The Dragon Reborn
Robert Jordan
The Dragon Reborn

     "Do you know how to unite the people behind you, Child Carridin? The quickest way? Loose a lion - a rabid lion - in the streets. And when panic grips the people, once it has turned their bowels to water, calmly tell them you will deal with it. Then you kill it, and order them to hang the carcass up where everyone can see. Before they have time to think, you give another order, and it will be obeyed. And if you continue to give orders, they will continue to obey, for you will be the one who saved them, and who better to lead?"

Pedron Niall
Prologue, 23

     "It has to report. To a Halfman, usually. Light, if Heartsbane saw what the ravens saw, we would all have been dead before we reached the mountains."

1, Waiting, 34

     "It is possible to oppose evil without doing violence... Violence harms the doer as much as the victim."

1, Waiting, 38

     "Ta'veren. All of us, all of our lives affect the lives of others, Min. As the Wheel of Time weaves us into the Pattern, the life-thread of each of us pulls and tugs at the life-threads around us. Ta'veren are much the same, only much, much more so. They tug at the entire Pattern - for a time, at least - forcing it to shape around them. The closer you are to them, the more you are affected personally. It is said if you were in the same room with Artur Hawkwing, you could feel the Pattern rearranging itself... But it doesn't only work one way. Ta'veren themselves are woven to a tighter line than the rest of us, with fewer choices."

2, Saidin, 47

     "Do you have dreams when you sleep?"

Rand al'Thor
2, Saidin, 54

     "I knew an old Illianer woman, once. When she was young, her mother arranged a marriage for her with a man she had never even met... She said she spent the first five years raging against him, and the next five scheming to make his life miserable without his knowing who was to blame. It was only years later, she said, when he died, that she realised he really had been the love of her life."

3, News from the Plain, 57

     Lan was tall and hard, broad-shouldered, with blue eyes like frozen mountain lakes, and he moved with a deadly grace that made the sword on his hip seem a part of him. It was not that he seemed merely capable of violence and death; this man had tamed violence and death and kept them in his pocket, ready to be loosed in a heartbeat, or embraced, should Moiraine give the word.

3, News from the Plain, 60

     "When you are weak, the best choice is often to hide."

3, News from the Plain, 63

     "Three threads woven together share one another's doom. When one is cut, all are. Fate can kill you, if it doesn't do worse."

4, Shadows Sleeping, 67

     "The seals are weakening, Perrin. Some are broken, though the world does not know that. Must not know that. The Father of Lies is not free. Yet. But as the seals weaken more and more, which of the Forsakens may be loosed already? Lanfear? Sammael? Asmodean, or Be'lal, or Ravhin? Ishamael himself, the Betrayal of Hope? They wee thirteen together, Perrin, and bound in the sealing, not in the prison that holds the Dark One. Thirteen of the most powerful Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends, the weakest of them stronger than ten strongest Aes Sedai living today, the most ignorant with all the knowledge of the Age of Legends."

6, The Hunt Begins, 91

     "You want me to share a lifetime of knowledge with you in a single afternoon? Or even a single year? I will tell you this. Be wary of dreams, Perrin Aybara. Be very wary of dreams."

6, The Hunt Begins, 95

     "Men! Too blind to see what a stone could see, and too stubborn to be trusted to think for themselves."

6, The Hunt Begins, 98

     "Why, Perrin, you must know that I love you. Like a brother, you great wooden-headed lummox!"

6, The Hunt Begins, 99

     Moiraine said, "No one knows about ta'veren as strong as Rand... Artur Hawkwing was the most strongly ta'veren of whom any writings remain. And Hawking was in no way as strong as Rand.
     "It is said," Lan put in, "There were times when people in the same room as Hawkwing spoke truth when they meant to lie, made decisions they had not even known they were contemplating. Times when every toss of the dice, every turn of the cards, went his way. But only times."

8, Jarra, 115

     "All men are dangerous."

8, Jarra, 118

     "You must learn there is a time to speak all of the truth, and a time to govern your tongue."

10, Secrets, 143

     "The true Dragon has been Reborn and so the Pattern has no room for false Dragons anymore. We have loosed the Dragon Reborn on the world. The Light have mercy on us."

12, The Amyrlin Seat, 160

     Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin. The grave is no bar to my call.

