Created: Mon Dec 31 14:47:41 2001

Who wants to live forever?

Laura <>
Mon Dec 31 22:11:11 2001

the idiodic or the genius. the idiodic would want to be alive to watch how they can effect things, and to feel power(worthless as tha power may be) and the genius' to watch how the world evolves, and to see the idiots that think they are someone.

Jason <>
Tue Jan 1 12:36:01 2002

I do.

I wanted to be there at the time of the big bang. I wanted to be there when life first appeared. I wanted to be there when the comet slammed into earth and almost wiped out life. I want to see civilisations rise and fall.

I want to be there when they map out the entire DNA string and super-splice genes. I want to be there when the internet is intergrated into our brains. I want to be there when the sun finally explodes and engulfs earth.

I want to be there when humans learn true flight!

I want to be there when we colonise outside the solar system, outside the milky way. I want to be there when we can travel faster than the speed of light. I want to be there when we can enter a black hole safely, to travel through worm-holes. I want to be there when we harness the powers of suns to curve space.

I want to be there at the big crunch. I want to be there when everything becomes a singularity.

I want to live forever.

Mike <>
Tue Jan 1 14:27:05 2002

Me too. I want to see how the human race will screw itself over. I want to see if all of our science and technology will be able to save the ones we love as we watch them die from radiation sickness from the hole in the o-zone layer, or biological warfare spreads unimaginable diseases across the entire planet. I want to see if we ever get of the planet and crap on the new ones we discover like we did Earth. I want to see if we will ever learn from our mistakes. And at the climax of it all, I want to see it all go down and end in a beautiful combonation of fire and smoke. I too want to live forever.

Tue Jan 1 14:44:49 2002

umm, Jason, faster than light travel will screw up a lot of stuff(dealing with negative time) that said, I don't think I could bear living forever, seeing all my friends die as I live on, and having it happen over and over again.

Maxine <>
Tue Jan 1 14:53:39 2002

I want to live forever but not as a person, more like a star...To be able to watch things happen and be wished on...To truly know people...But physically, I want to be here for the end of the world...See what it's about and if any of the propehcies existed...That and if God really exists...

Tue Jan 1 16:29:40 2002

Knowing that nothing would be permanent, that everything you love or grow close to would leave, that tomorrow would bring the same trite feelings that the millions of previous days have brought, that you would be foreced to lose everything you've always treasured, that time would be meaningless, that the greatest pleasures, the ones that last only a shirt while, would be forever forgotten in a midst of the eternity you live one could truly say they want that.

Dustin <>
Tue Jan 1 17:23:23 2002

I just want to see the end. I want to watch the human race burn in their own, silly little way. Clinging to their thousand dollar chunks of wires and plastic, praying to their own invisible man in the sky. I want to see how Self-Flushing Toilets will save Humanity.

Agent <>
Tue Jan 1 20:10:15 2002

I don't. First of all, I wouldn't get to see my family and friends ever again, and second of all, what would happen to you when the world died? The sun blew up? Just because you're immortal doesn't mean you don't suffer in space.

Neelia <>
Tue Jan 1 23:38:23 2002

The fact that you would lose everyone you love is irrelevant. Loving is not about eternity. You have to go into it knowing that it *will* end one day. Is living forever really any different? I suppose it'd give you lots of opportunities to learn and see and all, but I think I'd get more cynical every day until i was unbearable. Might be fun, but not for me. Death is the ultimate nap. (problems? me? noo...)

