If you could live forever, at what age would you like to stop aging? Why?
lyndy <luckylyndy2@yahoo.com>
Mon Apr 27 20:06:58 2009

I would like to stop at 4--when i still believed that people I loved lived forever.

cherry <kallyn_lili@yahoo.com>
Fri May 8 13:59:55 2009

i would stop aging at 21 because i think after that there really isn't much to look forward to.

Thu May 28 00:17:06 2009

Twenty-one: old enough to work when and if I wish, to satisfy the need for some meaningful occupation when it arises; young enough to play, lounge about, travel, and make a fool of myself when the mood strikes me.

novemberrain <novemberrain19@gmail.com>
Mon Jun 29 13:12:45 2009

25. Seems like a good age to me.

Daniel <everest29@hotmail.com>
Tue Mar 2 12:22:48 2010

21? Haha. If you really think there isn't much to look forward to after 21, you really need to set new, more ambitious goals.

I think mid thirties. You are physically still strong and healthy and yet have enough experience to know what you enjoy and value, and why.

Anabel <anabgtrrz@aol.com>
Tue Jul 20 18:37:17 2010

I would stop at 60...hopefully I will be old and wise.

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