Created: Fri Dec 21 07:32:33 2001

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. True or just crap? Why?

joy <>
Fri Dec 21 15:20:23 2001

maybe thirty years or so from having 'lost' ... it may seem better ... but it never does right after you lose someone that you thought there was a 'forever' with

Agent <>
Fri Dec 21 18:01:16 2001

At least you know the feeling of love when you have loved and lost. Those who have never loved do not know what love is.

Fri Dec 21 18:41:59 2001

Well....i dont really see howlove can be a win/lose isnt something that can fall away from you....lust on the other hand....oh yea....better to lust and lose then never at alll..haha....i mean...what fun is that if u dont<3<3

Zander <>
Fri Dec 21 21:24:20 2001

We all love and we all lose. Invariably it hurts, its a bitch, its something vodka won't fix; but too love wow... its something that keeps you smiling at night and laughing in the day.

Neelia <>
Fri Dec 21 21:34:28 2001

Absolutely. The scary thing about love is that it really is worth the pain it brings. Even though I know this is the wrong place and time to be in love with the wrong person, I don't regret a single moment. I wouldn't take back my words even if i could.

Ashes <>
Fri Dec 21 22:05:27 2001

now that's a hard one. all the other questions i've been able to answer quickly, because i haven't had to think about them. But this one? no. this one i have to think about. having read some of GT's articles, i've come to realize the truth in one of them. One article stated that love chooses you, you don't choose who you love, nor do you choose when you love. Unfortunately, sometimes love comes at the most inconvenient times, but there is nothing we can do about it. So, i believe that if fate deems us worthy, then love shall come. And there is nothing anyone can do about it, or to stop it. Wow. have i been eluding the question? My apologies. True. Heartbreak is painful, i'll admit, but love is too. So what? Pain is a part of life, accept it and move on. Atleast if you've loved then you'll have the memories, right? One more reason to savor it while it's there.

Sat Dec 22 17:47:15 2001

Whomever first stated this never loved. I am not speaking from the point of view of one who is bitter, but rather from the point of view of someone who is realistic. Loving and losing invariably brings pain. If one does not love, one will not lose, and thus one will not have pain, not that kind of pain.

Patrick <>
Sun Dec 23 02:38:21 2001

Perhaps this is what it means... to love is to live... we don't necessarily have to think of this on a romantic relationship level... take the love of a mother and son.. this love doesn't get much more powerful... eventually the mother (or maybe the son) must die.. but for each of those people to have loved each other they learn more about themselves.. this may help the boy learn how to love his own daughter... or may give the mother a new perspective on how to love others fuller.... it is important that we all live to love one another.. so that we may learn ... if you are without love.. if you deny yourselves that gift.. then you are a sorry lot

Jeff <>
Sun Dec 23 21:54:18 2001

Yes people, losing is painful. But pain isn't always bad. Pain inspiries us to love. The two exist as a dichotomy. The realization of the inevitable pain is the reason love feels so good in its peak.

Mon Dec 24 18:32:37 2001

It depends on how "in love" you were before you lost. It sucks either way and it's depressing. Depends on the person.

Mon Dec 24 22:43:34 2001

well, as long as while you were in love, you enjoyed it, then yes, because that kind of thing can't be reduplicated without more love, but if you didn't really enjoy it, you were never in love to begin with, so m'eh

Karen <>
Tue Dec 25 03:06:07 2001

The answer is quite simple. Definitely better to have loved and lost. I can sooo say that. There is nothing like the feeling of being in love with someone, the I think the most important thing is not the actual event, but the memories that you carry with you afterward. And if it wasn't for the memories, what in the world, would be the point of the actual event. I have never felt anything so wondrous, and emotionally drenching as being in love and the experience is so beautiful each and every time it happens if you are blessed to be able to feel it, so I must say that even though it can hurt like hell to experience a heartache, the love or act of being in love makes the ride worthwhile, it makes the pleasure worth the pain.

Rabin Crabmink <>
Tue Dec 25 16:18:20 2001

I think that if it is a true love, it can never be fully lost. And for those people that have never felt love, they are missing out on THE best reason to be a living, breathing, thinking human being.

sagal moallin <>
Tue Dec 25 23:13:26 2001

i read somewhere that he who has a why to live for can bear almost any how and i believe love gives a soul a why.

toni <>
Wed Dec 26 18:19:28 2001

i think that this is very false becuase if you have never loved then you dont know what your missing and if you have and lost it then you will be forever in doubt cuase you lost who ever you loved.

gaspi <>
Sat Dec 29 17:59:12 2001

I think it's better to love and lost... I talk from my own experience.. I understood a many things during that week and I dont regret a second spent with her..

