Act naturally

Found missing

Resident alien

Advanced BASIC

Genuine imitation

Airline food

Good grief

Same difference

Almost exactly

Government organisation

Sanitary landfill

Alone together

Legally drunk

Silent scream

British fashion

Living dead

Small crowd

Business ethics

Soft rock

Butt head

Military intelligence

Software documentation

New York culture

New classic

Sweet sorrow


"Now, then..."

Synthetic natural gas

Christian scientists

Passive aggression

Recorded live

Clearly misunderstood

Peace force

Extinct life

Temporary tax increase

Computer jock

Plastic glasses

Terribly pleased

Computer security

Political science

Tight slacks

Definite maybe

Pretty ugly

Twelve-ounce pound cake

Diet ice-cream

Rap music

Working vacation

Exact estimate

Religious tolerance

Microsoft works

Well-behaved children

Good boy

College football student athletes

Strangely familiar

Jumbo shrimp

Happy birthday

Always never the same

Inside out

A reasonable degree of certainty

Deeply superficial

Until then

Civil war

Happily married

Postal service

Liquid air

Never say never

Freezer burn

Bottoms up

Non-dairy creamer

Evaporated milk

Deafening silence

Extra time

Unacceptable solution

Sure bet

Fuzzy Logic

'This page intentionally left blank'

Back to the future


Safe sex

True story

Hell's angels

United nations


Detailed summary


Platonic love affair

Escaped prisoner

Very unique

True lies

The following sentence is false.
The preceeding sentence is true.

Boneless chicken

All generalizations are false... including this one

Compellingly liberating.

Perfect man

Vegetarian food.

Plastic silverware

Conventional wisdom

Bitter sweet

Grown man

Profoundly shallow

Unselfish people

Acceptable Losses

Absolutely not

Content person

Fresh frozen

Ill Health

Creation science


Free sex

Understanding woman

Once again

Self-help group

Oddly normal

Liquid paper


Cold sweat

Techno music

Quantum leap

Dry ice

Marital bliss

Profoundly stupid



Doing nothing

Weight loss

New and improved

Original copy

Virtual reality

Constant change


Los Angeles (City of Angels)

Whole piece

Random order

Innocent bystander


Holy war

Blank expression

Wall Street


Free speech

Sun bathing

Non-alcoholic beer

Unbiased opinion

Cat owner

Political correctness

Water vapour

Mercy killing

Wireless cable

Friendly fire

Will have

Minor disaster

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