12, The Amyrlin Seat, 160

     "Should and would build no bridges."

13, Punishments, 164

     "To lead, is neither to push nor to pull."

13, Punishments, 167

     "When there are fish heads and blood in the water, you don't need to see the silverpike to know they are there."

Siuan Sanche
13, Punishments, 170

     "... I have no intention to let Morgase have you. You have the potential to be stronger than any Aes Sedai in a thousand years, and I will not let you go until you achieve the shawl and the ring. Not if I have to grind you into sausage to do it. I will not let you go. Do I make myself clear?"

Siuan Sanche
13, Punishments, 173

     "Every word you say is true. But each of you is more than a match for Liandrin in sheer power, and she is the strongest of them. Yet, they are trained, and you are not, and you Nyneave, do have limitations as yet. But when you don't have an oar, child, any plank will do to paddle the boat ashore."

Siuan Sanche
14, The Bite of the Thorns, 179

     "When Andor goes to war, the First Prince of the Sword commands the army, but the Queen rides with them too. Seven hundred years ago, at the Battle of Cuallin Dhen, the Andormen were being routed when Queen Mordrellein rode, alone and unarmed, carrying the Lion banner into the midst of the Tairen army. The Andormen rallied and attacked once more, to save her, and won the battle. That is the kind of courage expected of the Queen of Andor."

16, Hunters Three, 198

     "Why, that's like being told to go up in the hills to find lions, only you do not know whether there are any lions, but if there are, they may be hunting you, and they may be disguised as bushes. Oh, and if you find any lions, try not to let them eat you before you can tell where they are."

16, Hunters Three, 199

     "... but who can know the heart of a man? Not even he himself, I suspect. A man is the easiest animal to put on a leash, and the hardest to keep leashed. Even when he chooses it himself."

Siuan Sanche
18, Healing, 214

     "A flapping tongue has killed more men than sudden storms ever did."

Siaun Sanche
20, Visitations, 232

     "There is one Creator, who exists everywhere at once for all of these worlds. In the same way, there is only one Dark One, who also exists in all of these worlds at once. If he is freed from the prison the Creator made in one world, he is freed on all. So long as he is kept prisoner in one, he remains imprisoned on all."
     "That does not seem to make sense," Egwene protested.
     "Paradox, child. The Dark One is the embodiment of paradox and chaos, the destroyer of reason and logic, the breaker of balance, the unmaker of order."

21, A World of Dreams, 239

     "Browns seek knowledge, Blues meddle in causes, and Whites consider the questions of truth with implacable logic. We all do some of it all, of course. But to be Green means to stand ready. In the Trolloc Wars, we were often called the Battle Ajah. All Aes Sedai helped where and when they could, but the Green Ajah alone was always with the armies, in almost every battle. We were the counter to the dreadlords. The Battle Ajah. And now we stand ready, for the Trollocs to come south again, for Tarmon Gai'don. the Last Battle. We will be there. That is what it means to be Green."

23, Sealed, 271

     "If you spend much time around Nynaeve, you'll need bow, quarterstaff, and sword to protect yourself. And I don't know whether that would be enough."

24, Scouting and Discoveries, 282

     "Item. A carved cluster of six spotted dice, joint at the corners, less than two inches across. Use unknown. Save that channeling through it seems to suspend chance in some way, or twist it. 'Tossed coins presented the same face every time, and in one test landed on edge one hundred times in a row. One thousand tosses of the dice produced five crowns one thousand times.'"

Egwene al'Vere
25, Questions, 294

     A stone wall stops a blind woman as surely as one who can see it.

27, Tel'aranrhoid, 318

     Would you put your head in a bear's mouth just to show you weren't afraid? Would you do it twice just beause you'd done it once and didn't die?

27, Tel'aranrhoid, 319

     "'One pretty woman means fun at the dance. Two pretty women mean trouble in the house. Three pretty women mean run for the hills.'"

Matrim Cauthon
28, A Way Out, 324

     "The best way to catch whoever set a trap is to spring it and wait for him - or her - to come."

Nynaeve al'Meara
29, A Trap to Spring, 336

     "The Creator is good, Perrin. The Father of Lies is evil. The Pattern of Age, the Age Lace itself, is neither. The Pattern is what is. The Wheel of Time weaves all lives into the Pattern, all actions. A pattern that is all one color is no pattern. For the Pattern of an Age, good and ill are the warp and the woof."