Sat Dec 29 19:24:11 2001

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all because if someone misses out on those fluttering butterflies you feel in your chest/tummy, as simple as it may seem... they are missing life itself!

liz <>
Sun Dec 30 11:40:54 2001

"Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Because no matter what, loving your-self can heal anything. peace and love.

Lydia <>
Thu Jan 17 08:48:05 2002

Well...i have had an experience that for a long time i questioned...but now that i look back...i can never regret that i loved this took me a very long time to get over him, but i couldn't imagine had he not loved me for those three wonderful years.

zeroisnine <>
Mon Jan 28 02:52:05 2002

i have loved.

i suppose i have lost though i never had it.

its a difficult thing to say if you are better off.

are you stronger? wiser?


are you scarred? hurt?


are you better?

are you better off then before?

stronger for being hurt?

or just hurt?

does it matter?

you are not loved.

are you trying to tell me that there is any other way to slice it?

Mat J <>
Thu Jan 31 08:02:20 2002

It's like the priest and the eskimo. If the priest had never told the eskimo about god he would have died in ignorant bliss and gone straight to heaven but because he had awareness he risked damnation. Take your pick.... I'll take the high road and you take the low road and i'll be in scotland before ye an all that stuff

Josh <>
Mon Feb 4 00:45:57 2002

True:To much of life id filled with would have should have and could have-do something at least you can so you gave forth an effort rather than being the quiet one on the bench sitting and wondering "what if?"

Karthik <>
Mon Feb 4 05:06:34 2002

It's impossible to determine. I have loved ad lost, and while it hurts like a bitch, I can say that at least I know what love is. I wouldn't trade my experience in for anything... but once was definitely enough for now. I'll just wait until the next once comes along, and is worth the pain and the heartache that she may cause.

John <>
Tue Feb 5 01:13:45 2002

I wish I never loved at all

Kere <>
Wed Feb 6 13:33:22 2002

I think in the end after all pains and heartache, it's all for the best. Hopefully. Loving and losing. But only if you make it that far.

NA <>
Sat Feb 16 15:03:30 2002

Losing love is a bitch. Depends how much of the pain you can bear. Its better to have not loved than love and lose. Can't get worse than that.

Dave <>
Tue Feb 19 17:33:44 2002

It's worse to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all... until you love again.

chan <>
Mon Apr 1 03:02:03 2002

ignorance is bliss
to lose a love is painful

bliss vs pain
take a pick

Sat Apr 6 17:34:02 2002

From someone who has never loved I can say this is no way to live.

mal <>
Fri Apr 12 15:47:56 2002

well, i am in love, and have lost. It is a real mental and physical "pain". That person is everything you do, everything you see, all you think about. Is it better to have loved and lost? Put it this way, if you broke your leg would you rush out and do it again?

Mon May 5 17:52:58 2003

Definitely false. If you have never loved, you don't know what you're missing. And if you don't know what you're missing, you don't want it. BUT if you love and lose, then it's a horrible, gut-wrenching feeling, because you once had something wonderful, but lost it. Get what I mean?

Samuel <>
Fri Jun 13 04:45:25 2003

to put it simply - something is better den nothing. i'd rather live with de hurt then live an empty husk. dats wat life is all abt isn't it?

Amber <>
Sun Oct 12 07:28:36 2003

Each person we come into contact with influences us and helps make us who we are. Why would we want to deny a part of ourselves and our lives, as well as a worthy person who held our affections? It's unthinkable to wish that it had never been.

Barbara <>
Mon Jan 19 17:18:33 2004

Love is warm like honey and when its lost,you are constantly searching for the honey.So yes it is better to love and be loved than to never experience it at all.

Erica <>
Tue Oct 5 15:07:44 2004

Well, I am actually doing a paper on this one and I was doing it on the aspect that love sucks, and how false this qoute is, but now that I think about it, I am glad that i loved this guy for 3 and 1/2 years. I couldn't see it any other way. It hurts, a lot, but I dunno.

