sister there with me and it was just purely sublime.

Jessie <>
Sun Oct 17 17:43:16 2004

The day before my mother died, or any of several days with my sisterand her brother roaming through the woods pretending to be wild creatures and leading untroubled lives.

Andres <>
Wed Oct 20 23:08:44 2004

the best day in my life was when i graduated from basic combat training (boot camp) i realized that with all the pain and all the stress i went through, the yelling, and sleep deprivapion, the physical torture, pushing my body longer harder and more than i ever knew i could, the running, jumping, climbing, digging, shooting, fighting,marching for miles with 60 pounds on my back. all because i want my childs life to be better and safer than the one i was brought up in.

Sat Oct 23 04:24:54 2004

I hope my best day hasn't been yet, but the best day till now is probably 31 October 2002 …something happened that day, that for a while I was extremely happy.

Kira <>
Sun Oct 24 19:51:14 2004

November 10, 1997.

Vanessa <>
Tue Oct 26 01:45:09 2004

This question makes me assess my boring existence. And if I answer this honestly, I would have to deal with the sad truth that I do lead a boring and blah life. So, there...

Tue Oct 26 06:26:23 2004

how do you really justify which is the "best" day, to me, everyday that i can open my eyes, see the sun rise, smell the morning, feel the dawn's cool, taste my morning coffee while listening to my favourite morning show on radio has been the best day ever...

lost tear
Sat Oct 30 14:18:27 2004

the best day of my life (this sounds too surreal to be actually true)has been 5 years ago.there i found the better half of mine,my baby my everything.this day i discovered that there`s a tiny bit left that`s worth living for.and that`s been meeting my best friend...i love you little sweet something!!!

Sun Oct 31 19:22:39 2004

last night, i have never seen so many drunk people in my life. i had so much fun, but now i have a hangover

momo <>
Mon Nov 8 20:34:31 2004

when there was a time called momochan

alfonso e <>
Tue Nov 9 11:17:06 2004

when my daughter was born.

jason wright <>
Thu Nov 11 01:05:17 2004

If there was to be a best day then there would have to be a decreasing motion of oppoisite energy and i havent felt that yet.

chanz <>
Sun Nov 14 16:14:15 2004

when there was a time called momochan

Erikagm <>
Mon Nov 15 01:28:07 2004

I guess it would have to be the day I met my (half) sister Carolina. I had talked to her on the phone before the day we actually met, preparing for her visit.

My brother and sister and I were waiting at the airport, and I remember seeing this really pretty and totally awesome vibed 20-something year old walk through the gate and saying to my sister "I hope that's our sister" and then thinking to myself "I could never be so lucky" and then have her approach us and then ask if I was her sister Erika. It felt aswesome.

marsi <>
Wed Dec 8 17:18:34 2004

The day I got my first kiss from my boyfriend

Ll M <>
Sat Apr 2 16:47:04 2005

i was in love. it was raining, and he had to go, had to leave and it wasnt in our control...i was in his clothes, i smelled like him, he gave me one last kiss goodbye and whispered ill miss you in my ear, and then went away

one of the saddest days of my life

Wed Jul 13 02:26:55 2005

the best day of my life is when i had sex with my girlfriend.

azzyu <>
Thu Sep 22 21:47:29 2005

best the of my life...i think...whatever...the best day of my life was everyday...because everyday i was happy...

The one <>
Wed May 17 14:47:34 2006

the best day of my life was when I dreamt about my beautiful mother and she gaves me a huge hug and she told me that she is in heaven with god ... I love you mom

mohamed <>
Mon Jul 30 15:50:50 2007

the best day of my life..TODAY i go out wiz my girlfriend and it was very owesome.

sara <>
Fri Sep 28 09:23:42 2007

my best day ever when my sister bornd her first child >> we was so happy all of us coz he is the first grandson in our family and i be came maternal aun for the first time >>>

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