Created: Sun Jan 6 00:02:35 2002

If you had 10 minutes on a stage where the entire world will listen to you, what song will you sing? Why?

Agent <>
Sun Jan 6 00:10:36 2002

I'd sing "Jingle Bells", because everyone needs more Christmas spirit. Even though it's January 6th.

nichole <>
Sun Jan 6 00:25:53 2002

peace on earth by u2..for obvious reasons

Jen <>
Sun Jan 6 02:00:09 2002

Pig by Dave Matthews everyone needs to hear that song...

Fridge <>
Sun Jan 6 04:45:00 2002

Crawling In The Dark by Hoobastank. People need to be depressed, dammit!

Dreamer <somewhere@out.there>
Sun Jan 6 09:16:23 2002

ask me this question tomorrow and my answer would have changed. For now, I'll sing "kiss the rain"

Vince <>
Sun Jan 6 10:05:59 2002

Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil. Everyone should be free.

mike <>
Sun Jan 6 14:37:04 2002

Where is my mind? by the pixies.

joy <>
Sun Jan 6 14:52:45 2002

somewhat damaged by nine inch nails

Zander <>
Sun Jan 6 15:59:50 2002

I'll be watching you drown by Our Lady Peace, thats my answer today.

Sun Jan 6 17:03:07 2002

right now? hrmm, I'd have to go with beautiful world (ratm cover, not devo)

Emily <>
Sun Jan 6 17:14:29 2002

I would sing "Don't Worry, Be Happy," because it needs to be sung.

Laura <>
Sun Jan 6 19:23:52 2002

we didnt start the fire by billy joel, but i will prob. change my mind tomorrow!

amythyst <>
Sun Jan 6 22:36:55 2002

"Great Green globs of Greasy Grimy Gopher guts" because its stuck in my head always and i would probably only be able to remember that on stage.

Jason <>
Mon Jan 7 00:06:24 2002

I Don't Like Mondays by The Boomtown Rats.

Love, loss, suicide... what reason do you need to die?

a.myers <>
Mon Jan 7 00:31:56 2002

I would sing Mr. Jones by Counting Crows; everyone needs inspiration and hope.

tootsie <>
Mon Jan 7 02:31:34 2002

Have yourselves a merry lil' x'mas

Susan <>
Mon Jan 7 06:44:52 2002

Bed of Roses, by Bon Jovi Why not?

Thomas Kuiper <>
Mon Jan 7 14:14:43 2002

I'd sing Bob Dylan's Blowing in the Wind cause I can't think of anything more cruel

Hiro <>
Mon Jan 7 15:51:04 2002

Imagine ~John Lennon

drea <>
Mon Jan 7 17:27:07 2002

the rainbow song from the muppet movie. something sweet & sad with a touch of inspiration.

??????? <>
Mon Jan 7 21:12:34 2002

I will sing 2000 volts by big bad voodoo daddies.

Stacey <>
Mon Jan 7 22:53:17 2002

Well...if i had a beautiful voice to go with it....I would sing "Don't push love away" By The Juliana Theory.

Psudo <>
Tue Jan 8 01:27:30 2002

(If I could sign) I would sing "People Are People" by Depeche Mode. It has both sides of the debate: it's cool AND it's pro-world-peace.

levin <>
Tue Jan 8 01:54:08 2002

id sing the baseline track by medway ...b/c its a very deep and emotional track that is close to my heart.

EMP <>
Tue Jan 8 18:06:09 2002

"The Unforgiven" by Metallica

Joel <>
Tue Jan 8 22:26:56 2002

I would sing Requeim for a Dream- SUMMER Overture, because it's such a beautiful song and everyone needs to hear it.

julio <>
Wed Jan 9 18:30:09 2002

I would sing "Can't take my eyes off of you" cause I can do it better than Heath Ledger

Vehementi <>
Thu Jan 10 03:53:07 2002

I'd attempt and fail to sing VNV Nation - Solitary. I'd probably drag Ronan up there to help ;)

J e d i <>
Thu Jan 10 07:36:16 2002

"baby got back" by Sir Mixalot....cause its all true...if your black....which i am not....