33, Within the Weave, 378

     "Nimble fingers and nimble wits will take you a good deal further than a sword and muscles. Sharp eyes help as well..."

35, The Falcon, 404

     "What is your name? If I have to share this ship with you for days yet, I can't keep calling you girl."
     "I call myself Mandarb. I will teach you something, farmboy. In the Old Tongue, Mandarb means 'blade'. It is a name worthy of a Hunter of the Horn."
     "You see that black stallion? His name is Mandarb."

Perrin and Faile
35, The Falcon, 405

     "Death comes for us all. We can only choose how to face it when it comes."

38, Maidens of the Spear, 433

     "I have heard it said that a man caught between his wife and a Wise One often wishes for a dozen old enemies to fight instead. A man caught between a wife and three Wise Ones, and the wife a Wise One herself, must consider trying to slay Sightbinder."

39, Threads in the Pattern, 456

     "I will race you ten miles," Aviendha said, "and we shall see who wins. Your horse or I."
     "I will race you twenty!" Rhuarc called, laughing.

39, Threads in the Pattern, 458

     "A bloody hero. Thom, if I ever look like acting the hero again, you kick me."
     "And what would you have done differently?"
     "Just kick me!"

Mat and Thom
40, A Hero in the Night, 475

     "I would never laugh at you, Moiraine Sedai, but if you truly intend to send me to Myrelle, I must become used to smiling. I hear that Myrelle tells her Warder jokes. Gaidin must smile at their bond-holder's quips; you have often given me quips to laugh at, have you not? Perhaps you would rather I stay with you after all."

al'Lan Mandragoran
41, A Hunter's Oath, 478

     "No questions, remember? And my name is Perrin, Zarine. Not 'big man,' or 'blacksmith,' or anything else. Perrin. Perrin Aybarra.
     "And mine is Faile, shaggy-hair."

Perrin and Faile
41, A Hunter's Oath, 483

     "I wished you were a woman, Gaidin. I would send you to the Tower as a novice to learn to obey!... Perhaps it is as well you are disobedient. Sometimes it is well. I do not think Sheriam and Siuane Sanche together could teach you obedience."

44, Hunter, 510

     "Times change. People change. Too much change for me. I suppose I am growing old."

45, Caemlyn, 528

     "Rumor is the voice of the people, and the voice of the people often speaks truth."

Thom Merrilyn
47, To Race the Shadow, 548

     "Any fool knows men and women think differently at times, but the biggest difference is this. Men forget, but never forgive; women forgive, but never forget."

Thom Merrilyn
47, To Race the Shadow, 549

     "Do not cut off your ears because you do not like your earrings."

48, Following the Craft, 557

     "Men are not good for much beyond heavy hauling and getting in the way, most of the time - and kissing and such, but if there's a battle to be fought or a thief to catch, I say let them do it."

48, Following the Craft, 564

     "Maryin, when you as as old as I, you'll learn that false Dragons are dangerous, lionfish are dangerous, sharks are dangerous, and sudden storms out of the south; but Darkfriends are fools. Filthy fools, but fools."

48, Following the Craft, 565

     "It's the luck. I've figured it out. My luck works best when things are... random. Like dice. Not much good for cards. No good at stones. Too much pattern. It has to be random. Even finding Comar... Thom, if I am going to find Egwene and the others in time, I have to look without any pattern."

Matrim Cauthon
49, A Storm in Tear, 584

     "This time, we do not run. We dare not run. Worlds and times rest on Rand, on the Dragon Reborn. This time, we fight."

50, The Hammer, 599

     "I do not speak of a Myrddraal, Perrin. No one knows the strength of the Forsaken, except that Ishamael and Lanfear were the strongest, but the weakest of them could sense any warding I might set from a mile or more away. And rip all of us to shreds in seconds. Possibly without stirring from where he stood."

50, The Hammer, 599

     "Matrim Cauthon. What under the Light are you doing here?"
     "I came to bloody rescue you. Burn me if I expected to be greeted as if I had come to steal a pie. You can tell me why you look as if you'd been fighting bears later, if you want..."
     Egwene's eyelids fluttered open... "Matrim Cauthon. What under the Light are you doing here?"

55, What is Written in Propechy, 658

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