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Experience is the Best Teacher


You shouldn't listen in on your sister's conversation with her boyfriend because it gets too mushy.

Lezlee, age 11

When your mother is mad and asks you, "Do I look stupid?" it's best not to answer her.

Megham, age 13

I'll never take my mom's car out again until I can do it legally.

Lorie, age 14

Parents freak out when you have a party with loud music.

Eddie, age 10

Every time my grandparents sleep over, they snore through the night.

Megan, age 6

If you want something expensive, you should ask your grandparents.

Matthew, age 12

When I want to watch a TV show with my parents past my bedtime, my mom always sends me to bed no matter how much I fake being "absorbed" in the program.

Rebecca, age 11

Parents don't get enough appreciation.

Susanna, age 17

You should never laugh at your dad if he's mad or screaming at you.

Jogn, age 12

My little brother's dirty diapers are worse than liver.

Matt, age 11

If mom's not happy, nobody's happy.

Neely, age 13

If your mom's asleep, don't wake her up.

Amber, age 10

You can play the coolest tricks when people don't know that you have a twin.

Amie, age 16

When my dad says to be home at 11.30, he doesn't mean be in the driveway, but inside the house by myself.

Elizabeth, age 16

If your mom picks your clothes and you dislike them, tell her they don't fit.

Christie, age 12

You only have one mom, and you should take care of her.

Sean, age 12

Every time I am at home and I am getting on my parent's nerves, they wish I were at camp. And every time I'm at camp and nothing's bothering them, they miss me.

Ashley, age 12

My grandmother can say more in a sentence than a college professor can say in an hour and a half.

Angela, age 14

No matter how much I love something, mom will throw it away without a second's thought.

Brian, age 12

My dad will never be color coordinated.

Samuel, age 11

When you complain about doing the dishes, you usually get stuck doing them more often.

Nichole, age 14

The older you get, the harder your parents try to keep you little.

Emily, age 16

Even today, watching baseball with your grandpa is still a great American pastime.

Erin, age 13

You should never pick on your sister when she has a baseball bat in her hands.

Joel, age 12

I can remember what flavor of ice cream cone my grandmother and I shared at Disneyworld; but most of the time, I can't remember what day it is. I guess it depends on what you think is important.

Katherine, age 13

If you put your brother's hand in warm water, he will wet the bed.

Christopher, age 9

When you make a face behind your father's back, he turns around too quick for you to get away with it.

Elizabeth, age 12

It's no fun to stay up all night if your parents don't care.

Carrie, age 15

You should never ask your three-year-old brother to hold a tomato.

Alecia, age 12

Every time I complain to my mom that I'm bored, she tells me to go clean my room.

Joanna, age 13

If your sister hits you, don't hit her back. Parents always catch the second person.

Michael, age 10

If mom says "no," she means it. If dad says "no," it means maybe.

Joseph, age 13

When I think about my grandpas who are dead, tears jump into my eyes.

Calen, age 7

Brothers are annoying until they get a car.

Leslie, age 12

No matter what I do, my mom can always tell when I'm lying.

Jamie, age 16

It isn't the best thing to dump a bowl of ice cream over your brother's head - no matter how mad you are.

Laura, age 12

You can't play sick and then expect your mom to let you go to the mall after school.

Wendy, age 14

When your mom is mad at your dad, don't let her brush your hair.

Morgan, age 11

Once you've lost your parents' trust, it's hard to earn it back.

Kara, age 13

You should not pick your nose because your mom will SCREAM!!!

Tiffany, age 8

If you live with five other women, you have to get up bright and early to get into the bathroom.

Meghann, age 13

One of the greatest feelings in the world is the feeling you get when your little sister shows that she admires you.

Dawn, age 14

I appreciate my mom more than she knows.

David, age 15

Parents have eyes in the backs of their heads.

Melissa, age 12

Despite all the loving and caring relationships in the world, there is nothing more loving than the feel of my mother's hand on my forehead when I am sick.