A <>
Thu Jan 10 15:21:35 2002

time of your life by greenday.

Thu Jan 10 17:40:59 2002

"Ghost of Tom Joad"...the remake by Rage Against the machine...

Sergo <>
Thu Jan 10 20:56:32 2002

I'd go through "No Rain" by Blind Melon

Trimangle <>
Fri Jan 11 02:45:37 2002

I'd sing 8 minutes of silence. (It's an actual piece)

Raymond <>
Fri Jan 11 10:24:25 2002

"Time in a Bottle." (a direct reflection of the West, especially for the last century)

Sci-co Kid <>
Fri Jan 11 10:26:07 2002

The theme from M*A*S*H- Suicide is Painless (the one by the manic street preachers) because it really just sums up everything. "Oh why ask me?"

charlie c <>
Fri Jan 11 15:14:28 2002

No Doubt - Oi to the world

Fri Jan 11 17:51:01 2002

I would sing "In the End" by Linkin Park, solely because it is the best song I have ever heard.

kilohertz <>
Fri Jan 11 18:25:29 2002

Today I would have to say that it would be "What a Wonderful World."

Amber <>
Fri Jan 11 18:50:22 2002

"In my life" by the beatles...My favorite song by them and everyone needs soem more beatles!!!

Jonathan Proctor <>
Fri Jan 11 21:46:19 2002

"Round Here" by Counting Crows...if you take the time to actually listen to the lyrics, the song is very powerful.

Ben <>
Fri Jan 11 22:12:08 2002

Hallelujah, by John Cale, because it suits my impression of life.

nathan <>
Sun Jan 13 00:22:52 2002

street spirit(fade away) by radiohead

Todd <>
Sun Jan 13 05:24:05 2002

'Yellow Ledbetter' by Pearl Jam, because the complexity of the lyrics would distract people from their pathetic lives for several moments.

glow <>
Sun Jan 13 07:44:32 2002

"war" by bob marley.everyday is war indeed.

Denise <>
Sun Jan 13 10:38:50 2002

I'd sing "All I Want" by Toad the Wet Sprocket. (Though I'd probably wreck it if I sang it.)

MarkofKaine <>
Sun Jan 13 13:14:56 2002

"Untitled" by the Smashing Pumpkins because within faith, and love lies happiness.

Amy <>
Sun Jan 13 23:36:17 2002

How's it Gonna Be by Third Eye Blind...

Karen Marie Llorens <>
Mon Jan 14 00:30:35 2002

Wow. That's a great question. I would have to with Time, by Backstreet Boys.

Izzy Mansour <>
Mon Jan 14 03:53:05 2002

I'd be hardpressed to choose but I think it would be "Lebanon" By the Human League. Cause who will have won when the soldiers have gone from the Lebanon. It is true for most of our silly wars.

Keith <>
Mon Jan 14 13:10:00 2002

Imagine by John Lennon

zeroisnine <>
Tue Jan 15 10:15:25 2002

well i can't sing, but if i could i would sing, "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails, not really for whatever grand social effect it would have or anything like that, its just my favorite song, and its a song i'd like people to hear.

jay <>
Tue Jan 15 14:02:51 2002

don't go away by oasis, just because.

brian <>
Tue Jan 15 18:03:24 2002

I would sing the only true poem in rock by the one treu poet...Visions of Johanna by Bob Dylan

meg <>
Tue Jan 15 22:39:40 2002

i'd sing landslide by fleetwood mac. it's my mom's favorite band, and i think that it really defines what i feel i'm going through right now in my life.

resh <>
Tue Jan 15 23:43:30 2002

I think it would be Bridge Over Troubled Waters by Simon and has a soothing thing about it.