Nevena <>
Thu Nov 4 10:34:27 2004

Well,I think that it is better to have lost than never to have loved at all because in my opinion the love is the most exciting felling in someone's life.

Nina <>
Wed Dec 1 03:17:22 2004

Today, for the first time I went out with someone (I'm 18)... I guess before I was always afraid of commitment, and I always doubted boys that asked me out. I always overanalized everything. Before going out with this guy I had so many "what ifs". My bigest fear was loosing him, becasue it I knew that it would hurt me so much if I did. So, my defense mechanism was to never even go out with him in the first place, 'cause if its not there- it cant hurt you, rigth? Like if we're not together than he cannot hurt me, he can't dumb me or cheat on me or do anything that would hurt me... Then one day I was thinking about it and I realized that if I don't give him a chance than I will defenitely loose him... and maybe he wont hurt me but it'll hurt just as much (though i'd prolly pretend it didn't) Anyway, what I'm getting at, I guess, is that I realized that it's ok to be hurt by someone you love, and well... if I loose him its ok too.. Because at least we were together while it lasted. So for the first time I realized that I can let go of my pride or whatever and just let myself feel and love him. Maybe its just me, but i think "its better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all"

Tue Feb 1 22:02:41 2005

I definitely agree that loving and losing is better than never experiencing the love at all. Loving and losing that special feeling is one of the hardest things anyone can undergo--but it's worth it because of all the good times to reminisce and because it'll make you a stronger person overall for future relationships.

Sun Mar 13 04:29:17 2005

feeling loved is the best feeling ever never experiencing that is a lost

zack <>
Thu Jul 14 07:19:54 2005

Of course when your hurting over losing somebody special to you, it's easy to say " I wish I never met Her" But it does teach you about love, life and loss...and especially Love, which is the strongest human emotion, I am guilty os saying " I wish I never met that _____" But to have the feeling of your heart truly Loving somebody, your mind heart and soul, I also beleive once you love someone, you always will in your own special way...I have forgone relationships in fear of being hurt, and have later regretted it, because Love is Hurt..No guarantees, But when You are In Love the feeling is Bliss, Love=Hurt Hurt=Love

Tue Sep 6 01:51:13 2005

To have loved and lose it all. How painful can it be. But for that split second, it was perfect. And even if it wasn't, it was something that changed the world for you for that very second. It makes you wonder at night. But I wouldn't take it back.

Wed Sep 14 00:21:13 2005

It's better to have never known what love is then to have it, then lose it forever.

Peter <>
Wed Oct 12 13:32:07 2005

Re its better to have loved than never to have loved at all..its crap...10 years on after a divorce just look at me now..paying expensive child maintainence...despite being a disney dad..i have a teenager that dosen't want to see me anymore..I am now an alcoholic,,depressed 24/7, and have to many negative issues and baggage.. i just regret the silly falling in love concept big has not being a growing experience at all..i believe i would now be emotionally and finiacially better of if i never found love...Love is just another stupid drug

Johanna <>
Sun Oct 23 23:31:10 2005

I thought I have loved but i realized that love cant be that painful, Im 23 and I have never love with out lost and im sick of it!!!! is better to not love if you know is going to be lost

firefall <>
Tue Jan 3 16:24:31 2006


Better to have loved and lost. If you don't agree with that now, you will in time. Better to have done all kinds of things and lost yourself in their moments.

Worst crime of all is to sit there. To do nothing. To be paralyzed by inaction. That is not living.

To have loved and lost is to have lived. Pretty simple

Sat Jan 7 15:11:31 2006

I'm writing an essay on this question. At first I reflected from past relationships and quickly answered, "Don't love at all." Now, as I realize while writing my essay, you should experience love, just don't fall in love with the same guy I did for 3 years and you'll be just fine!

Wed Jan 18 18:38:47 2006

Funny, im writing a paper on this too, infact when i started it i felt it was better to not love and loose, now i think my views might change

Andrew <>
Mon Jan 30 05:54:50 2006

to love is to live-if you have never loved then you have never truly lived and to deny love is to deny life

Fri Feb 3 16:01:19 2006

to love someone unconditional is being blinded by everything around you. You feel life life is worth living. But what do you do when you are not loved in return, yet you still love the other person. Is it still worth to have loved and lost than never loving at all. You might be chasing after it your whole life, and there's nothing your heart can't do.

