Paper Clip (3x02)

"The Truth Is Out There"



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Fight The Future

ALBERT HOSTEEN: To the Navajo, the earth and its creatures have great influence over our existence. The stories passed from generation to generation help us to understand the reason for our tears of sadness and our tears of joy. Animals like the bear, the spider and the coyote are powerful symbols to our people. When the F.B.I. man Mulder was cured by the holy people, we were reminded of the story of the Gila monster, who symbolizes the healing powers of the medicine man. In this myth, the Gila monster restores a man by taking all his parts and putting them back together. His blood is gathered by ants, his eyes and ears by sun, his mind by Talking God and Pollen Boy. Then lightning and thunder bring the man back to life.

ALBERT HOSTEEN: At the end of the ceremony, when the F.B.I. man had been healed, we heard the news from other Native Americans in the northern plains that a great event had taken place. Like the Navajo, these people have their own stories and myths. One of these stories tells of the white buffalo woman who came down from the heavens and taught the Indians how to lead virtuous lives and how to pray to the creator. She told the people she would return one day, then she turned into a white buffalo and ascended into the clouds, never to be seen again. But on this day, when the holy people had given the F.B.I. man a miracle, a white buffalo was born and every Native American knew, whether he believed the story or not, that this was a powerful omen and that great changes were coming.

SKINNER: I assume you both know what this is? Now, I want an explanation.

MULDER: Your cigarette-smoking friend killed my father for that tape, and then he killed me.

SKINNER: What is on this tape?

MULDER: Defense department files that weren't supposed to exist. The truth about our government's involvement in a global conspiracy of silence about the existence of extraterrestrial life.

SKINNER: If what you say is true, the information on this tape is valuable enough to kill for. Then it's the only leverage we've got to bring these men to justice. It's not going to do us any good if it falls back into their hands!

MULDER: Then you better make sure it doesn't.

BYERS: Are you familiar with a post-World War II project known as Operation Paper Clip?

MULDER: Our deal with the devil. The U.S. government provided safe haven for certain Nazi war criminals in exchange for their scientific knowledge.

SKINNER: This place isn't even on the map. How'd you get here?

MULDER: You'd be surprised what's not on the map in this country and what our government will do to keep it that way.

SKINNER: Well, I may be able to negotiate a deal that would guarantee your safety.

SCULLY: What kind of deal?

SKINNER: I'll turn over the digital tape in return for your reinstatement...

MULDER: No, sir. I need that tape. I need those files.

SKINNER: I'm talking about a way to save your lives.

MULDER: And I'm talking about an elaborate conspiracy against the American public.

MULDER: Do you know what we found last night?


SCULLY: An extremely elaborate filing system of medical records.

MULDER: Locked inside a mountain vault.

SKINNER: For the purpose of?

MULDER: I don't know. But the answer's got to be on that tape, in those files.

SKINNER: Is that answer worth your lives?

MULDER: It's obviously worth killing us for.

SKINNER: In your wildest dreams, what do you possibly hope to find, Agent Mulder?

MULDER: Why they killed my father... and what happened to my sister... and what they did to Agent Scully.

SCULLY: I think we should let him make the deal, Mulder. Look... those answers mean nothing if we're going to be hunted down like animals. We are operating so far outside of the law right now, we've given up on the very notion of justice. We've turned ourselves into outsiders. We have lost our access and our protection.

MULDER: What makes you think there's any such thing as justice, Scully?

SCULLY: Then what good are those answers to anybody but you, Mulder?

ALBERT HOSTEEN: My father taught me when I was a boy that this is how life is. That for something to live, another thing must often be sacrificed.

MULDER: You were involved in this project. You know why the medical data was being collected.

WELL-MANICURED MAN: Yes, I do, indeed. In 1947, a spacecraft was reportedly recovered in New Mexico. No doubt you know of this and of the reported recovery of a body at the site. These incidents not only coincided with the end of World War II, but an ignominious project which brought Nazi scientists and war criminals to this country to exploit their knowledge.

SCULLY: Operation Paper Clip.

WELL-MANICURED MAN: Yes, you know of it already. And you must also know the work of Doctor Joseph Mengele, the Nazi angel of death.

SCULLY: Mengele thought that he could produce a super-race through genetic engineering.

WELL-MANICURED MAN: With the threat of nuclear holocaust in the 1950s, the government instructed men like your father to gather genetic data on the general populous for the purpose of post-apocalyptic identification.

MULDER: The vaccination records. They took tissue from everyone who received a small pox inoculation.

WELL-MANICURED MAN: Hundreds of millions of Americans.

MULDER: So that Victor Klemper had access to a DNA database of nearly everyone who was born since 1950.

SCULLY: Mulder, this man is telling you everything that you want to hear but it's a fabrication, it is pure science fiction. There were no experiments with aliens.

WELL-MANICURED MAN: Why would I lie to you?

SCULLY: Like you said before, to protect yourself and the continuation of the Nazi agenda... human tests.

MULDER: Why was your file there, Scully?

SCULLY: I don't know.

MULDER: There were current records on file.

SCULLY: Yes, but records of what, Mulder?

MULDER: Of abductions! Of abductees.

MULDER: They took my sister. Why?

WELL-MANICURED MAN: They took her as insurance because your father threatened to expose the project.

MULDER: Why her? Why not me?

WELL-MANICURED MAN: It's not for me to say but your life in danger now too. You also threaten to expose the project. You have become your father.

MULDER: Why are you telling me this?

WELL-MANICURED MAN: It's what you want to know... isn't it?

MULDER: Is there more?

WELL-MANICURED MAN: More than you'll ever know.

MULDER: Mom, listen to me. When Samantha... before she was gone, did Dad ever ask you if you had a favorite? Did he ever ask you that?

MRS. MULDER: Fox, please...

MULDER: Mom, did he ever ask you to make a choice?

MRS. MULDER: Don't do this...

MULDER: Mom, listen to me! I need to know! Did he make you make a choice?

MRS. MULDER: No. I couldn't choose. It was your father's choice and I hated him for it. Even in his grave, I hate him still.

CIGARETTE-SMOKING MAN: You can't play poker if you don't have any cards, Mister Skinner.


SKINNER: This is where you pucker up and kiss my ass.

CIGARETTE-SMOKING MAN: Now, listen, you...

SKINNER: Now, you listen to me, you son of a bitch! This man's name is Albert Hosteen. You should remember that. Because if Agents Mulder and Scully come down with so much as a case of the flu, Albert is prepared to recite, chapter and verse, file for file, everything on your precious tape.

CIGARETTE-SMOKING MAN: It's a nice try, Skinner.

SKINNER: I'm sure you're thinking Albert is an old man and there are plenty of ways you might kill him too. Which is why, in the ancient oral tradition of his people, he's told twenty other men the information on those files. So unless you kill every Navajo living in four states... that information is available with a simple phone call. Welcome to the wonderful world of high technology.

SCULLY: You were right. There is no justice.

MULDER: I don't think this is about justice, Scully.

SCULLY: Then what is it about?

MULDER: I think it's about something we have no personal choice in. I think it's about fate.

SCULLY: I need something to put my back up against.

MULDER: I feel the same way. We've both lost so much... but I believe that what we're looking for is in the X-Files. I'm more certain than ever that the truth is in there.

SCULLY: I've heard the truth, Mulder. Now what I want are the answers.

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