Created: Sat Nov 20 15:30:14 2004

Write your will.

laurie <>
Sat Nov 20 19:17:13 2004

The last will and testament of Laurie.
(they say it in the films, thought I'd make it official)

money: I would like all my life's savings to be donated to amnestyinternational. (cliche? yes.) I would like all the money my family and godparents have invested for me to use to go to college or uni, to be split between my friends OB, SS, KG.
Stuff: Anyone can have whatever they want from room, with the exceptions of; my flower pendant which should go to my mum, all photographs and drawings, which should be dumped in the sea, and my diary, which should be burned with me. Anything anyone doesnt want should be burned.
funeral arrangements: I DO NOT want a religious service, I would like to be cremated and dumped in the sea, from saligo bay on islay off the west coast, along with all the drawings, while the bonfire of all my stuff... yeah. If this could be done to radiohead's fake plastic girl, that would be quite nice.

I'm pretty sure its not very ecologically friendly, but it's quite late, and this was all i could think of..

mara <>
Sat Nov 20 21:01:39 2004

Bass Guitar = Sister
Letters = Returned to the writers
Cd's = Assorted Friends and Sister
Car = Boyfriend
House Contents = Everyone
Concert Tickets = Boyfriend and Sister
Plane Ticket to Sydney along with the accomidation = Best Friend
Art Work = Boyfriend, Best Friend, Sister
Art Supplies = Sister
Savings = Mother

I don't own to much that most people would value.

Christophe C. <>
Sun Nov 21 08:45:04 2004

Cash, savings, bank accounts and properties: my brother
Computer along with all my personal documents, files, and music: my brother
My letters: my mother can read them first to see how past girlfriends or other female friends thought of me, so she knows I always treated them well like she tought me and that her son had known love in his life. Afterwards they should be returned to the girls who wrote them. They can keep my letters if they want to somehow remember me by, if not, they should be returned to my mother.
My car: my brother
I want my pictures to be distributed amongst my family and friends, those who care at least, if they don't want any they should just say so and give them to the people who care.
Other stuff: my brother and parents can take whatever they want of what's left, afterwards my close friends.

When I'm in a relationship that I feel good about I always write a text on my computer which I leave on the desktop so it's bound to be discovered, meant to be read by my girlfriend if anything should happen to me, so that will normally be taken care of as well. I'd want her to stay loyal to me up to the day she herself dies but basic logic tells me she'd probably be fucking another guy 2 months after I died so I wouldn't ask it of her, but still, the romantic in me would die believing she wouldn't run off with somebody else.

I think that's about it.

As far as the funeral goes, I want it to be big with loads of sad music and people crying and going on about how wonderful I was.

I want a christian ceremony and burial even though I'm an atheďst, I just think those are the most organised and look best by far. I also demand a huge tombstone with some poetry written on it. I'd suggest the raven by poe, or perhaps some of my own if I have written one to be on there before the day I die.

Wolffie <>
Sun Nov 21 14:35:19 2004

My will:

If I'm in a relationship then my girlfriend should be able to pick something to remember me by. Same goes for my parents. This is with the exception of the following:

My Notebooks: to my friend with the nickname Sanka.
My Computer (including everything on it): to my friend with the nickname Muis.
My Books / CD's: Distributed between close friends and close family.
My Savings: Split between my mom and dad or, if one or both of them are already gone, my brother.
My Car (if I should have one): My Brother.

Other than that stuff can be thrown away if nobody wants it.

My Funeral: The music I want is a surprise, my mother's friend knows about it. I wish I could be around to see the look on people faces. At moment of writing I want to be cremated. Oh… and it shouldn't be a sad happening.

