Created: Thu Dec 27 09:56:45 2001

What is the one memory you'd like to take with you when you die?

Loss Loved <>
Thu Dec 27 13:22:37 2001

the memories of loving and being loved

Thu Dec 27 16:40:29 2001

the face of my killer.

Jewelz <>
Thu Dec 27 16:52:17 2001

They said I was unique....

Agent <>
Thu Dec 27 17:32:10 2001

Well, I'd like to take 'em all, but if I can't, then I'd want to take the memory of how I felt when I was around a really good friend, or someone I simply felt comfortable with.

Neelia <>
Thu Dec 27 21:32:56 2001

The memory of what I changed for the better.

avid reader <>
Fri Dec 28 03:56:26 2001

the memory of late nights spent trying to grasp life and the hope of one day maybe peicing it together.

Rabin Crabmink <>
Fri Dec 28 08:18:30 2001

Seeing her face when I woke up.

Koen <>
Fri Dec 28 10:57:21 2001

The ride home in a borrowed pick-up from vegas, after my marriage there. Mostly driving during the night, haggling the motels where we stayed and the ongoing gas vs. food calculations. Beautifull days these were.

christine tow <>
Fri Dec 28 22:22:51 2001

just the simple fact that my depression killed me.... walking through the fresh, cool, green grass barefoot when i was a small child. the cool feeling between my toes....

Dan <>
Sat Dec 29 04:36:10 2001

the taste of sweet green jello...flowing and floundering down my bumpy esophagus...hitting the bottom of my stomach...*kerplunk*...*kerplunk*...

joy <>
Sat Dec 29 14:00:04 2001

i know it's corny ... but ... first kiss

Sat Dec 29 14:19:07 2001

The memory of the girl who got away, and the way she made me feel.

gaspi <>
Sat Dec 29 17:53:47 2001

I've like to take tham all, but if I had to choose, I'll choose the memory of first TRUE love or first kiss

Sat Dec 29 19:20:40 2001

I'd like to take the memory of my wedding day... and the smile on my husband's face ever since the day I walked up the aisle.

paganpoetry <cv>
Sun Dec 30 04:17:54 2001

the memory of the way it felt dying; it must be pretty interesting as no one lives to tell what it's like

liz <>
Sun Dec 30 11:37:28 2001

ok...memory of first kiss..ew mine was so way! if i had to choose a memory..i think it'd be..when i was little and it really sooo much. it was more snow then i ever ever seen! my brother and i were soo excited and our whole family went outside and had a great big snowball fight! it was sooo much fun for all our family to be together. and then my mom went into the house and brought out the camera to take a picture of us all together...i was only 6 years old and then so young i really felt the love of my family with great force. i still have the photo. peace.

paul <>
Sun Dec 30 15:49:28 2001

I want to have the thought in my mind that I have been useful in my life and that I've accomplished my mission here.

Mr. President <>
Sun Dec 30 18:28:30 2001

The stars over Melbourne on a winter night.

Belle <>
Mon Dec 31 21:00:35 2001

The ride home from a concert, laying in the backseat falling asleep on my boyfriend. Watching movies or reading comics at my bestfriends house. Staying up until 5 am on the phone with someone I really love, haveing a conversation I dont ever want to hang up on. Dreaming perfect dreams about all the people I care about...that's what I'd like to have when I die....I want to stay in that dream-like state....never let that die...

laura <>
Mon Dec 31 21:41:57 2001

the memory of the one moment when i made her really happy(if there was ever such a moment) because thats all i ever wanted, to make her happy.

arlene <>
Mon Dec 31 22:26:01 2001

the taste and smell of my mother's breast in my mouth, being warmed and loved and satisfied and filled up with milk and not ever knowing about all the bullshit to come

Maxine <>
Tue Jan 1 14:49:43 2002

My innocence and happiness..which was lost with age...and the realization that most people are selfish...

Ashes <>
Sat Jan 5 12:57:29 2002

If i die, i'd like to bring with me the memory of my childhood. my entire childhood, when everything was innocent and care-free...

