The Lord of Chaos
Robert Jordan
The Lord of Chaos

"Men are strange. I think it has something to do with the hair on their chins."

Prologue: The First Message

"I might have been the one. How could I be sure otherwise? I can channel; I'm strong. What said I was not the Dragon Reborn? All I had to do was to fulfill one of the Prophecies."

"Like managing to be born on the slopes of Dragonmount? That was the first Prophecy to be met."

"Victors write history. Had I taken the Stone of Tear, history would have shown I was born on Dragonmount, of a woman never touched by a man, and the heavens opened up in radiance to herald my coming."

Mazrim and Rand
2, A New Arrival, 98

"The source of some of those rumors you heard might be... I don't know what to call them except 'bubbles of evil.' Think of them like the bubbles that sometimes rise up in a bog, only these are rising from the Dark One as the seals weaken, and instead of rotten smells, they are full of... well, evil. They drift along the Pattern until they burst, and when they do, anything can happen. Anything. Your own reflection can leap out of the mirror and try to kill you. Believe me."

Rand al'Thor
3, A Woman's Eyes, 107

... the Aes Sedai had made a mistake sealing themselves off from the world. Few entered the White Tower beyond Aes Sedai, women who wanted to be Aes Sedai, and those who served them; only a relative handful seeking help, and then under what they saw as great pressure. When Aes Sedai left the tower, most held themselves aloof, and some never did leave. To Aes Sedai, people were pieces in a game and the world was the board, not a place to live in. To them, only the White Tower was real.

3, A Woman's Eyes, 111

"I need more numbers, Taim. One way or another, find more..."

"You mean to try matching the Aes Sedai then."

Rand and Mazrim
3, A Woman's Eyes, 115

Men believe the worst easily, and women believe it hides something still darker.

3, A Woman's Eyes, 117

"Do you know why they are called Thunder Walkers? Because even when they are standing still, you keep looking to the sky expecting to see lightning."

"Do you know why Maidens use handtalk? Because even when they are not talking, they cannot stop talking."

Enaila and a Thunder Walker
4, A Sense of Humor, 124

.. the world had to be faced as it was, not as you wished it to be.

4, A Sense of Humor, 134

"You must be decently modest in her eyes, but not so modest she thinks you boring. Ask her to scrape your back in the sweat tent, but shyly, withyour eyes downcast. When you undress for bed, let yourself dance as if life pleases you, then apologize when you suddenly realize she is there and put yourself straight into your blankets. Can you blush?"

4, A Sense of Humor, 140

"Comadrin wrote, 'attack on ground where your enemy believes you will not, from an unexpected direction at an unexpected time. Defend where your enemy believes you are not, and when he believes you will run. Surprise is the key to victory, and speed is the key to surprise. For the soldier, speed is life.'"

Matrium Cauthon
5, A Different Dance, 171

"A man must know when to retreat from a woman, but a wise man knows that sometimes he must stand and face her."

Davram Bashere
10, A Saying in the Borderlands, 279

"Young men. A young man chases shadows and runs from moonlight, and in the end he stabs himself in the foot with his own spear."

10, A Saying in the Borderlands, 279

"I'll make you a wager, you name the price. The first day I recruit, I will find as many men who can learn as walk into Caemlyn in a month on their own. Once Flinn and some of the others are ready to go without me... I will match the White Tower for you in less than a year. And every man a weapon."

Mazrim Taim
11, Lessons and Teachers, 305

"Semirhage once made a man scream his every waking hour for five years. She even kept him sane, but in the end even she could not keep his heart beating."

12, Questions and Answers, 310

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