Joe K <>
Wed Jan 16 00:03:47 2002

Imagine - John Lennon

Belinda <>
Sun Jan 27 09:35:55 2002

i'd sing Hallelujah, the Buckley version. or Counting Crows. Ahhhh, too many choices!

Mat J <>
Thu Jan 31 08:17:25 2002

I would sing Subterrainian homesick blues by the great Bob Dylan if i thought the world wasn't actually going to listen but if it was i'd sing three little birds by Bob Marley

Karthik <>
Mon Feb 4 04:56:15 2002

Seek Up by Dave Matthews Band

Terry <>
Sun Feb 10 02:28:09 2002

Thriller by Michael Jackson because he is hot!

N/A <>
Sat Feb 16 14:51:13 2002

My Own Prison by Creed or Whats this life for by Creed

Johnny Kinks
Sun Feb 17 22:51:02 2002

Smoke 2 Joints by Sublime....

YGC <>
Mon Feb 18 07:10:28 2002

Just singing won´t do.I (and I suppose every one else here) want people to really know the feeling that I had when I heared a very special song. Fe. "Bed of roses" when I´m far away from my love(´caus of vaious reasons in all possible ways) or "viva forever" when I was watching the night sky 'guarding' the border of my home country.
Sometimes it is important to REALLY listen to the lyrics. There is often a deep truth in songs that have obviously been writthen for comercial reasons only, even if it wasn´t meat that way. Sometimes U just have to litsen carefully enought. Nobody feels RAELLY the same no matter how many people are listening. Similar of course, but not the same. After all I´m trying to get to hear as many of the songs mentioned as possible.
To make a descision, I´d sing "merry Christmas everyone", ´cause that´s quite my idea of what the world should be.

Dave <>
Tue Feb 19 17:43:54 2002

"The Impossible Dream" from the musical "Man of La Mancha"

Michael Browne <>
Sun Feb 24 07:14:37 2002

Don McLean's "American Pie", because it's an epic of bittersweet, tearful emotions, and I want my time up on the stage to last (given the song's 8+ minute length). It's just the perfect song to sing, too, especially in the beginning and at the end, when it's very slow. It's beauty and melancholy and wonderful music all in one

brittany <>
Sun Mar 3 19:15:34 2002

i would sing so many songs but if i had to only sing 1 it would be .... something in the way by nirvana... not only bc that song has had a major impact on my life but because the way u feel when u hear kurts voice or the feeling u get when ur at a concert

Mike <>
Sat Mar 16 06:34:35 2002

I'd sing "ass 'n' titties" just to see the look on their faces...

Sun Mar 17 05:10:38 2002

i'd [try to] sing breatihng light by nitin sawhney, cos its beautiful and bcos like nelson mandela says "we r free to be free"

S. <>
Sun Mar 31 12:24:36 2002

Probably a Dave Matthews Band song, b/c I am a humongous fan. I'd choose Crash Into Me (my favorite) or Pig..."Don't burn the day away..." Love that line, Or I would sing Lie In Our Graves, "Would you not like to be, ok, ok, ok?..."

chan <>
Mon Apr 1 03:04:58 2002

eat my dust you insensitive fuck by catherine wheel
- for someone i know

McDeus <>
Thu Apr 4 01:48:46 2002

FYI, Smoke 2 Joints is a Bob Marley song. Props to Sublime, but let's give cred where it's truly due.

How about "Get Up, Stand Up", and I like Tosh's version better.

Ash <>
Sun Apr 7 10:25:59 2002

Chelsea Morning by Joni Mitchell because it's a gorgeous song.

SINdri <>
Fri Apr 26 20:04:21 2002

"Hymn of the Big Wheel" by Massive Attack, or anything by Björk... let's say "Hyperballad" or her cover of "Gloomy Sunday"... but the latter would probably cause many suicides, it is so saaaaad...

