Created: Tue Jan 8 02:40:36 2002

Compromise or sacrifice - what would you choose in what you love to do?

Jason <>
Tue Jan 8 02:42:30 2002

Tough. And compromise, is in itself, sacrifice.

I suppose when it comes to two people together, it has to be a little of both, but if the other truly loves you, he wouldn't ask of any sacrifice of you.

But that's my opinion only, of course, and I know it's not as simple as I put it to be. Interests clash, lines are blur, and often cross each other.

But ultimately (and personally) I would never knowingly seek to deny my girl of what she truly wants.

Emily <>
Tue Jan 8 20:30:23 2002

In matters of relationships, I would say compromise, because I don't think that I could ever be sure enough that the other person would sacrifice something for me if a time that necessitated it arose. I would much rather not back them into a potential corner and would seek to find a ground that was mutually beneficial instead.

Tue Jan 8 21:51:04 2002

if we're talking about love here, I'd sacrifice it all to make her happy. if it's like with art and whatnot, stuff I enjoy to do, I'd compromise

Wed Jan 9 16:03:07 2002

My very existence and happiness is based on the fact that I am able to be myself and be geniunely happy with who that person is. In this respect, I find it difficult to compromise or sacrifice who I am. It may sound selfish, but in all honesty, I don't feel I should have to do either of these things. Obviously, the small things, like an argument with a loved one, or making plans for the weekend, can be resolved with both compromise and sacrifice. But for the things I really love to do, for speaking my mind, for living life, I wouldn't choose either of those options.

A. <>
Thu Jan 10 15:28:36 2002

neither of them if it was so easy to choose. But I do them both and this plagues me. To compromise a life that is so fragile is like a sin, to sacrifice yourself for life that is so "full of sound and fury" is pointless.

Thu Jan 10 17:44:45 2002


How can you ever compromise something that you love?

Raymond <>
Fri Jan 11 10:30:17 2002

Sacrifice. Giving up the old implies accepting the new, and change brings contentment.

Neelia <>
Sat Jan 12 14:08:10 2002

Both a very lame and a very vague question. Neither one is good, but you have to do both.

Laura <>
Sat Jan 12 15:03:19 2002

It all depends on what it is that you love. If it is in a relationship, then i will sacrifice all that needs to be sacrificed, even if it is only a compromise that is needed, although i may not do this at all times. If you love anything, then you will always be willing to sacrifice everything you have, and if you arent, you dont really love it. Compromise is something everyone must do everyday to live, because you cant interact with others doing only what you want, unless you want to be thought of as selfish a little bit...but these are just my thoughts, and have no relvance to anything but my mind.

paul <>
Sat Jan 12 16:16:35 2002

is this serious?
sacrifice is love. when i love her, I am not an argument.

Karen Marie Llorens <>
Mon Jan 14 00:53:31 2002

Okay everyone is talking about relationships...but in just the general aspect I think that compromise is very important, because you may not always get exactly what you want, but something just as good comes along and if you are too stubborn and not able to compromise you will let a good thing pass you up. I do think that compromise and sacrifice go hand in hand though. Because compromising means that sacrificing something so that everyone is content. I think people should be well trained in both areas...they will make your life alot easier, in relationships....friendships.....and every other kinda ship.....

Agent <>
Mon Jan 14 18:43:07 2002

Compromise is a sacrafice. It is as simple as that. If you compromise, you're giving something up to make things equal between two (or more) people...or sometimes things.

Amber <>
Mon Jan 14 21:03:32 2002

Sacrifice. Giving something up 'proves' the love in that you know that waht you are giving up is nothing in comparison to what you're getting.

zeroisnine <>
Tue Jan 15 10:20:54 2002

both and neither.

when it comes to love, i feel you can do neither in the sense that any action you take should be because of that love. and since that love is in itself the ultimate gain, what you have choosen to "sacrifice" or "compromise" isn't really important or and in a sense you haven't done either.

its simply a readjustment of vision. its realizing what is the most important thing in the world to you. and never allowing THAT to be compromised or sacrificed.

i think too often today people "compromise" and "sacrifice" thinking of it as some sort of barter. i give this up and i get this.

but if its love, then the giving up should be in itself worth it.

Tue Jan 15 15:35:14 2002

With someone that I loved, I would compromise for them, to make them happy but try and make it clear that I was doing my best.

Something I like doing? I would sacrifice it for the person I loved.

Karthik <>
Mon Feb 4 04:47:19 2002

Always compromise... but, if you must sacrifice something which you truly love for love, reassess that love, because the one true love wouldn't require a sacrifice of something that you truly love.

Mat J <>
Tue Feb 12 06:36:05 2002

Compromise, don't cut off your nose to spite your face

Dave <>
Tue Feb 19 18:04:01 2002

Never sacrifice or compromise something you love. And a person who loves you should never ask you to do so.

Kere <>
Mon Mar 25 05:43:57 2002

Both, neither. Anything for true love.

raffy <>
Mon Nov 29 22:45:14 2004

compromise in a case of love would mean you'd be holding on to thepast sacrifice would leave room for the future.. however u never know what the tide wil bring, id sacrifice it all to make my love happy... wether it ment sacrificing me being with her in the end you realize that there really isnt any out there for you ull find sum1 else and know that that person will be happy cuz of u and youll b happy because of some1 else in the future to come

Briana <>
Tue Nov 7 02:53:42 2006

Sacrifice = compromise.
Carpe Diem. Sieze the day. If you truly and absolutely love someone, don't give up. Love always means compromising something in youor life to make another person happy. Even though that person may not ask you to give up anything. You do it any way because it feels right.

Nimbus <>
Wed May 16 11:49:06 2007

If its for love I would sacrifice it all for her, if not I'd just compromise.

Quy <>
Mon Nov 26 06:50:42 2007

hmms...i would pick both =]

i would sacrifice myself just to see her happy what ever i caused her to be sad

compromise? is fine with me too =]

but sacrifice yeh =]

Sun May 11 21:01:39 2008

Love-Compromise, only if no-one gets hurt. Remember: It works both ways. Doing anything EVIL for another is not compromising.

pervez <>
Wed Jul 16 14:14:11 2008

boys compromise more than girls...but at the same time girls need to understand it and if needs she has to sacrifice something....and if its happen then real love exsist there...

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