Created: Mon Jul 30 13:24:13 2007

What are 3 things you would readily give up a million dollars for?

Fri Aug 3 02:03:41 2007

I'd give up anything to have Her back in my arms.

Sat Aug 4 11:12:01 2007

Friends, love and good tv- shows

Geri <>
Thu Aug 9 22:13:19 2007

health, happiness, nearness of those I love.

Marie <>
Thu Aug 9 22:19:31 2007

My eyesight, hearing, cognition.

Naya <>
Tue Aug 14 23:14:18 2007

for a perfect health and the love of my life next to me until i die and to have 3 times that in less than a year.

beccalita <>
Wed Aug 22 23:05:55 2007

to have my thoughts posted. To know that I'm not just a ghost. To understand living with this pain.

PackMan <>
Fri Aug 24 15:55:27 2007

I would give a million dollars for anything you can't buy with a million experiences, my friends, my self-worth

SntSaturn <>
Sun Aug 26 17:45:26 2007

True love, family, and a cure for Type I also known as Juvenile Diabetes

cherry_moon <>
Sat Sep 15 22:20:30 2007

i would say health, a solution to my depression, puck, i would to be able to actually get along with my family, a cure to how humans treat each other like crap, many more things...

artemis <>
Tue Sep 25 15:51:14 2007

to have people look at me like im a human not just an empty shell, a figment of there imagination fuck, im tired of these crapy people

Ospero <>
Tue Oct 2 13:41:46 2007

My family.

My friends.

And the love of my life (now married, but not to me).

Sajada <>
Sun Oct 7 20:38:28 2007

MY life. That really isn't mine, because my family is controlling it.

Katya <>
Sun Oct 14 20:19:34 2007

I don't suppose we're allowed to wish for all the hurt in this world to be healed. I'd give up anything, even my own wishes below, for that.

But in the personal realm...

The acceptance (and emotional health) of my seven-person family, who cut me off this summer, when I came out to them. I miss my kid sisters like a sunny day in June.

The chance to tell my professor, mentor, and father-figure how much I loved him, before he was stolen from this world.

The love of my life, who chose to marry someone else-- or rather, another love just as deep, just as terrible, just as dancingly whole, but MINE. Someone who laughs when I do and who will let me cry with her. Someone to walk beside and grow old with.

But like I said... if somehow I could make this world stop hurting one another, heal the anger, mend the pain... that would trump anything else. This world hurts, cries out, longs for peace. As do we all.

Yes, as do we all.

Fri Oct 26 13:11:59 2007

Travis, our son, our daughter.

maybeitwillwork <>
Tue Nov 6 04:45:19 2007

to see my friend smile at me again

Mon Nov 12 15:42:41 2007

my son, peace of mind, patience

Winchester <>
Sun Dec 2 19:56:04 2007

I only want 1 thing,to c the one i love smile to me again...i would give more than a million,this wish is priceless...

Mon Jan 21 17:22:49 2008

Love, Health and People

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