Rosemary, age 17

It seems like the oldest one always gets in trouble even if she didn't do it.

Sally, age 11

Parents should come with instructions.

Shanna, age 14

It's not always easy being a kid, but I bet it's even harder being an adult.

Julie, age 11

I should ask my dad what a word means unless I want to look it up in the dictionary.

Angela, age 9

You should never tell your parents when you're curious about girls because many lectures will come in the future.

Reza, age 12


Being a good friend is a twenty-four-hour job.

Jill, age 14

When you are sick, friends can sometimes be a better medicine than the kind the doctor gives you.

Julie Anne, age 12

You should never tell your friends your parents' nickname for you or you'll never hear the end of it.

Jennifer, age 12

If you tell your friend that you like a boy and say that she can tell only one person, she tells the world.

Melissa, age 13

When you buy a car for the first time, your number of friends increases dramatically.

Jeffrey, age 16

When you move, you find out who your true friends are by the ones who make an effort to keep in touch with you.

Kelly, age 11

No matter how many friends you have, there is always room for one more.

Andrea, age 14

My REAL friends aren't the ones I go out with, but the ones who listen to men when I need an ear and the ones I can cry to when I need a shoulder.

Cory, age 17

Your best friends are the ones who don't believe the rumours about you.

Maria, age 13

You never put a boyfriend before family. Family will always be there - boyfriends come and go.

Jessica, age 16

You should not be the first one to fall asleep at a slumber party.

Katie, age 12

If you have true friends, you can get through anything.

Jessica, age 15

If you give your enemy a second chance, she might turn out to be your best friend.

Meghann, age 13

Old friends are like old sneakers - always comfortable.

Lindsay, age 12

One best friend is better than a whole bunch of friends.

Kim, age 11

Having a friend that you can confide in is better than a million dollars.

Rachel, age 12

My true friends are those who are there for me, not just to cheer me up, but to cheer me on.

Elise, age 14

Real true friends are the ones who don't mind driving ten miles out of their way to pick you up for school each morning.

Donna, age 17

You should never wear a red shirt with black polka dots because your friends will call you a lady bug.

Stefanie, age 8

You don't miss the old neighbouhood until you move away.

Melissa, age 15

If you can't trust a friend, then that person really isn't your friend. What is a friend without trust?

Andrea, age 14

Everything is more fun with a friend.

Rebekah, age 15


Reading what people write on desks can teach you a lot.

Tiffany, age 13

The class in school I hate the most is the one I learn the most from.

Joanne, age 10

The boys' restroom smells, but the girls' restroom doesn't.

Devin, age 10

All the bad things I've heard about algebra are true.

Erin, age 14

If you read a book, it can take you to places you haven't been before.

Lindsay Ellen, age 10

You can't catch a hard baseball in your mouth.

Joseph, age 10

If you put a frog in a girl's desk, you're going to hear some screaming.

Nicholas, age 9

Making a good grade on a test you studied really hard for is a glorious feeling.

Sarah, age 12

When I am working in class and the teacher is looking over my shoulder, I get nervous.

Tine, age 17

When I try to be nice to my teachers because I think they deserve some respect, my friends always think I'm kissing up.

Dawn, age 14

If I do my homework on the bus, my mom never believes it.

Adam, age 9

When teachers get old, like over fifty-five, they're always in a bad mood.

Lindsey, age 8

If you do badly on a report card or test that you take home on a Friday, you should wait until Sunday night to ask your parents to sign it.

Hannah, age 14

When you want to stay home from school, you have to stay in the bathroom a long, long time.

Joseph, age 11

The greatest teacher is not the one who talks all the time, but the one who listens.

Lauren, age 14

When teachers are mad, they don't blink.

William, age 12

Teachers aren't Einsteins.

Gabrielle, age 14

Teachers are the best people in the whole world.

Natka, age 14

There is nothing more satisfying than being prepared for a final.

Jaimee, age 14

Not all learning can be measured by grades.

Beth, age 16

When a teacher is in a bad mood, there's no way I'm going to ask to go to the bathroom.