Fri Feb 17 12:38:26 2006

i can not express the pain i feel from loving and loosing. i know i will look back on this and appreciate how strong i've become but for right now the pain is unbearable. i want nothing else to do with love. is all the good times worth all the bad i feel right time love please pass me by!

Dj <>
Sat Feb 18 17:07:44 2006

Love is the only way to make you realise that pain makes u stronger.Even if u feel u can`t take the pain fall into the trap between cupid & his arrows.

Tue Feb 21 15:25:59 2006

true love doesnt exist, and if you tell yourself that it does, the day you lose it you will fall apart. if you dont let yourself believe in it, you will never be in that kind of pain.

Chelly <>
Wed Mar 1 02:04:58 2006

It's better to have loved and lost then to never loved at all..i always said to myself that i was never goin to fall in 3 years later i have loved and lost...Im hurt..and i will never forget him and the butterflies i used 2 get when ever i saw him or heard his voice..or if someone just mention his will only bring a smile on my face..and now that he's gone i still feel it..its so powerful..that i will never love someone like i loved going 2 be telling my kids, kids in the future about what i felt and how it overpowered me..i dont regret it and never will..i dont regret all those tears..because the thougts of what we had is stronger..then anything..BUT remember what doesnt kill you will only make you stronger...

Amy <>
Fri Mar 3 00:08:36 2006

sooo true..

Trell <>
Wed Apr 12 22:21:22 2006

Better to have love and lost? Not necessarily; however, answering this question is strictly based on opinion, and will vary from person to person, as previous posts from you all have indicated. I believe it depends on how you feel about yourself, and how you handle life and all the ups & downs that it brings. I am 28 (at the time of this post), and I have never loved (romance, relationships, etc.); however, I do not see myself in any sort of "disadvantage", if you will, because of that.

I do not feel that I am missing out on anything; there are many ways to experience joy and bliss. Developing a relationship, and feeling the love of Lord Jesus Christ is always a plus - can't go wrong with that one. Moreover, He will never stop loving you! :-D

To not love is to not live - again, not necessarily true (varies from person to person, remember the heart thing and all ). Now this is for me - I don't feel that I need to fall in love with someone (and lose the love) in order to live, or feel like I am living. There are many ways to love - and it need not be limited to one person. No people, I'm not talkin' 'bout polyamory or anything like that, y'all (though I have nothing against that - different strokes for different folks). For example, say, helping someone. I mean really putting your heart into helping someone else leaves you with a great feeling, because you KNOW that you made a positive difference in someone else's life. They will remember you for what you did for them, and you will never forget the smile(s) on their face(s). Look at Oprah Winfrey! ;-)

If you are happy with yourself and you're being true to yourself, then hey, that's about all you can do. Everyone's heart and mind is different.

Thanks. Well, that's my take on it. Please feel free to e-mail me, if you want to speak directly with me - I just happen to "pop" onto this web page, and will most likely not frequent it.

Nick <>
Sun Apr 23 14:36:24 2006

if you loved some one and lost them it is really haard to get over it but if you have never loved at all you have never know true life.
sorry it is a little chessey

Bonnie <>
Sun May 14 12:40:02 2006

It is the greatest experience here on earth or for that matter the whole universe. To feel greatly loved by someone you just met. My soul reaches out to him, making love to his soul. I called collecting stardust, whenever I was near him. So that I could make this wonderful feeling last longer, a lifetime if I'm so lucky. For, I've never felt so great as I did, standing near this man. He doesn't have to say a word, to make me feel loved. He just has to stand near me and my soul can feel his. My soul was drifting up, and that is where it stayed, until they said he is gone never to return. It was like I felt like I was falling, spiraling down from a cloud. We spoke many times, but only with our minds. So, I'd like to think that I will always speak to him with my soul. No matter where he is, my soul can still talk with his. But this feeling I felt, the love was from heaven above. He was a star and I am glad to have known him. For I'm sure that love is from the heavens above.

Just me...
Fri Aug 4 14:46:39 2006

Losing the love of my life was the hardest thing I have experienced, but the memories I have of us are worth the pain of the loss.