JeZ <>
Sat Jan 5 17:45:57 2002

that one night watching the street lights outside the the window. letting go of it all, chasing after [___], i will wait forever. goodnight, goodnight. i think it's time we went to sleep but i know we don't want to. fighting over time. tears. don't cry. i will be your someone.

EMP <>
Wed Jan 9 15:28:22 2002

Coming home from my first concert with my Dad..sitting with him in the silence of the car, and realising he understood me for a few hours.

A. <>
Thu Jan 10 15:24:42 2002

the sight/smell/feel of the sea waves, calm on the beachfront, during sunset. Nothing more, nothing less, this is for me the best

Thu Jan 10 17:49:54 2002

The sound of a small childs laughter.

Karen Marie Llorens <>
Mon Jan 14 00:45:40 2002

You know I use to think I had this all figured out...that if someone were to ask me what one thing I would take ....I would very matter of factly say ...oh the first family vacation we ever took, all five of us, still in our happy times, when me and my two brothers were still innocent, still naive, ignorant to the ways of the world. But now I have lived so much after that moment in my life, that I can't just stick with one memory....because if I had the option and I could only choose one memory I would rather die remembering nothing as opposed to being robbed of so many other wonderful memories. If I could take a few, the first I would have to say would be the memory of the smell of the back of my little brothers head. If there is a smell to describe long as I had that smell around I would always feel like I have a place to call my own. That would be my home. I would take all the time my dad asked for a back rub and nagged at me to do something right for the first time in my life...those may have pissed me off at first, but without them my papi, would not be papi. The day my mother told me that if there was anyones opinion of her she valued almost as much as God's, it was mine, and she would die if I thought badly of her. The times I got up there with my older brother. Because he showed a whole new world, and in those few hours that we were there, I saw him in a different way, and I loooooved him so much. And the memory of all the stoges with Laura. The memories of July 28, Feb 28, and Aug 29. Best concerts I've ever been too, I mean the memory of a crowd of thousands of people screaming for music. The memory of music would be one...and sight....and his lips...I would take that memory with me..always his lips, his eyes, and his smell. But thats only if I could take more than one...ya know....

zeroisnine <>
Mon Jan 28 02:43:34 2002

i don't know.
and thats how i want it to be.

i've always felt that some of the best things in life are the ones we take for granted.

and i want the best and most beautiful memory i have taken for granted.

so as to be a reminder.

that there is so much more

i have forgotten.

Karthik <>
Mon Feb 4 05:02:44 2002

Looking up at the stars with "her" in my arms ad not wanting to let go... those hours can feel like mere moments... and that would be a moment I'd like to remember... now, if only I could have a light snowfall with that memory...

Terry <>
Sun Feb 10 02:24:57 2002

Love and friendship.

Becky <>
Wed Feb 13 13:59:17 2002

Memories of waking up with that one person that you've given your heart to, and then having that moment eclipsed with a smile at the sight of their resting face, and slow breathing.

n/a <>
Sat Feb 16 15:01:27 2002

Can't decide between:
1)The happiest moment in my life
2) The saddest moment in my life
3) If I unintentionally put a smile on someone's face!

Dave <>
Tue Feb 19 17:36:26 2002

Looking into her eyes looking into my eyes.

brittany <>
Sun Mar 3 19:08:58 2002

well.. this is a hard question.. but i think i have a couple of answers .. i would take the memory of falling in love, the memory of my best friend and the way i felt for our friendship.. and last but not least the only true thing that matters to my whole existance would be the feeling u get at a concert the rush that pushes u to the floor ... the sound and memory of music... KURT forever

Fri Mar 15 05:45:33 2002

The special moment when my sweetheart whisphered "I LOVE YOU".....

Sat Nov 1 15:02:40 2003

Pure Love, Pure Pain.

Tue Nov 18 00:34:17 2003

Walking on the beach with the most special people in the world to me...

Tyna <>
Sun Oct 17 16:10:12 2004

The carefree moments of my childhood, where everything was still beautiful and I was still innocent

Mon Nov 26 07:33:52 2007

il pick the first time me and my baby bums met each other since we live from another state =[

and my family and friends ^________^

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