Angela, age 11

If you put a piece of chalk in the blackboard eraser, it drives the teacher crazy.

Joshua, age 8

If you are in trouble at school, your parents probably already know about it.

Rachel, age 12

When you don't know what you're doing, ask for help before you mess up.

Jennifer, age 14

You should not mess with the principal.

Nicholas, age 9

My teachers can always tell when I start on a project the night before it is due.

Emily, age 10

Typing class would be a lot easier if I had six fingers on each hand.

Andrea, age 17

If I study and watch TV at the same time, I end up studying the TV.

Charlie, age 16

Sometimes a teacher who seems to be totally boring at the beginning of the year turns out to be awesome.

Robert, age 10


You can't hide mashed potatoes in your hat.

Chris, age 9

They put certain things in cafeteria food, so I don't eat there anymore.

Kristen, age 9

Nothing clears your sinuses like a sandwich with a lot of horseradish.

Daniel, age 17

"Casserole" is just another word for "leftovers."

Elise, age 14

Moms make better lunches than dads.

Emily, age 10

You shouldn't put a marshmallow in the microwave.

Mary, age 12

Pizza just isn't the same without extra cheese.

Elise, age 14

When food tastes terrible, you can say you have a toothache and you won't have to eat it.

Nakia, age 9

You should never try to stick peas in your pocket at dinnertime.

Renee, age 13

You can never be too full for dessert.

Kelly, age 10

You should never order seafood at a hamburger joint in Nebraska.

Chad, age 11

I can never get away with feeding my broccoli to the dog.

Joanne, age 10

When you and a friend buy ice cream cones, your friend's flavor always looks better.

Amanda, age 14

If there is something bad for dinner, your parents don't have to eat it, but you do.

Deanna, age 11

I am the happiest when I eat won ton soup.

Thomas, age 9

You can't fake a stomachache right before you're having spinach for dinner.

Jessica, age 11

You should never sneeze with a chewed-up but in your mouth. It's a nasty experience.

Amanda, age 14

I can slurp a slurpie through my nose.

Holly, age 12

When you are home alone and you eat the chocolate your mom was saving, you should always hide the wrapper and eat a Pop Tart or something so that when your parents get back home, they can't smell your chocolatey breath.

David, age 11

It's not a very good idea to drink a two-liter Coke before going to bed.

Patrick, age 10

School lunches stick to the wall.

Patrick, age 10

You can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.

Rosemary, age 7

I should never eat my grandma's meatloaf.

Ron, age 12

You never eat food after you dissect something in science class. You just might get sick.

Julie, age 12

While making cookies, the dough always seems to taste better than the cookie.

Grace, age 11

If you put your peas in your mashed potatoes, they don't taste so bad.

Jonah, age 10

People will eat things at two o'clock in the morning that they wouldn't eat at any other time.

Mary, age 12

Sometimes you take too much food at dinner and you can't eat it. Always make sure you have a baked potato because you can eat the middle and use the skin to hide the food until you take it to the sink. Then shove it down the disposal.

Chris, age 14

You should never get involved in a good TV show while cooking something in the microwave.

Scott, age 12

It makes my mommy happy if I keep my mouth closed when I chew my sandwich.

Preston, age 4

Popping popcorn without a lid isn't smart.

Alex, age 11

You can't trust dogs to watch your food.

Patrick, age 10

You shouldn't shake a can of pop before opening it.

Nicholas, age 11

You should never drink anything upside down.

Misty, age 12

No matter what my mom does to it, spinach always tastes awful.

Kelly, age 11

Putting your vegetables on your little sister's plate doesn't work.

Nicole, age 11

I sometimes get a craving for chocolate chip ice cream that cannot be controlled.

Rebecca, age 11

Meatloaf tastes better after a day in the refrigerator.

Bryan, age 16

When your mom says, "Try it, you'll like it," you probably won't like it.

Emily, age 10

When you put a hot dog in the microwave for five minutes, you don't want to be there when your mom sees the mess.