Wed Jan 2 00:13:54 2002

I don't. Maybe 4 times as long as I will live. But I think I'd get sick of this shit after a while.

ink <>
Wed Jan 2 00:26:32 2002

Ridiculous. Anyone who says that they want to live forever obviously hasn't pondered just what "forever" means. It means you will never rest. It means that you will live longer than all of your friends, all of your family, everyone who loves you, every intelligent creature in the universe, and you will ultimately end up floating alone in a void of nothingness. Probability is gone. You will feel pain, and it will be infinite. Pleasure, too, but how many of us are even content with the pleasure we have now? Can you imagine an eternity of unwillingly focusing on the absolute worst and most painful moments any living thing can experience? That would be your life. Don't belittle the word. Forever is beyond us, and infinity is nothing to screw with.

gaspi <>
Wed Jan 2 15:20:16 2002

Good question.. when I think about it, I really don't want to live forever.. maybe for a 500 or 1000 years to see how the humanity will evolve(or devolve), but forever.. no, thanks

joy <>
Wed Jan 2 21:31:53 2002

ok so this doesn't exactly answer the question ... but i asked a friend of mine why he would want to live forever ... and his answer was "to see how humanity ends"

Aeon <>
Wed Jan 2 22:55:32 2002

Forever is relative. If were to look at it on a theological standpoint we all would live forever spiritually. To live forever in a corporeal existance would be interesting, I wouldn't watch people evolve, just watch people. I would watch the complicated machine that is man. I would keep journals and share them. Eternity would breed amazing stories.

Devin Jessup <>
Thu Jan 3 04:25:10 2002

I don't think I want to live forever, but I want to live as long as humanity does. I have thought this through, really. I'll lose my friends and family, I know. I'll mourn each of them and miss them, but I have something I want to find. Someone said he wanted to live to see the big events, like colonizing outside the solar system. I don't. I want to find the small events that make things matter. I want to be there after the big battles, so I can talk to the soldiers who fight in the big battles- not about the battles, but why they're fighting, who they're fighting for, and what they want to go home to afterwards. I want to be there when the first humans land on another planet, so I can go talk to the first guy I meet in a diner, to find out how he feels about it- Is he proud of humanity? Is he worried that we'll screw up another planet? Is he too worried about his job and his paying his mortgage to worry about some scientist on another planet? I want to be there after humanity royally screws itself over, because I want to see how it recovers, what convinces it that it's worth rebuilding. There will be thousands or millions to write down the big events that make up history. It doesn't matter if I live for that. But I want to be there to learn the millions of little stories that make up humanity.

Jason P <>
Thu Jan 3 04:40:35 2002

Who wants to live forever? Nobody hopefully... If we lived forever we would see so much horror. We would see everything we ever loved and everyone we cared for go. We would see mankind burst with dark shadows of terror death and pain, and we would only see slight glimpses of peace and love. Maybe mankind will change for the better, but based on our record so far, I think it would be one hell of a bad risk to take. Eternity in the hands of man, is the damnation of time... Kinda reminds me of life, so much bad, and only a little good, hmmm would it be worth it??? Who knows???

Jeff <>
Thu Jan 3 09:57:13 2002

Is forever even real? Is there such a thing as the infinite?

infinitygirl <>
Fri Jan 4 07:13:39 2002

Humans weren't meant to live forever because humankind is a balance of birth and death. Living forever is just a really nice thing to think about.

Ashes <>
Sat Jan 5 12:58:19 2002

I don't think I could stand to watch all those I love die and know that I would never again see them. Ever.

JeZ <>
Sat Jan 5 17:36:23 2002

instead of living forever, i want to choose when i will die. i'll admit that i want to see humans in space and i want to explore the farthest reaches of what exists, perhaps it is that i am looking for something also, as someone already said. or that having found what i'm looking for and losing it at the same time, i want to know if there is anything that is like what i lost in a world that is so full of singularities.

ballisticus <>
Sat Jan 5 18:10:28 2002

i want to live forever so i can dwell in my own depression

Emily <>
Sat Jan 5 22:55:24 2002

Why even bother debating? I already know that I'm going to live forever. Maybe not as a person or a force to be reckoned with, but I can't predict how me saying hi to someone is going to affect them. I might have just saved the life of the son of god, and I'd have no way of knowing. Comforting thought, I may or may not alter the course of history and change the future forever.

