Created: Wed Feb 15 10:26:24 2006

If you could own a piece of Earth, what area would you choose?

Thu Feb 16 16:25:54 2006

I'd say it's a tossup between the Reykjavík area and Åland.

NomDeGuerre <>
Tue Feb 21 00:35:28 2006

I a tie amongst the Hawaiian islands & Japan

Tiffany <>
Tue Feb 21 17:22:38 2006

The flat up the river in the South Island where I farmed moss.

Haido <>
Thu Feb 23 22:16:17 2006

The house on Seasame Street where Bert & Ernie live in.

boondock743 <>
Mon Feb 27 09:57:50 2006

the carribean islands and antarctica

addi <>
Mon Feb 27 10:23:48 2006

Anywhere close to my family, even if it was a god forsaken desert. Outside of that I'd love a few acres in the mountains of western Canada...and I wouldn't turn down owning Australia or NZ.

Mon Feb 27 15:12:16 2006

Alaska or Hawaii, I think. Or maybe a rainforest in South America. Or the forest where the Mountain Gorillas live in Africa. One of those.

Kira <>
Thu Mar 2 13:20:58 2006


Second choice, Romania.

Cherry <>
Mon Mar 6 11:53:27 2006

I'd have to say Tuscany. I love italy. but then again- I love Montmartre. erm.

Jason <>
Wed Mar 8 23:04:44 2006

I would probably say Australia or New Zealand, only because they are isolated from the rest of the world

Thu Mar 9 10:48:53 2006

China. Definitely China. Its GDP will soon be more than the rest of the world's combined.

Mazen Fakih <>
Thu Mar 9 14:38:46 2006

The Canary Islands... my own set of islands to retire in.

fred <>
Fri Mar 10 16:49:48 2006

Tuscany, Italy

Philosopher_ted <>
Sun Mar 26 10:18:24 2006

A whole continent... wow greedy people... I was thinking a few acres somewhere along the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia

Ramona Zavala <>
Fri May 19 21:59:54 2006

I would own the core. I would own the Center of the Earth and I would let out the most amazing scream in honor of Arlene Dahl who was in the film, "Journey to the Center of the Earth".

Bassel Dhaini <>
Fri Jun 2 07:51:22 2006

Small piece of land in south Lebanon near laitani river.

Eric <>
Tue Jun 6 23:40:11 2006

Maybe 40 acres or so in Tuscany. Beautiful place. Second choice, probably something on the coastline in Ireland.

axis <>
Thu Jun 8 16:53:33 2006

The N and S poles, and I would stick a bust of myself in the ground at the north pole, and my lower body at the south pole.

Angel <>
Wed Jul 5 11:30:19 2006

Autralia, the caribbean islands or maybe the Canary islands

Tue Jul 18 16:58:30 2006

Banff National Park

Second to that, wherever the U.S.'s most secure underground bunker is.

tralala <>
Wed Jul 19 03:41:03 2006

amanpulo or palawan or boracay in the philippines. that would be awesome. :)

Renata <>
Mon Jul 24 18:02:45 2006

Bled, in Slovenia or Dublin, in Ireland

eli <>
Fri Jul 28 17:13:37 2006

some fjord and some forest in Norway..

Sam <>
Mon Aug 28 19:54:40 2006

Great Britain and the Holy Land. The first is so I can recreate Camelot, the second so everyone will stop fighting over it

Sun Sep 17 06:32:54 2006

I wouldn't mind owning Cambodia. But if there's a nice little island with lots of green and quiet somewhere, with a suitable clime, I'd like that too.

santhosh <>
Mon Sep 25 04:39:04 2006

the whole of india and china. its almost owning the wholw world itself

celeste <>
Tue Feb 6 20:29:45 2007

I would buy the piece with an oak tree in a field on a hill that me and my best friend spent an afternoon on.
I need to put that for my 'near-life experience'. That day was like nothing else.

Thu Jun 14 15:45:04 2007

Everest. Stop climbing it people!

Chris <>
Fri Jul 20 09:25:21 2007

I will choose a part of Nigeria called Amazuno In Arondizuogu, Imo state.There in the Church of God giving glory for all his mavelouse works of nature.

deena abdullah <>
Tue Dec 30 12:26:15 2008

i would own a house facing our amazing sea in rouche. I and the sea and the great blue sky only.

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