Jack, age 12

If you want to eat a secret snack, eat it in the basement.

Danny, age 10

If you don't like what the cafeteria is serving, just put some in your milk carton and you can get away with it.

Brandy, age 12

I've learned that goldish don't like jello.

Jlie Ann, age 9

Wise Beyond Their Years

You should always listen to older people. They are like living history books and can teach you so much.

Cindy, age 13

It does not matter how much money a family has. If there is a lot of love in a home, that family is richer than any millionaire could ever be.

Whitney, age 16

My mom and dad love me no matter what.

Abbey, age 8

I should never make a decision unless I'm willing to accept the consequences.

Stacey, age 17

It's funny how God uses simple people to do great things.

Elana, age 15

The art of communication is not what you can hear being said from the other person's mouth, but what you can feel from his heart and see in his eyes.

Leah, age 15

No matter how much you cry at night, things won't change nless you help them to change.

Nicole, age 17

Sometimes the most loving answer is no.

Leslie, age 12

You should always try, even when you don't think it will help.

Jennifer, age 11

It is OK to fail, but it is not OK to give up.

Kate, age 8

The color of people shouldn't matter.

Somer, age 10

A single flower growing where nothing else is growing is a beautiful thing.

Cindy, age 13

I should always try my best. If I don't succeed, then at least I will feel good about myelf.

Laura, age 16

Life is hard no matter how old you are.

Rosalinda, age 13

People are quick to condemn you for the things you've done, but they'll never give you credit for all the times you resisted temptation.

Heather, age 16

It's never too late to say you're sorry.

Laura, age 12

The truth is the quickest and easiest way out of trouble.

Sarah, age 12

Nothing hurts more than guilt.

Jessica, age 12

It is a good thing we don't always get what we wish for.

Rebekah, age 15

You should be careful around those younger than you. It is surprising how much of an impact a word or action can make on them.

Sarah, age 12

A realist is more correct about things in life than an optimist. But the optimist seems to have more friends and much more fun.

Megan, age 14

One of the greatest gifts my parents gave me was their love for each other.

Jamie, age 16

Someone is always better than you in one thing, but you are better than them in another.

Alecia, age 12

Trust is the most valuable thing you'll ever earn.

Susanna, age 17

You will never be happy if all you do is think about all the things you don't have.

Christy, age 17

It's good to receive compliments, and it's even better to give them.

Aaron, age 17

Experience is the Best Teacher

Ninety-nine percent of the time things aren't nearly as bad as you first thought they were.

Jessica, age 15

Piano lessons can make fifteen minutes feel like an hour.

Jack, age 9

Even though people claim to know what you're going through or dealing with, they don't.

Jaimee, age 14

What seem to be small gestures of thoughtfulness and kindness can mean lot - a whole lot.

Mary Allyn, age 17

If you want something in a cereal box and it looks really big, it always turns out small and crummy.

Katie, age 9

Every time you get a good seat at the movies, someone taller comes and sits in front of you.

Kari, age 15

You should never underestimate a child's ability to get into more trouble.

Ann, age 15

When you lick a slug, your tongue goes numb.

Bethany, age 11

If you give your dog a bath, you get one yourself.

Mindy, age 14

I need deodorant.

Mark, age 8

No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats!

Laura, age 13

You should never mess with a kid that beat you up once already.

Dannie, age 10

The key to success is selling my mom's chocolate chip cookies.

Rachel, age 11

The smaller the print on things, the more important it is.

Julie, age 12

You shouldn't jump down stairs with your hands in your pockets.

Philip, age 11

When my dog jumps on my bed, she's going to chase her tail.

Jessica, age 11

I should never die my bike in mud when I don't know how deep it is.

Corey, age 12

You'll always get a zit on important days.

Amanda, age 14

Some of the most fun I've ever had was after my curfew.

Elise, age 14

You should never stick a hanger in a light socket.

ConiRose, age 10

Being late is better than getting a fifty dollar speeding ticket.