A. <>
Thu Jan 10 15:33:43 2002

I saw eternitity in a simple second of time, I felt truly, madly, deeply, alive. What is there more to be desired? I live forever, but "what is forever, anyway"

zeroisnine <>
Mon Jan 28 02:39:44 2002

you're question assumes an answers to which i need to be able to answer the question.

what is life? what is living?

is it breathing?
going day to day surviving?
working your job?
is that life?

is it a walk on the sunset with someone who is closer to you then you can begin to imagine?

or is it sitting in a hard chair alone with the knowledge that you are alone being reasserted in your head?

is it beautiful?

is it horrible?

is it the only thing that we will ever have?

or is it all in the losing of it?

and perhaps MOST important of all...

was i ever alive to begin with?

Denise <>
Tue Jan 29 20:14:24 2002

We only cherish things when they come in little tiny packages, I think it's the same with life. If we had to contend with a 'forever', then there's really no point in living!

mat J <>
Thu Jan 31 08:13:13 2002

Immortal but not invulnerable (lets not take all the chance out of it) I want to be around when apes will be our masters just because there's nothing quite as funny as monkeys being like people

Karthik <>
Mon Feb 4 04:59:46 2002

Forever is far too long for me. I don't trust myself with the responsibility of being immortal, and yes, it would be a responsibility, because, as time goes on, my knowledge would grow, as would, hopefully my wisdom, and I do not want to be the wisest man alive... too much responsibility. Just that I admit I couldn't do a god's job, I couldn't handle being immortal... too long and too hard

Kere <>
Wed Feb 6 13:21:04 2002

Faster than the speed of light? wouldn't that take an infinite amount of energy? Yeah, maybe I'd want to live forever for that. Maybe not. With my luck I'd be an immortal head somewhere down in a hole. immortality would be very powerful, but, things like that also have a way of giving you a big kick in the ass. I think I'd just like to die.

missmuffet <>
Sun Feb 10 05:55:53 2002

I'd like to live forever, maybe. But I'll probably kill myself trying.

N/A <>
Sat Feb 16 14:52:35 2002

Not one more second. Only If I had guts to do it.

Belle <>
Sun Feb 17 22:42:19 2002

I think Juliet Pang said it best:
"I love life coz I can live only this much"
If life was forever we'd never take advantage of anything....

Dave <>
Tue Feb 19 17:40:29 2002

If existence is a story, what's the fun in leaving after chapter 2?

Jez <>
Sat Apr 13 17:24:14 2002

well no i dont want to live forever. For the following reasons

1)i would not see my friends ever again.
2)would not know if there is an afterlife.
3)this rock we live on aint gonna last forever.
4) i think id start to smell a bit after a couple of hundrad years

Nikki <>
Thu Jul 17 12:22:28 2003

i want to live as long as God allows me. I couldnt stand to see everyone i know and love die and still be here, but thats not really the reason.............i want to get my chance in heaven, i mean who dosnt want to meet God? stand in his presence? he gives you eternal life, who needs to be bound to earth forever when you can get that?

Amber <>
Sun Oct 12 07:33:12 2003

Cher does, obviously.

Mortal life for me, thanks. We're given the time we need; I agree with Gaiman on the point that fifteen and fifteen thousand years are both just lifetimes.

I'll settle for learning, loving, growing, changing, dying and being cliche.

Tue Oct 28 16:20:32 2003

I'd like to live forever, tho, i'd rather die then live, i wouldn't just like to be handed immortality, i'd rather be believed dead (like be a vamp or whatnot) so i wouldn't have to watch my loved ones die...on second thought...i'd like to spend everylast second with them...

Wed Dec 17 13:25:22 2003

i'm cool wif either mortal or immortal life...wif a mortal life , i will die after a short stint on this blue planet after that i rest my bones for all eternity, nothing i did in my life will bother me ever again

wif immortal life wat i do in my life will haunt me for all ages till the stars die and the universe collapse but then again wif immortal life i can be a living human history txtbook i can offer advice world leaders on how to negotiate thru bad times be it a nuke crisis or economic crisis becoz chances are that i have experienced it be4 and i therefore will noe how to solve these problems

Thu Aug 25 15:31:38 2005

living is a dream and we must all wake up at some point. we dont get a choice

Tue Mar 21 22:35:46 2006

I don't. you would have to go through the world and see all the awful stuff that happens everyday. would you get old or stay young forever. how would you explain that. It would just be to complicated!