Leah <>
Tue Nov 7 08:32:14 2006

Love is best and worst feeling in the world, when you lose it, it feels like it would be less painfull to cut your heart out of your chest with a spoon. its phycail and mentaly soul destroying..............i will never recover or let myself love again for i never want to feel anything like this pain again.

kelly <>
Sun Nov 12 17:22:46 2006

i have love and lost it hurt but after awhile i got over it and relized.. what the heck whould i have been doing in my life without him? so i would have never felt love and thanks to him i have.

Mon Jan 29 13:58:30 2007

This quote can be looked at in so many different ways...

the way i see it, though, is that love is honestly the central aspect of life. I am a Christian, and throughout Jesus' teachings, His focus was on love and relationships with God and others. I think that when we love, we leave an undying mark on this world- we influence people, we give so much to others by loving, even if we have loved and lost. Love is the essence of life- to have never loved is to have never truly loved. that's the way i see it.

Fri Feb 2 14:06:14 2007

I think that when/if the day comes that i lose my love it will a seemingly unbearable pain. i will feel there is nothing left for me to love. and there will be a long healing process. although i'm fairly sure that i may never trust to love again. he knows everything and anything about me and it's completely soul-baring to love someone completely. In the end it will be better that i've known such a love. but for the long months of repair i may curse that i ever loved.

Pep <>
Sat Apr 28 00:37:57 2007

To love and lose = pain
To never love = painful to never get to experience what everyone else has experienced.

Nav <>
Mon May 7 10:09:43 2007

To love for the first time is to know the pain and trails of loving some one deeply. To loose it is painful. But the reality is your life means something and you are on this earth to do something. So, Learn from the loss.

Your loss might not be your failure. And even if its your failure, Your loss should be able to build you and better you for your future.

It is life that is essential. Its love that leads life. The pain will always be there with love. But pessimism of love is the worst of all.

My life give me the hope that love will live for ever. For as long as life is on this earth there should be some love left.

And as long as love is there there will be life.

I know someone will think. Man! this guy is a loser.

Actually, I'm a learner.

Jim <>
Sat May 12 15:46:07 2007

To prefer to have never loved at all basically means that you wish you had never met that person...

There is no way that i could ever regret meeting the love i lost, which must mean that the statement must be true...

However, i am going through considerable pain because i know i am majorly responsible for the loss of that love i had, i took her for granted and didnt treat her as well as i should have which eventually lead to the innevitable...

although i knew she was very special to me at the time and that i "loved" her... i never actually realised that i did actually LOVE her very very much...does that make sense to anyone?

she was everything to me i took her and my feelings for her as a given, and something that would always be there. Turns out i was wrong... and now i have never felt so lonely in my life without her companionship...

She lives halfway accross the world from me, so im also faced with the fact that i will probably never see her face again... is this a good thing? In some ways yes but right now, the thought of never seeing her again breaks my heart over and over and over again... feelings of guilt and not being able to forgive myself haunt me every single day... its horrible cos i miss her so much.

i know this is all majorly my own fault... so in my case, if anyone out there can empathise... its not better to have loved and lost and be responsible, than to never have loved at all... the feeling of guilt is engulphing...

but i will never ever regret meeting her...

i love you jessica and i'm sorry i made you cry...

Nimbus <>
Tue May 15 12:45:43 2007

Ok, from Hiro's point of view, yeah, if you never loved and lost, you never felt pain, but you never learned what love was, so you do loose experience, its a very complex situation, I have loved and lost, at least from my experience, I felt love, it may have just been a crush, but its the most I've felt in 18 years on this cruel planet called Earth. I wish I never fell in love with this girl, but shit happens, now I can't stop thinking about her and it hurts. Everyday, more pain, and soon, I'll never see her again, it hurts majorly bad. The worst part is I fucked up, I could have been with her, but I fucked up bad, I learned so much but I fear that history repeats its self so I really hope I learn from this lesson and find "true" love again, but I sorta think this one fish was the right one, I don't know why, but its what my heart is saying, they say true love blinds you, maybe I'm blinded. I don't know. I know excatly what you mean Jim, I'm sorry for your lost, I've felt your pain, but unlike you, I never got the chance for a relationship, and its my fault.