Laurence, age 14

It's not a good idea to spit while on a roller coaster.

Scott, age 11

Sleeping under the sky and seeing shooting stars is something that you don't want to miss.

Melody, age 14

You never know how loud you are until you have to be quiet.

Sarena, age 10

One of the best ways to find out about a person's character is to play Monopoly with them.

Ellana, age 15

You shouldn't stick your tongue to a car bumper in winter.

Tamara, age 13

I shoudn't try out my chemistry set on my mom's new dishwater.

Colleen, age 8

You should never surprise a cow when you are behind it.

Stefanie, age 12

My puppy still has bad breath even after I gave her a Tic Tac.

Kelly, age 11

You never open an umbrella in the car.

Ryan, age 7

If you are depressed or upset, just make a list of things you're upset about and you'll see that the list isn't as long as you thought it was.

Heidi, age 17

You should never turn in a race with your shoelaces untied.

Bryan, age 12

When you get embarrased and you feel as if everyone is looking at you, no one was looking and they didn't rally notice anyway!

Alicia, age 11

If you sleep in your clothes, you won't have to get dressed in the morning.

Stephanie, age 8

You shouldn't pull off the emergency brake in a car on a steep driveway.

Jeremy, age 12

If kids are brats when you babysit, don't lie and and tell their parents that they were angels because the next time you babysit, they'll be brats again.

Cassie, age 15

Every time the family gets a dog and he makes a mess, he suddenly becomes your dog.

Natalie, age 13

You shouldn't try and test a nine-volt battery with your braces unless you're looking for an easy way to melt all the rubber bands.

Chris, age 14

Life is filled with ups and downs but most of the time I'm going sideways.

Leslie, age 11

Sitting in the cracks of a couch is more comfortable than sitting in the middle of the cushion.

Melody, age 14

Seven people in the front seat of a pickup truck doesn't work.

Charlene, age 16

Going a little crazy sometimes and doing something out of the ordinary is almost always rewarding.

Dawn, age 14

To get me up in the morning, the garbage truck works better than my alarm clock.

Jessica, age 10

You shouldn't expect your turtle to come back if you put him in a stream.

Rosemary, age 12

Having the ability to play an instrument is priceless.

Jessica, age 15

You should never chew on an opened tube of crazy glue.

Teri, age 13

You always feel better when your drink peppermint tea and take a hot bath.

Tammi, age 15

Don't wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts.

Jama Lynne, age 15

You shouldn't get attached to a puppy you can't have.

Jennifer, age 13

The most dreaded words in the English language are "Some assembly required."

Grant, age 9

Moving is one way of getting my room clean.

Russell, age 10

It takes more energy to be mad or sad than it does to be happy.

Jaymin, age 15

You should never jump out of a tree using trash bags as parachutes.

April, age 10

You shouldn't sneeze when someone is cutting your hair.

Adrienne, age 12

It isn't worth the effort to wash your dog.

Beth, age 14

You can't get away with everything but it's fun to try.

Heather, age 14

When you buy something with money you've earned, you enjoy it more than when someone else buys it for you.

AnnMarie, age 14

You should never run around a barn with bare feet.

Abbie, age 15

When you get a baby out of the tub, put a diaper on it immediately.

Jamie, age 13

You should never bite your nails after dissecting a frog.

Brooke, age 17

You never, ever, ever go to bed with gum in your mouth.

Erin, age 13

There's a time when you just have to stick your feet out the car window.

Brooke, age 17

You don't do pranks at a police station.

Sam, age 10

If you give your dad money for gas, you'll never get paid back.

Shawn, age 12

You don't use liquid soap in a dishwasher.

Melinda, age 13

You can't hide your dog under your bed.

Bethany, age 10

You should never hold a dustbuster and a cat at the same time.

Jennifer, age 15

Even my dog isn't stupid enough to try my sister's cooking.

John, age 12

When you lose a pet, it's like losing a best friend.

Jennifer, age 9

It hurts a lot to wear rented bowling shoes.