Kira <>
Wed Apr 12 14:48:05 2006

I already feel as if I'm looking at life from a distance. Immortality would make it a thousand times worse. And I would never want to take life for granted, which I'm certain would be inevitable.

I'm going to miss so much, so many wonders and discoveries, but knowing I'm mortal and that I may never see most of the future I imagine, drives me to go as far into the future as I can. Were I to live forever, all I would have to do is wait and watch.

From the mouth of Babes
Sat Feb 3 12:52:05 2007

There exist so much which atest to the notion humans were meant to have everlasting life. Our brain's ability to store vast knowledge which we never meet in just 70 to 80 years.
I'm seventeen and I would jump at the oppertunity to live seventy thousand years, not seeing such an extensive life as something to fear or that would eventually become boring.
Of course when I say this I'm not considering living in this dire stage the world is in. If we had the will to live forever in this world of crime, sorrow, and pain, not even the obvious nutcase would want to.
But I know that the state the world is in now, will not remain. Really think about it, why were humans made?
The bible, the most widely read and accrute book all over the world talks of a man and woman being created with the purpose to fill the earth. Before our shortcomings fell upon us, didn't humans live for a rediculous amount of time? In the prehistorical flood days man were recorded to live beyound 180 years.
Imagine living, not in the times today, but in a time where you can go to sleep at night with the doors unlock. A time when you can travel anywhere in the world and any man is a brother to you and would welcome you to stay with them. A time free of crimes, of violence, of hate, and the destroying of the earth's resouces and beauty. A time when you wouldn't have to worry about diseases or seeing your love ones die. A time were the disease of aging will cease to exist. The bible talks of such a time.
I am not a babbling fool, I read all these comments and it pains me to see such a blindness on the part of so many. What I discribe is not absurd, nor is it not a reality. It is hope given from the bible, hope from the father who is not responsible for how awful the world is, but still wants his first purpose, his only purpose to be obtain. The hope of everlasting life in a refine, new world.
The question shouldn't be does anyone want to live forever, but DO YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREVER IN THE WORLD HUMANITY WAS MEANT FOR? if so are you willing to find out how?

Sat Jun 30 07:22:45 2007

why do people fear death? it's a fear of "nothingness" really. what scares people the most is the time they'll miss out on. but in reality- there is no such thing as 'time.' time can only exist with physical energy. since there is no physcial energy in death - it is a state of no movement, no time, "nothingness". we all have our own "forever" and we preserve this "forever" that is our life till the day we die. when forever comes to an 'end.' think about this. if the universe never meets its fate (the big crunch) we could live forever- our lives would be meaningless. we'd forget the most important things that happened billions of years ago such as childhood, marraige and having children.
in my opinion, i'm already living forever because 'forever' to me is my life. i beleive that i can preserve my life and memories forever.

Tue Dec 4 10:04:05 2007

I would love to live forever! And I think those that do not want too is because they are thinking that to live forever is only a dream, but it's not. We all have the desire of living forever because God has put internity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11) That's why when we are sick we go to the doctor why? because we do not want to die. God's purpose has always been for humans to live forever and that's why even when adam and eve sinned and we lost that opportunity, he gave his only beggotten son to give us the opportunity of life everlasting if we do God's will which is in the Bible.
So in conclusion, we all want to live forever deep inside because God himself made us in that way, but not to live in these conditions that we live in NOW but in optimal conditions like the ones God put Adam and Eve at the beginning.

bubster <>
Thu Dec 25 00:34:05 2008

I want to live until there is no longer a spark of hope for mankind,then about 10 more minutes.

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