gorce <>
Thu May 24 04:57:29 2007

When you invest in love and it fails, it seems totally not worth it. It was worth it when you were happy, but when you lost what you had it makes you wish you've been more careful. maybe the lessons you learn from the pain you felt, the lesson to be more careful and to prepare yourself for a better future or possibility of finding a love, maybe that's what makes the pain worth it. kehhh if only you could bring yourself to love again. our time will come, lolz

paige <>
Thu May 24 11:28:07 2007

the most rewarding things in life are usually the most painful and difficult. that should not be a reason to think that not loving is better than loving and losing that love. if you lose love then it was not meant to be in the first place and if it was meant to be, it will find you again some day. don't ever give up on love.

gorce <>
Wed Nov 28 22:34:46 2007

Hah, I'm back. Let's say I have discovered love in a different form, and I am happy now, but I can't say that the scar has faded and I'm not afraid to love again...

Bri <>
Tue Jan 15 04:05:49 2008

It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. This is it, you only get one chance at life, and then it's gone. Never regret a thing, for every situation you wish had never been, has taught you to never allow a reoccurrence, which makes you more prepared for your future. How many people really know what love is? Consider yourself lucky. Perhaps you found love and lost it. Here you sit regretting ever loving because of the pain thats come with the loss. Well, you are severely ungrateful, and it is a shame that the opportunity to learn the meaning of love was found by you and not a more appreciative being. Suppose you had never known what it is to love, and you tomorrow you died. Would your life have any meaning? You never felt. You never let down your guard. You never shared mutual compassion. You never received a test of strength and determination. You never lost and learned. You never cried. If that were the case, then you surely never lived. What is a life without love? No life worthy of the invested time. What is a life without loss? No life given descent appreciation. Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.

chelsea <>
Thu May 1 21:52:15 2008

When I was in love, it was better to have loved and lost.
Now that I know what my love was and what it led to, i wouldve rather just not bothered with it and it can go get lost for all I care.

And as for the response from Bri, youre right. If I died, i would have never felt. In that case thank god I wouldve died before I ever had that much heartbreak.

Criss <>
Fri Jun 6 18:01:02 2008

well, i think its better to never have loved than loved and lost...because when you lose a love,if you really loved her/him,the pain its so big,and it will take almost a lifetime to heal,if it ever heal...

if you never loved at all,you wont go through pain or anything,you wont need to be healed...

becks <>
Wed Jun 11 20:17:25 2008

i think anyone who belives its better to have loved and lost has never really been in love. think cathy and heathcliff and romeo and juliet, imagine them saying "pahhh, better to have loved and lost..." errr NO! PROPER love you cant live without. you can get over obsession tho. i think love is often confused with obsession. perhaps i read too many books, i dunno!

gorce <>
Thu Jul 17 19:02:13 2008

jeez its been more than a fucking year and I hate her and I hate love still. I have grown up a lot, in fact I think that 1 year added a decade or more to my age. I'd rather forget everything about her and start fresh. If only I could be given the gift of amnesia

Janna <>
Tue Nov 11 01:32:22 2008

Yes. It's worth it. When you're with a person who you love, you experience happiness in a way that you never have before...I was recently dumped by a guy I loved very much (first guy who ever made me feel this my first love I guess..) it's worth the crushing pain that comes when they break your heart. Before this past relationship I had said I wasn't sure if I had been in love before and that I wasn't really sure what love is. Now I know. Though now I know devastation too...

graci <>
Mon Dec 15 17:39:05 2008

it is true i know what it is liked to have never loved all it does is make you wandering if i had this, if i had that if u lose someone and never no them it hurts more than ever you can never get over it i would have died a thousand death if i could just met him because love is so pure that it would be worth that...i know this because i lost my dad when i was three i know what it's like and losing someone hurts but to never no the someone truly hurts so much more that you can not even imagine it. in conculsion you should be so happy to have the privilage to have loved that person. I LOVE U DAD. I KNOW YOU ARE I HEAVEN

Daniel <>
Tue Mar 2 12:25:44 2010

True. Absolutely, without a doubt or a second of hesitation. Never felt more pain than having "lost", but never such intimacy or rapture than having loved.

Vincent <>
Tue Mar 11 15:37:33 2014

I am the luckiest man happiest and grateful for I have been true loved with my partner for a fabulous 20 years. It was TRUE LOVE.. 143 PAUL

Hunnybun <>
Thu Jan 5 06:30:47 2017

Would have rather not loved at all,then would not be experienced the pain i feel now..

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