Created: Thu Oct 27 23:13:38 2005

It makes me happy when...

eternal_dreams <>
Fri Oct 28 08:15:12 2005

i am unaware of Time and Space as they move past me.

Christophe <>
Sat Oct 29 17:48:37 2005

I wake up and realize it's saturday so I can turn over again. It's even better when I can turn over and spoon.

boondock743 <>
Sun Oct 30 00:47:16 2005

when i get weed and alcohol in the same night

Wolffie <>
Sun Oct 30 08:19:40 2005

I look into the eyes of my girlfriend and see them smile

Tiff <>
Sun Oct 30 17:57:41 2005

I dance around in my pajamas

Dionicio <>
Mon Oct 31 17:11:31 2005

everything is going my way. : )

Kira <>
Tue Nov 1 00:42:22 2005

When I forget that I will die one day - or when I remember how many billions of people have lived and died already. That everyone dies.

When I sink into thought... and I touch on the future, which is unknowable, but I can't help thinking I will one day have more than I ever imagined or longed for... not because I waited and waited for it but because I didn't get up and leave when it was already coming.

When someone speaks to me using my name.

When the seasons change.

Tue Nov 1 02:37:17 2005

When I Find someone who I'm free to act like myself around, With out holding back anyhting.

Addi <>
Tue Nov 1 09:34:29 2005

During those too rare of moments when I'm content with whom I'm with, where I am, and who I am.

Tue Nov 1 11:13:43 2005

It makes me happy when I'm walking outside in beautiful weather with Dear Prudence playing in my headphones and I can forget about everything else. Oh, and when someone strokes my hair.

Mouse <>
Wed Nov 2 09:01:20 2005

He puts his head over my heart. And when people tell me I am a good woman.

Vanessa <>
Thu Nov 3 23:40:06 2005

When I read the article which I have slaved upon by rewriting, revising, reediting it for the nth time.

Zacq <>
Fri Nov 4 22:54:06 2005

When I try and speak while I'm yawning.

meshuggah <>
Mon Nov 7 16:18:09 2005

When I concentrate, and push out all thoughts from my mind, lose the concept of self and reality, and just become one with the universe.

It makes me terribly unhappy when I have to rejoin the human concept of "reality".

Mon Nov 7 23:25:22 2005

...i look at my bank account and i know i've got lotsa moolah there...

yeah. realistically materialistic sounding i admit, but face it, it's the hard cold fact...

bullshit walks, and money talks, and with the dough... you can just 'bout roll anything...

anyone who tells you $$$ canna buy happiness is lying. try giving someone something that he/she wants for a long time but can't afford or spare the cash to... =)

tarik <>
Wed Nov 9 06:08:01 2005

when i see her face, it's a moment in time that could last forever

Thu Nov 10 18:33:20 2005

When I can lie in bed, open up a good book, squeeze the bear I love so much, and forgot about all the bad things in life.

Philosopher_ted <>
Sun Nov 13 11:20:29 2005

When I feel needed...

liz d.
Wed Nov 16 12:36:43 2005

if my baby would at least come back to me saying that she loves me and will never leave me again. i don`t ask for more than that.

beccalita <>
Fri Nov 18 02:25:05 2005

when you hold me till I fall asleep

Cherry <>
Tue Nov 22 12:17:45 2005

When I see the sun trickle up through the trees bring every new day a different blessing. (tacky i know).

when he holds me close and whispers how much i mean to him. . .

i take long walks on slightly chilly autumn days with my sweety loaded up with heavy sweaters and a warm knit scarf.

I'm among my best, closest, dearest friends.

reading quietly next to the wood burning stove with a huge mug of hot green tea

playing an old song i wrote months before and finding the themes and music still true to the present

sketching him quietly as he naps

i'm taking naps in his warm arms

cooking food that is appreciated and turns out great

Tarik <>
Thu Dec 1 02:26:16 2005

when i make someone smile

Thu Dec 1 15:59:54 2005

When I run across a web site like this one which has so much to make me think about besides work and worrying about the future.

Thu Dec 1 19:31:14 2005

I read a good book, especially if a have a mug of hot chocolate

Fri Dec 2 02:09:38 2005

I am engulfed in the silence and darkness of night, with my fav tunes playing in my head.. seabreeze blowing on my face.

Sun Dec 4 14:49:47 2005

When I know I have my best friends with me,know that they'll never leave me, and that's all I need.

sweet p
Thu Dec 8 00:15:48 2005

...there are two seasons in one day.
A few weeks ago it was like spring in autumn but it was officially winter. That's my favourite.

...I receive a postcard.

...I travel at night on a dark bus.

...I meet an adult who cannot hide their emotions.

...I meet a child who tries to.

zak jokela <>
Thu Dec 8 10:09:10 2005

when i get into my car and see that it is full of gas

beccalita <>
Sat Dec 10 10:43:48 2005

when I look up at the stars and I can't tell which one I saw first

Jessie <>
Sun Dec 18 23:22:50 2005

When I completely rethink everything until my stomach feels inside out and reach the conclusion that I am not any one thing but pieces of everything.
When I find the feeling of dreaming of flying in the waking world.
When I think of wonderous things I could do, before I realize I won't do them.

firefall <>
Tue Jan 3 16:21:51 2006

...I lose myself

Sun May 21 20:44:14 2006

When I think about tina and even better when I'm with her.

she's amazing and I wish everyone could have someone like her in life.

too bad it's hard to be together, but for now I will wish

Nimbus <>
Wed May 16 12:01:52 2007

When I get to be with this girl I love, even if its just seeing her for a second, I love talking to her, she just cheers me up so well. Thats what makes mne happy.

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