Created: Mon Apr 25 14:12:52 2005

Is there anyone for whom you would give up your life so he/she can live again?

Kevinvp <>
Mon Apr 25 21:29:00 2005

Yes, i would give it up for my Any member of my family, and that one speacial person who no longer loves me.

Vanessa <>
Tue Apr 26 04:04:58 2005

I can't think of a possible candidate right now but I highly doubt that I would do such a thing. If I were compelled to give up my life, I would do so. But if my conscience or my being good natured is just being called upon to do such a task, I wouldn't.

Blondie <>
Tue Apr 26 07:36:51 2005

I would give up my life so that my mother would be here again. The world would be a better place if she was still here and I wasn't.

libra <>
Tue Apr 26 10:28:13 2005

I don't know if there is anyone at this point that I would give up my life for. Probably when I have children someday, I will feel that way for them.

Christophe C.
Tue Apr 26 12:05:01 2005

For my brother. Other people have either lived enough compared to me, and others I don't care about enough.

Jessie <>
Thu Apr 28 01:25:45 2005

If I had that option, I would do so even now for her. There are others in my life for whom I might do such a thing, though they might hate me for making that choice.

Fri Apr 29 20:08:53 2005

I would gladly give up my life so my love who died in a car accident could live again.

Philosopher_ted <>
Sun May 1 16:52:18 2005

No one I know, I'm selfish, besides if they were important to me I'd wanna be there too... Logic wins again

Simon <>
Mon May 2 04:44:13 2005

I'd give up life if it would bring back my friend Rachel. She overdosed on something. I didn't even know untill I moved back home, many moons ago. Ran into a friend who told me. She was so nice to me. Gave me food and shelter when I was homeless and hungry. And she was good company too. Sweet gal. She was just sad over too many things and went the wrong way. But yeah, for Rachael, definately.

sandeep <>
Thu May 5 01:36:55 2005

I'd give up my life to bring back a blue white tailed kingfisher. A warm summer afternoon by a pond with a BB gun, some 18 years ago. I still don't know why I shot it, first time I saw blood soo red. And that still stillness. Its time he flew again in the white sky.

Aeon <>
Thu May 5 17:58:15 2005

No. Because if they would want me to die so they could live they don't deserve the gesture in the first place. In the end, though, it's self defeating. You'd bring someone back and die yourself, so they would be in the situation that you are in right now. Pointless.

Shana <daizedandalone@yahoo,com>
Fri May 6 21:56:54 2005

Yes, there is a guy that means the world to me, the only catch is that once upon a time I meant as much to him as he did to me. I would give up my life him so that he could see how much I really do care.

liam <>
Tue May 10 03:03:57 2005

nope. this world is as bad as it is now. the grass is much more greener on the other side

shari <>
Sun May 15 12:18:58 2005

so many people - only one me. my father died too young, and he meant a lot to a lot of people... but i remember 15 years ago when my friend's cousin died of cancer at 29 my first thought was - why would someone so gifted (he was a singer/songwriter/musician/writer/poet/cartoonist) and loved by sooo many people be allowed to die... and i'm still here. i wished many times i could have taken his place.

Wolffie <>
Mon May 16 06:10:30 2005

Don't know for sure, but I think I won't. If I want someone to live again it is probably because I want that someone in my life again. So than my option would be to kill myself and hope there is an afterlife.

beetlebum <>
Mon May 16 08:02:29 2005

My little sister, if she died. If not, there really isn't anyone I'd be bring back.

TOM <>
Sun May 29 17:32:03 2005

samual.l.jackson i dont know why i just would

Thu Aug 25 15:10:39 2005

anyone who wanted to be brought back i would die for

Junkie <>
Fri Feb 2 18:56:06 2007

I would die in place of Jesus. why would God's son have to die for anyone's sins?

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