Created: Wed Jun 1 03:42:53 2005

What chunk of memory would you like to erase from your life?

Thu Jun 2 07:50:33 2005

Going on what chunk of my life is the worst, I would say most of my teen years. But really, I would not want any of my memory erased from my life, because our memories, good or bad, are what make us who we are. And I like who I have become lately.

Thu Jun 2 12:23:13 2005

Nothing. Our memories shape who we are, and while I'm sure I could use massive improvements, stripping memories wouldn't lead to that end, I don't think. Besides, I have already forgotten so much that I would've liked to remember.

Thu Jun 2 13:29:15 2005

Although I indeed sometimes wish some memories where erased, in the end I'm glad they are not. Like the previous entries say... the memories make us who we are, what we are and who we will become.

CriminalSaint <>
Sat Jun 4 22:48:07 2005

her. i'd erase her completely.

Vanessa <>
Sun Jun 5 01:00:31 2005

you know that bit about life having both of the good and bad experiences and thus making your life truly worth living? i believe that. there is no experience (memory) so bad that you don't need it. and i'm a bit of a sentimental woman. it's always hard to let go of something even if they aren't that beautiful. but it's like that law of physics, or something, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. and that line that says, "you can never appreciate the sweet without the sour." so, there.

Dave <>
Sun Jun 5 12:48:37 2005

All or none. I'd prefer the latter.

Tue Jun 7 22:56:24 2005

"please let me go..."

Wed Jun 8 09:56:04 2005

I don't think I'd want to have something erased from my memory. There have been some rough experiences, but they have always been interesting in one way or another.

One thing I'd like to erase perhaps is the first real big heartbreak. Had a big impact on my life and I still consider it as a big turning point in my life.

Sat Jun 11 09:19:18 2005

i'd like to forget the time i made a male friend wear black nail polish.

Kevin <>
Mon Jun 13 10:59:21 2005

The one that got away.

Jessie L. <>
Mon Jun 13 23:10:41 2005

The yellow and purple buises, the blood and glass. And more so the false color in her face, cheeks, lips. The sunken eyes and crushing stillness.
I want to forget all of the things that have ever crowded happy memories from my mind.

jennemmer <>
Tue Jun 14 12:19:52 2005

I don't so much wish for the memories to be erased but I do wish that the memories of the so called 'stupid' things I've done weren't so vivid. I don't need the residual guilt in order to have learned from them.

Sean <>
Fri Jun 17 19:44:22 2005

I spent most of the 90's drunk or charlied of my head. I don't remember most of it. I'd like to forget the bits I do remember. I'm sure the bits I don't were fucking fantastic. There's no justice.

sarvar <>
Tue Jun 21 05:16:36 2005

the past of my girlfriend...which I cannot stop thinking every day

Kitten <>
Tue Jun 21 19:56:41 2005

I'd forget the bruises, the shock of pain as the muscles of my back gave way the force of the dresser. The distant sound of my own screams as he cocked his hand back. I'd like to forget the sound bone makes when it cracks under a fist, or the blood on the floor beneath me. The detached emptyness I treated it with, I wish was gone, so that way I would have willed myself the strength to get up and hit him back sooner than I did.

Granted some experiences make us who we are, but they also leave scars, deep ones that never heal. Forgetting a certain sound or feeling is sometimes necessary for the mind to cope with all that's been done to the body

lliam <>
Sun Jun 26 02:05:08 2005

the point where i had skin taken off my penis with a scalple(no anastetic) to find out wether i had herpes or not... no wait i really want to forget the point where i was standing up and got told i had herpes and i fell into a chair because my soul got ripped from me and it never returned... or that time i had a doctor see how bad my herpes was and riped 5cm of skin from the head of my dick while i was in shock so i couldnt scream.... hey maybe the time that i wish i went insane so i could have an excuse for my life or the time that fell in love...... love is what hurt me the most and i really want that taken away so i can be happy again

Wed Jun 29 01:05:52 2005

there's several parts of my life that i'd love to forget, but if i do... chances are i'd cease to be what i am today... i'll take me as i am... =)

abbiegrrl <>
Mon Jul 18 14:25:23 2005

The time surrounding my involvement with the sick and twistd soul who was allowed (by me, inadvertantly) to instill such shock and fear that I am yet to completely rend it powerless over my todays. All the little bits of the yesterdays that made me get involved with him in the first place.

Thu Aug 4 17:58:29 2005

the year and a half between when I met my ex and when I had the intelligence to go my own way.

Kira <>
Thu Aug 11 23:36:28 2005

The past six weeks.

The day before yesterday most of all.

Jayal <>
Fri Aug 12 08:12:29 2005

The pain I still feel from when I lost him...

innocenceNonus <>
Wed Aug 17 20:49:51 2005


Because as nice as it sometimes was, the other times were far worse. And the memories hurt too much when I think of them for too long.

firefall <>
Tue Jan 3 16:13:16 2006

All memories are tendrills connected to everything that is us.

I was married to someone that "died" and was brought back to life with extensive brain-damage.

All the memory that was "us" was gone. Our six years of being together reduced to some very fuzzy mingling of memories of all her previous boyfriends, lovers.

It was hell. There was no going back, no rebuilding. "She" was gone, but I learned that relationships are built from one-thousand little things. Not the big stuff. One-thousand little glances, jokes, kisses, tears, whatever.

All the tendrills of her mind that related to every moment we had were torn from her brain. What remained was the "core" of her being, the core of her personality.

I was left with all the memories the two of us had. I remember all of them, nobody else does.

I would not erase any of those memories, but thank the gods there are red wine and special brownies to help the hurt some days.

There is no black and white answer, but I welcome the grey and the fuzzy and my being unsure. Black and White usually leads to bullying anyway.

I'd rather spend the day with my memories, as they grow greyer and fuzzier, and warmer and glowing.

mat_j <>
Thu May 25 18:54:02 2006

Of all the things i've done and seen bad and good the only memory i want to fforget is watching that newt dtruggle against the warm water and soapy foamy in the drain in my back garden when i was a kid....... that's it, just that.

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