Mon Nov 22 04:45:12 2004

my memories : to my friends and mo
my car : to my dad
my clothes : to an orphanage
all my gadgets : my friends
insurance money : to my folks
my watches : my mom

some money from my insurance will go to buying some tickets for ant, caine, mo, harry, wini to fly to perth. i would like harry to bring these people i care about to show them the place where i was truly happy and myself, without a care in the world... and a place with sunshine, blue skies and the most beautiful waves.
they have never seen me there before so i would like them to experience what live was for me over there, esp mo.

my ipod & my music collection : mo. i guess the music i listen to is the best way to remember who i am.

my funeral -> happy. it should be a celebration of my life rather than to mourn the loss of it.

my final words to everyone would be,
" i hope i did my best. i hope i've made you proud. i hope i made u laugh, smile, cry, love, hate, dance, dream and lived when i was in your lives.
and i hope you lived your lives as much as i lived mine.
we had a good run and i'm sorry to have gone a little sooner, but we'll meet again. and hopefully then you'll have more memories to tell me. always your friend. always loving you.

choke <>
Tue Nov 23 00:45:32 2004

Last Will and Testament of Tiffany Allan.

To anyone interested: I don't want my stuff, my organs, or my body anymore, so you can have it :)

Jessie <>
Tue Nov 23 17:45:33 2004

To my sister, all of my stupid little chicken-scratchings (which she can publish for a little income if she likes) and all of the beautiful things she has made me over the years.
To my father, all of the things that were never really mine to begin with and anything he doesn't want to throw out.
To my friends, whatever of my belongings have some value to them. Also my bank account is to be devided amungst them and my sister.
My lizard, if he is still living, is to be given to CE who will take better care of him than I have.
My dogs can stay with my father if he cares to keep them, if not my sister should be able to take them if she would like.
My computer should be cleared of all files and sold. Stories, poems, pictures, and music can be copied and kept.
My clothing and other unwanted junk should be given away, to a local charity.

As to the thing that was once me, I don't need my organs so if anyone else does they're welcome to them. I want to be buried under a nice stone with something interesting written on it, though I don't have anything in mind just now. I don't want to be embalmed if that's at all possible and I don't want a fancy coffin, something of simple wood will do. I don't want a religious ceremony, just invite those who care and put me in the ground. People can say a word, or not.
That's if I should die anytime soon, of course.

kevin <>
Wed Nov 24 21:55:18 2004

MY stocks and my bank accounts-bro and sister
My truck, my dad
my stuff, -to be devided by my friends
My sense of humar, -none, so all will never be able to remmeber the sickness

Vanessa <>
Fri Nov 26 07:36:17 2004

Jessica Zafra books will go to Pamela Pare, my stoic, sarcatic friend. Bob Ong books will go to my generous and smart friend, Theresa Quiambao. The rest of my books to my estranged friend Ryan David. all what's left is to be given to my mom for her to burn.

Mat_j <>
Sun Nov 28 06:36:21 2004

All my works passed on to someone who may have a use for them and could improve them and make them sellable so Paulie.

My parents can take all the songs and poems and do as they see fit, though suspect my big green book will be in absentia at the time so whoever's house it is living in will get to keep it.

MY books CDs and bits and pieces distributed to my family, friends and charity shops as is seen fit

My collection of swords shall be given out as presents to my friends at the funeral

For the funeral a nice big catholic affair with lots of pretty girls and Halleluljah (Jeff Buckley version) played

libra <>
Thu Dec 16 12:03:02 2004

This is a hard one. That's why I took so long to answer it.

The money in my bank account + my college money can go to my parents.
My books...I want my mom to keep some of the important ones. Friends can have others, and the rest...they can be donated to my favorite used bookstore.

My CDs go to my boyfriend.
And he can have anything else he wants.
My clothes go to goodwill.
My computer? one wants it, it's getting crappy.
The stuff on my computer? I'm not sure if i want people to see it. My boyfriend would probably be the only one who knows the password to get in, so he can do as he pleases.
Photographs go to him and my family.
I want my funeral to be outside, not at a cemetary but somewhere pretty, like the beach or up in the hills. I want everyone I love to be there.
And I want caroline and jonathan to be in charge of the ceremony, because they would make it fun for everyone.

Kira <>
Thu Sep 29 01:09:08 2005

My dog to my parents.
My car to my little brother.
Everything remaining to Jessie LeBlanc.
My ashes to my mother's eldest son. KEEP THEM WITH YOU.

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