Created: Tue Dec 20 14:23:27 2005

What was the best $10 you've ever spent?

Addi <>
Wed Dec 21 07:30:10 2005

I believe her name was Ginger. Not real pretty to look at, but it was well worth the $10.

Wed Dec 21 12:20:34 2005

An arabian goat's eye and some anal beads for a friend.

kevin <>
Thu Dec 22 02:18:14 2005

subway. after 3months in basic and ait trainging. it was amazing

Thu Dec 22 23:32:28 2005

quick answer: The Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD

Sat Dec 24 00:05:43 2005

the dime bag i bought last night

Butterfly <>
Sun Jan 1 05:56:33 2006

A second hand copy of Nelson Mandela's 'Long Walk to Freedom' off Ebay

novemberrain <>
Mon Jan 2 21:47:21 2006

[in response to addi]
we all know Maryanne was way prettier than Ginger, but that would have cost more.
And don't even get me started on The Professor.
The best $10 I ever spent was on toys for my pets. It just makes them so happy.

Mon Jan 9 13:53:36 2006

The meal I bought for that crazy ol'homeless coot several years back. He died just a week later.

mister maroon
Mon Jan 23 02:24:27 2006

a snowflake for a smile

Tarik Hleic <>
Tue Jan 24 14:23:03 2006

the best $10 i ever spent was on coffee

David Fairbanks
Thu Feb 9 22:38:11 2006

My Something Awful goon membership.

libra <>
Sat Feb 11 17:16:19 2006

cover to the club in Vancouver that my boyfriend and I finally talked at and realized that we needed to be together.

Chelly <>
Wed Mar 1 02:24:27 2006

Giving a starving/poor girl in DR money to buy a hot well nutrious meal for herself.

Wed Apr 12 21:31:58 2006

Getting my boyfriend the perfect gift, then realizing I hated him and dumped his ass to watch him cry on his b-day!

Mat_j <>
Thu May 25 18:47:25 2006

One of the ten buckses i gave to my pal Tim last year when he was down and out and i needed a drinking buddy, Them were some good times

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