Ashes <>
Mon Apr 29 14:33:45 2002

And I could Not Ask For More by Sara Evans

because when you're simply holding the one you love, every word is the pure and simple truth.

Sat May 4 23:08:24 2002

"Hey Jude" would go out to a very special person...
I Love you, paperback writer...we'll make it one day...they'll hear our song...

Jess <>
Thu May 9 19:53:54 2002

In my life - The Beatles

Nath <>
Tue May 21 11:35:36 2002

i'm not affraid
by skunk anansie. -or-
small black flowers that grow in the sky bye the manic street preachers. (because no-one ell have a clue but the song IS beauty) anything by the manics.

Me <>
Tue May 21 20:24:38 2002

To Charlie.... No Doubt COVERED that song... the Vandals did the original.

marsteller <>
Sat Jun 1 01:26:41 2002

10 minutes...i'd do 2 songs...first would be Fool in the Rain, by Led Zeppelin...second would be King of the Thing, by O.A.R.

sarah <>
Thu May 1 09:17:52 2003

needle in the hay - elliot smith or it's okay - dead moon

Sat May 31 08:55:06 2003

i'm only happy when it rains
cos i am

Nikki <>
Thu Jul 17 12:06:35 2003

Amazing Grace........or we are tommroow- bleach, cuz my generation needs to wake up and realize that we ae tommorow, and we are really doin a crappy job gettin ready to have the world in our hands

hypocrite <>
Tue Oct 28 01:04:42 2003

Henry the Eigth

Wed Dec 17 13:17:47 2003

where is the love - black eye peas

Greg Soto <>
Fri Jan 30 11:30:11 2004

Either the Osacr Mayers wiener song or "1000 Miles", the Me first and the GImme Gimmes cover.

Wed Mar 31 07:48:01 2004

Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space by Spiritualized..

Brande <>
Tue Nov 16 11:31:59 2004

"Give Peace A Chance" by John Lennon. Enough said.

perry <>
Sat Apr 30 06:53:54 2005

heel de world my jackson,cos hes a eake man

Tue Jul 5 23:38:06 2005

switch-will smith

Thu Aug 25 15:06:18 2005

2morrow the answer prob would hav changd but 4 now... slipknot- the heretic anthem, cos think itd be funny if sumbody went on stage and screamed out to the world "if ur 555 then im 666!"

Wed Feb 22 17:46:44 2006

why would you sing No Doubt's Oi to the World when you could sing the real version by the Vandals? I'd sing that - or else something totally instrumental

Em Leach <>
Sun Jun 18 05:40:42 2006

its gotta be `earth song`-michael jackson

Mon Nov 27 23:09:06 2006

i'll give Bullet with Butterfly Wings by The Smashing Pumpkins a good whine

Jester <>
Mon Feb 5 11:57:19 2007

"We have all the time in the world" If i could sing like Louis Armstrong.

Tsu-chan <>
Thu Apr 26 21:10:08 2007

I would sing Connie Francis' "I Will Wait Forever," because I would want the one I love to know I'm still waiting for them.

Wes <>
Tue May 1 16:03:18 2007

I would deff. sing Suicide Is Painless. It can be a sad song for the ones who were there. I know its sad to me.

xx smecky ~! <>
Wed May 9 05:12:54 2007

nuff time 4 2 to 3 songs
Perfect- by Simple Plan
Golden- Fall Out Boy
thats my op 4 now..

Nimbus <>
Tue May 15 12:51:25 2007

Patinence by Guns N Roses, because the one I love loves that song.

Alex <>
Mon Jan 7 14:29:09 2008

"Help!" by The Beatles. thats such a neat song.

Fri Mar 21 15:19:15 2008

Penny Lane,, Cause Its Funny :L And Me & My Mates Sing It :L

graci <>
Mon Dec 15 18:06:20 2008

the sun will come out tommorow

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