The Wheel of Time
Robert Jordan
The Great Hunt      Imagine a great cosmic loom in the shape of a seven-spoked wheel, slowly spinning through eternity, weaving the fabric of the universe. The Wheel, put in place by the Creator, is time itself, ever turning and returning. The fabric it weaves is constructed from the threads of live and events, interlaced into a design, the Great Pattern, which is the whole of existence and reality, past, present, and future.

     The Wheel touches what might be, what might have been, and what is. It touches the world of dreams as well as the world of waking.

     In this world where there is no one beginning or one end, for each spoke of the great Wheel represents one of the seven Ages, receding into the past and returning in the future as the Wheel spins, the fabric of each age changing only its weave and pattern with each passing.

1, The Wheel and the Power, 13

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