Created: Mon Apr 9 10:26:08 2007

What annoys you the most?

Sun Apr 22 14:04:56 2007

my landlord.selfish, ego-loaded sucker!

Andy Reising <>
Mon Apr 30 19:47:23 2007

Friends neglecting to introduce third parties! Now you have to hang out for the rest of the time just kind of... wondering...

Navcat <>
Mon May 7 10:27:55 2007

Someone waking me up but tapping continuously on my body. Man, I Annoys me to no end.

kurohyou <>
Mon May 14 22:49:58 2007

People who don't answer their cell phones...

People who do answer their cell phones but are in a meeting and can't answer...

People who talk to you on speakerphone because they are so important they can't pick up the phone...

People who can't drive...

People who drive by stranded motorists, especially if the stranded motorist is older...


and since I should have only had one I'll stop now...

For what it's worth...

Tue May 15 00:57:17 2007

Living in my own house and being an adult and still having to abide by the stupid and inane rules of my housemates...such as a curfew for when I'm allowed to spend time on my own front lawn. here's to the freedom of living in your own house.

Thu May 17 19:37:05 2007

Being treated like a child despite acting like an adult.

Sun May 20 09:56:39 2007

selfishness... because it's so freakin' understandable but so incredibly awful and makes EVERYONE MISERABLE.

selfishness... i HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE you. you are everything wrong with humanity. you are vile and i wish that i had better words to describe how much i hate you... words beyond loathe, despise, dislike, despair, abhor and all other synonyms.

Naya <>
Mon May 28 17:36:58 2007

One of the things that annoys me is when my mom calls me to try to tell me what's best for me, for god's sake I'm 32 already!!
It also annoys me not to be understood by my couple (most of all when he doesn't even try)

Tarik <>
Sun Jun 3 02:09:32 2007

People who can't shut up

Infinito Noctis <>
Tue Jun 5 12:15:10 2007

People that constantly interrupt you. Like when you're working on something really important, and someone keeps on bothering you. It makes me want to curse them out, but I never do.

Oh and also Humanity. People are such idiots sometimes.

hari <>
Tue Jun 12 14:49:49 2007

arrogance - and the cause of it in our generation; myspace.

Sakura <>
Tue Jul 10 23:59:05 2007

obnoxious people

Wed Jul 11 14:01:11 2007

People who burden everyone with their problems and make no effort to solve them, be they physical, psycological or other.

I'm happy to give a helping hand for as long as it takes to get yourself sorted but please, help yourselves and for cliffs sake don't blame me if you're not getting anything out of life and i am!

Mon Dec 15 18:03:16 2008

people saying i know how you feel
lies lies lies
you can't know what losing someone feels like if you have never lost someone

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