Created: Mon Nov 13 13:18:34 2006

What is the worst thing you have ever done?

Sun Dec 3 20:21:40 2006

wished ill on a person who did nothing to me
because they were important to someone who did do something to me

Sat Dec 9 20:05:10 2006

i let the girl i love walk away because i was afraid to let her love me

Wed Jan 24 17:35:34 2007

I hurt my parents..

Wed Jan 24 17:36:24 2007

I "hooked up" with the guy I love's older brother (unpurposely).

Fri Feb 2 13:46:36 2007

I've hurt my parents and my boyfriend over silly things that could've been avoided.

celeste <>
Tue Feb 6 20:37:06 2007

Funny, nobody put their emails on this question..
Odd coincidence?

I had sex with my best friend because I knew he liked me and because I wanted to have sex.

I'm trying to make it good by loving him back. I don't know, yet, if it will turn out okay. . .

Kill me or forgive me.

Fri Feb 16 08:13:36 2007

I pushed him away.

Fri Feb 16 09:48:43 2007

I threatened my baby daughter to reveal a secret to me by putting her precious little toy into a garbage bag

Sat Feb 17 09:51:32 2007

Allowed fear to hold me back.

Visious <>
Sun Feb 18 21:16:06 2007

I've hurt those around me because of my lifestyle.

Nimbus <>
Tue May 15 13:04:42 2007

Its a long story but I have time so here I go, I was in love with a girl and she was in love with me and another guy, I was flirting with her one day, she was single at the time, and this guy I knew started saying shit to me and her about how we should make out and kiss and we'd make a cute couple, all the bullshit like that, well, I started to get shy and sweaty and feeling ill because this girl was awesome, well she suddenly went to kiss me and I panicked and backed away, I missed everything that day, I wish I kissed her, it destroyed my love life.

Mon Dec 15 17:49:34 2008

being a cause of sorrow and not the solution

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