Paul, age 11

It's tough to be a kid, but even tougher to be a good kid.

David, age 9

Your dog will do tricks for you but not for your friends.

Melissa, age 15

Cheap goldfish live longer than expensive angelfish.

Rebecca, age 11

You always think of a good comback after it's too late.

Kim, age 11

It's not a good idea to call 911 when there is not an emergency.

Corey, age 7

Something always goes wrong at weddings.

Lauren, age 11

When a girl keeps on teasing you and says she doesn't like you and bugs you all the time, she really like you.

Justin, age 8

No matter how much you think you need it, don't borrow money!

Amy, age 12

You can tell what kind of personality a person has by what kind of shoes they wear.

Brittany, age 14

You should never tease a goose.

Robbie, age 12

My dog sometimes understand me better than my family.

Elizabeth, age 12

Riding your bike on ice is not as exciting as planning it.

Frank, age 13

It's hard to say, "I'm sorry," but it's even harder to say, "I forgive you."

Heather, age 12

If you are going to mix different ingredients in a mixer, don't turn it on high.

Victoria Emma Rose, age 12

You shouldn't try to do fifteen cartwheels in a row.

Vanessa, age 10

You should never jump off your top bunk and expect to fly.

Becky, age 8

If you have a study date with a guy you like, nine out of ten time you won't get any standing done.

Kathryn, age 16

If you keep the class pet hamster, it's bound to get away.

Keely, age 10


No matter how old you are, you always think that there may be something hiding under the bed.

Monica, age 13

Lying drives your conscience crazy.

Kyle, age 10

Dogs and mothers will love you no matter what.

Heather, age 16

Simply saying, "I believe in you" can make someone's day.

Mary, age 16

If you want to make your parents feel good, write them a small note before you go to bed saying, "I love you."

Kari, age 11

No on notices what I do until I don't do it.

Lorie, age 14

A pen and paper are all you need to create a new world.

Michelle, age 13

You can't always be the best, but you should always try your best.

Jeaniie, age 13

There are not too many things you can do in life, good or bad, that someone else doesn't find out about.

Leia, age 16

It's better to look back and say "at least I tried," than look back and say "if only."

Margo, age 17

When you pray, you get a happy feeling inside like God just walked into your heart and is wrming himself at a cozy fire.

Charles, age 16

The best place to go with a child is in their imagination.

Amie, age 16

If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Meghann, age 13

Today is one of a kind and will only happen once - so make it great!

Donna, age 17

The world is a wonderful place and everyone should shut up and enjoy it every once in a while.

Sarah, age 12

You're never too old for a teddy bear.

Katie, age 11

The best place to be when you are sad is in your grandma's lap.

Jeannie, age 7

You can't change the past, but you have choices for the future.

Jaymin, age 15

You should never let your fears become the boundaries of your dreams.

Robin, age 15

The more mistakes I make, the smarter I get.

Jennifer, age 13

Someone always needs help.

Sarah, age 10

Childhod is not preparation for life. It is life.

James, age 9

In all the countries I've been to , everyone understands a smile.

Jennifer, age 14

I should be patient with the annoying; the most questioning child could open a new door.

Michelle, age 13

I like to draw because it makes my mind flow.

Todd, age 10

If you are quiet, you may hear a compliment.

Kristy, age 12

"Guests" is just another word for "cleaning."

Chanelle, age 12

In a difficult situation, my parents need me to be strong, because that makes them strong.

Kathryn, age 16

Smiles are wondrous things; you can give them out for eternity and always have one left for yourself.

Colleen, age 13

You always have time for someone you care for.

Lois, age 11

You can't push away your conscience.

Christopher, age 12

There are few things that country music, honesty, time, ice cream, forgiveness, or a hug won't heal.

Heather, age 16

You can travel inside a book.

Jameson, age 8

One kid talked about his dislike of meatloaf, and how he should never eat his grandma's meatloaf. Cooks can try a variety of meatloaf recipes but there is no guarantee a kid will like it.